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Hillary Clinton: A Hawk in the Wings

Hillary Clinton: A Hawk in the Wings

John Feffer

When Barack Obama was running for office in 2008, he was determined to redirect U.S. military efforts away from the “bad war” in Iraq and toward the “good war” in Afghanistan. This commitment to extricate the U.S. military from the dismal aftermath of a botched exercise in regime change earned Obama the exaggerated designation of “peace candidate.”

The situation in the Middle East is complex. That’s for sure. The only thing that seems certain is that the top priority will be defeating ISIS and combating the terrorism threat against the US and other Western countries.

The author’s prescriptions for investigating areas of shared interest with Iran and Russia in the Syria quagmire, and against ISIS more generally, are very sound. But how likely is it that Hillary Clinton will pursue such a course given her hawkish views, and the support she has among necons itching for a fight with these same countries. Once in power, will she shift her rhetoric and actions back to Obama’s just slightly more diplomatic approach? The article itself makes clear this won’t happen.

Every vote for the Green Party’s peace agenda sends Hillary and the neocons a message that more and more Americans are realizing that a militarist policy in the Middle East is self-defeating and that they will not support it come 2020.


Lets hope Stein gets 5% on November 8 so the Greens will not need to expend all of their resources just getting on state ballots in 2020, and will be able to utilize their limited resources to give their message more visibility.

“The foreign policy elite rallying around Clinton” have NOT “forgotten the lessons of the Dubya era”, on the contrary they are following the key theme of the Dubya/Cheney playbook: eternal war and occupation equals eternal revenue for the miltary industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC),

In the DNC/Clinton world the :foreign policy elite and MIMIC are one and the same.


During past elections, friends, family and other center to left leaning voters condescendingly dismissed discussion of third parties as either 1) spoiler/end of discussion or 2) can’t possibly win/end of discussion.

In election 2016 with voters’ fear buttons being pushed harder than ever to the extent that many voters are hysterical, condescention has turned to vitriol toward any discussion of third party candidates.

As long as most Murkins are fans of the red or blue parties and view elections the same way they view professional sports ,making headway with any third party will be difficult.

2016 election results will confirm if millennials have fallen into this same trap that boomers have fallen into. Hopefully they haven’t and they will be key players in expanding the Green Party in the US.


If the Majority consists of moderates, both sides, individualist/collectivist, right/left product of propaganda,
both extremes, the minority ruling classes favor major investment on ‘entertainment venues’ alongside and
in stark contrast to water supply neglect and abuse heaped on unsustainable resources, human habitat,
natural environs and ecosystems.

The political office holder I’m hoping isn’t next month elected is Mr Bryant of Warshitun.
Port guy, good hair, slept while their I-5 CRC Bridge went fiasco, fossil fuel no problem.
Yeah, I’m hoping he won’t be the next Warshington State Guverner, yep, uh-huh.
He’s having a hard time on the sports arena question:
Too Money? or, not to Money? That is the question!

Clinton’s policy is no mystery; she is pro-war and has pursued this through the Obama administration throughout her involvement.

Of course she does not announce that now: her policies are unpopular. It is far easier and more effective for her to do dinners that are screened by their entry fee and leave the public speaking to the Republican candidate whose candidacy she partly funded through the primaries. The man hangs himself fairly effectively, and we would see that more easily were the repeated revelations of Clinton’s conspiratorial connections not so damning.


That has not been the truth and will most likely never be the truth. That is only the truth if we take bald faced lies at face value.

Nato supplied ISIS with weapons via convoy between 2011 and early 2016. It continues to supply AlQueda via weapons drops to the so called Free Syrian Army which then passes those weapons to AlNusra. The USA is continuing to fuel terrorism as a means to overthrow the Syrian government and as a means to justify militarism.


Feffer makes some good observations here, but seems impeded by that odd buoyancy that seems to shield certain individuals from seeing the actions of Democratic administrations.

It helps this sort of thing to pay attention to those literals that one actually can verify with some security. It strikes me that this is important at this time because well meaning and fairly observant commentators (and I regard Feffer as both) thereby overlook large factors in what is happening.


  • Clinton has not been waiting in any wings:
    ---- She is part of the Obama administration
    ---- Her associates have participated directly in coups and wars
    ---- Her campaign has involved in-government and large-corporation manipulation and control of media of similar sorts to those traditionally used for CIA control of elections in neo-colonies.
    ---- Her campaign has received benefits of the sale of the services of the presidency
  • The Obama administration has been characterized by an increase in hostilities when compared to Cheney-Bush, not a decrease.

