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Hillary Blames Bernie for an Old Clintonite Hustle, and That’s a Rotten Shame

So many many lies and distortions. My personal unfavorite was her posturing to a black SC democratic audience by claiming Bernie has called Obama “weak”. Having attended 2 of his rallies myself, all I heard from him about Obama were kind words, but I do recall that Hillary Clinton in 08 rather infamously ran ads with the “Who would you trust to take the 3 a.m. phone call?” theme. She relies on short memories.


And here’s the Andrew Levine article:


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Cool, Canada doesn’t work, sarc, and you’ve traveled to “countries”.

And mixing in hate speech, that really makes your case. Not, again.

Go back to Palin-Trumpville. Both of whom have massively benefitted from “socialist” programs.

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It’s good to have the CD Comments section back! I missed comments such as this one from smallisbeautiful. Thank you, CD.


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The Clintons and others formed the Democratic Leadership Council in 1985 to dismantle FDR’s New Deal in exchange for getting more corporate cash than the GOP gets. By any metric you select their plan has been a resounding success for them and the .01%.


The tipping point will come when enough of the voting majority acknowledges that US medical insurance is the biggest shell game in history and Obama’s ACA further tilted the table further in favor of the insurance and pharma industries. That point will be reached no later than January 2018 when Obama’s ACA mandates that employer sponsored medical insurance will no longer be pre-tax, which will create an instant de facto pay cut on January 1, 2018 for Murkins depending on employer sponsored insurance. Considering the number of Murkins who are seeing their insurance cost more and more and cover less and less each year, lets hope that enough Murkins feel the burn from the insurance and pharma industries in 2016, giving them incentive to feel the Bern !

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Making pejorative, Bernie remarks by HRC is the best thing that could happen to Bernie’s campaign.

Yeah, for them, they are all millionaires, but they are destroying the USA down to a 3rd World Country, which is undoubtedly their plan.

True. Like the Europeans. The Europeans like their medical system and the Americans will like it too. It will be good to be rid of the insurance companies and have doctors back to making their own decisions based on their own knowledge, instead of being told what they have to do based on the insurance company. The Affordable Care Act has been of no benefit to me whatsoever.

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Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) will benefit you and most other Murkins only if you buy lots of stock in insurance and drug companies. You can then use the dividends to buy better insurance. Its the Murkin way.

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Though I have come to despise the Clintons and all that they stand for (and stand to gain) I never regarded them as politically stupid. However, in Hillary’s attempt to gain the lead in the polls she has made the case for Bernie Sanders at least as effectively as Bernie has himself. She says: “Vote for me and I’ll make sure that nothing changes, nothing to disturb the drug-induced slumber of the weary populace. Continuity!! Stability!!.”

Can she really be this stupid and tone deaf? It is becoming apparent that she has no more sense of the mood of ordinary Americans than she does about the rules governing the conduct of a high-level government officer.

Good-bye Bill and Hillary, and good riddance.


Pathological liars peddling self-interest with deception in their quest for power and wealth; from Bill Clinton and Gensler to obama & Gensler redux along with the other recycled Clinton Rubinites and financial/corporate agents, and now to Hill, all shilling for big-money power and domination by the 1%. Listening to Hillary evade questions & answers on wall St and banker frauds, I thought of Chelsea’s husband, Marc mezvinsky, founder and manager of a hedge fund - I’m sure Hillary will really push hard for reforms and an end to financial terrorism/parasitism from this sector of thieves and usurers…

The contrast of moral character and integrity between the Clinton-Obama cabal and Senator Bernie Sanders is stark, one group reveals servititude and service to the 1% by word and deed, and the other shows great moral compass and character, informing the people how the 99% are being used to increase the wealth and political dominance of the few. I believe the public in ever greater numbers, as the “polls” show, are realizing they have been played - sold to the highest bidder and lied-to repeatedly. RepubliCons tell us to our faces they serve the 1% and utter madness, and the Dem “leadership” has sold-out cheap - one betrayal I expect and they admit, the other is behind our backs sold with honey-smooth lies, and that I will no longer tolerate.
Here’s to strong wins in Iowa and New Hampshire for integrity and truth and defeat for evasions and deceit!


Hear, hear!

This has been my rallying cry since before cheney/bush-2 were selected by the Supreme Court to occupy the White House. Washington D.C. is filled with corruption. There simply isn’t going to be any change until the politicians infecting the place are excised as if they were a cancer. It doesn’t matter if the little notice after their name reads ® or (D), once they arrive in D.C., 99.9% of the politicians become infected.

Voting for the lesser of two evils still leaves you with nothing but evil. If we could vote everyone out of office for the next 10 election cycles we might have a chance to begin cleaning up the cesspool.


I think the strategy behind claiming Sanders is not electable is to reinforce her domination over “gender specific” voters who look like die-hard Clinton supporters.

Back when Obama began picking up momentum during his first Presidential election campaign, you could easily identify the blog comments being written by female fanatics who wanted Hillary to be elected at all costs. During the early part of the campaign they were ecstatic, believing Hillary had the nomination sewed up. As her polling numbers began to dwindle, they became increasingly more desperate.

I believe Hillary remembers those days. Hence the thinking behind the strategy to go along with what the media does every day: assume the Public “knows” the candidate with the most cash is going to win, and that funny little short guys like Dennis Kucinich who has crazy ideas that are out of the mainstream of political thinking cannot be elected and you’ll be “wasting” your vote if you vote for them.

With Hillary, she’s banking on the fact that her name is more familiar than that of Bernie Sanders around the average American kitchen table (if such a thing exists anymore.) She’s been expecting voters to pull the lever or push the button next to the name Clinton on the ballot as a simple reflex. With Sanders surging in the polls, she’s worried and hopes hearing her say Sanders can’t be elected will be enough to scare her gender specific supports into remaining loyal and not jump ship.

Personally I could care less if a politician is male or female, black or white or purple with green polka dots. If they appear to be honest, down-to-earth, and have a record of supporting the common good of all the people, they have my vote.


“Misdirection?” Since when is twisting the truth to be defined as “misdirection?” Sorry, but that word just jolted me.

“Free” market competition is a ridiculous misnomer. Robert Reich and others have effectively shot down that meme time and time again. The Progressive community understands that it is governments that create all markets that do exist, and that government regulations are what keeps competition in the marketplace going.

Anytime you or anyone else tries to divorce government from commerce these days automatically identifies themselves to be either a shill for the sharks who are out to take everything they can get for themselves without doing any actual work, or uninformed robots that download all the propaganda they hear so they don’t have to think for themselves.

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There’s plenty of truthful and honest material available to use when you get the urge to go around bashing Hillary. One of my favorites is to say:

“Just look at how effective Hillary was at championing health care reform back when Bill Clinton was in charge of the Oval Office. How’d that work out for you back then?”

Stooping to pick up the bloviating of right wing hacks is a mark of laziness and being infected with the same thinking disorder that characterizes the Tea Party zombie crowd.

Castles go up; castles come down. Shamefully, it’s what history has shown. One day will come a time when the vast majority will stand up and banish the psychopaths before they can do the damage. I will trust Bernie to be the torch the revolution so desparately needed for so many reasons. But, we must be the fuel to keep it going until the job is finished. My trust in Bernie as a 70 year old myself is I truly believe he is giving the last year’s of his life to our children. Revolutions are many times started and eventually won by people who knew they would most likely never live to see the outcome. These are the true heroes of history. If we let the fire die out then their efforts will have truly been in vain. It is our country, our world if we can only keep it. The termites are actively at work destroying the very foundations of our potential as a people. We can hear their chewing. Know is the time for action. We have a leader. He goes by Bernie. I truly believe he is giving his final hours for US.


I wish Congress would stop putting so many different things into one bill. This practice continually forces members to vote for things they are really opposed to in order to get what they are for. This was clearly the case in this instance. Since this issue of being close to Wall Street is clearly Sander’s strongest arguement against Clinton we probably should not be surprised that she dug up this nugget to try to defend herself.