We have had a steady increase in executive violence in each administration since at least that of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Nixon’s decision to release Vietnam was probably secondary to internecine conflicts, probably Watergate as much as war resistance:

  • Bush I extended Reagan into Iraq and Kuwait
  • Clinton I continued bombing of Iraq, paid war debts from social funds, and slipped NAFTA by a naive public
  • Bush II was at least standing by for the false flag event of 9/11/01, ready to launch an invasion of Afghanistan that Afghanis told Johan Galtung in spring of that year would happen before the year’s end, ready to abuse the 1st and 4th Amendements with the Patriot Act, ready to launch the succeeding invasions on fraudulent evidence
  • Obama extended the US involvement in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Honduras, Ukraine, and probably Turkey. He continued the Bush torture gulag, started and expanded a fiat assassination program, stepped up full scale surveillance of all populations and indulged the administration in unprecedented persecution of whistleblowers and journalists, probably ending with the probable recent death of Julian Assange (which cannot as yet be confirmed, though the arguments dismissing the death as a hoax have become so notably fallacious and shrill as to at least raise suspicion).

By seeing this, one may see that the Clinton regime will predictably be more warlike and more oppressive because Americans have failed to resist electorally or by protest. We may at least suspect that it may be a good time for people to attend to preserving what information may be retained from a more open period.

The following may be of use:


Not to worry! Hillary will provoke further madness and give Putin a chance to test the latest Russian technology http://www.opednews.com/Quicklink/Cold-war-redux-Russia-unv-in-General_News-Cold-War_Cold-War-II_Russia_Russia-And-China-161026-103.html


One of the reasons why Hillary Rodham Clinton is such a reckless warmonger is that neither she, nor anyone in her immediate, white, wealthy family has ever been in the military. Already lacking in empathy to begin with, and having no exposure to the horrors our military inflicts around the globe, makes it easy for Clinton to order poor brown people here to murder poor brown people over there. She is a monster, and I am sorrowful for all her past and future victims.


cooper, Yes, Killary is provoking fear even within the Empire that initially favored her — and gave her Trump as a ‘foil’:

Since I’m quite seriously aware of the real value of ‘analogy-thinking’, it is with significant weight that I recently was amazed with the seemingly surprising break-through (or ‘creative thought’, as people always say) that I realized through the human mind’s most impressive slight of hand in its store and retrieval subconscious cognitive-processing, which extended my initially stable analogy of Trump with Hitler being the greatest barrier against the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire wanting to allow him from becoming anything more than a ‘foil’ for Hillary — and never wanting any chance of the egomaniac sociopath going ‘off the leash’ like his German doppelgänger.

The surprising ‘creative thought’ (aren’t they all surprising to those who don’t understand the brain’s tricks) that Trump is not the only entrenched and pre-selected candidate of the Empire who is analogous to the Fuhrer.

This second level to the revelatory insight of the first analogy-thinking (Trump : Hitler) is that the Empire has now quite likely realized, perhaps too late, its own error of diagnosing only the first level of the analogy. The second level analogy — beyond the first of only the ‘going off the leash’ danger, is that Hillary (or should I say Killary) going “to the bigs” [in weapons], is that she (more than he) could, and likely would actually, dangerously, existentially, and “with grave danger” (or as Col. Jessup said, “is there any other kind”) start a real effin nuclear war with Russia.

Wow! (or as Orwell would say, “Double Wow”).

So, has the extant, entrenched, but deeply hidden, cancerous Disguised Global Capitalist EMPIRE, which has ‘captured’, controls, and now almost fully “Occupies” our former country as its nominal global HQ, and merely ‘poses’ as, America, made a ‘really big mistake’ in allowing only two people; ‘il Donald’ the egomaniac sociopath of the rougher-talking neocon ‘R’ Vichy Party and Killary the “Empress-in-waiting” and certified [by NYT Magazine’s Mark Landler] ‘War Hawk’, to be the only Hitler-like models of a ‘leader’/Fuhrer for this 21st century Empire??

Unfortunately, we’ll all know real soon.

The first could well “go off the reservation” with his well documented insanity — as repeatedly demonstrated in the self-immolation of his own campaign, whereas the second level Hitler analogy, which the Empire quite likely realized too late, of an “Empress in-waiting” and ‘War Hawk’ but smoother-lying neoliberal-con ‘D’ Vichy Party feminist intent on showing her strength above all reason — as demonstrated in her orchestration of Muammar ‘no weapons of mass destruction’ Gaddafi being sodomized to death with a long knife, and then gleefully shouting, “We came. We saw. He died.” with a bansheee chackle, might, just might, have been the Hitler analogy “that didn’t bark”.

Yes, I know Trump is a dangerous sociopath but that does not change anything about Hillary, particularly her tendency to militarism noted in this article. Appointing her Secretary of State was a mistake by Obamq that will Trisha his legacy. If Hillary had been allowed to continue her lackluster career in the senate, she might have had less of a lock on the 2016 nomination. At th very least, the enormous grifting by both Clintons would have been lessened if she did not have State Department influence to peddle. And yes, I am voting voting for her because she is not mentally ill.

the only terrorists are in Washington and Tel Aviv

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HRC does not believe in diplomacy with words but she does believe in Exceptionalism and military force. I can’t wait to see her military uniform which will outshine Bush 2 and Obama. She may even put Patton to shame (but not his expertise) with his “pearl handled” six guns, ribbons and medals. Will she still put her feet on the desk? Sure she will. And drones, hell, she has Assange in mind. Perhaps the DAPL activists. No wait, the police from several states are taking care of that as well as private mercenaries. (Resistance is futile).

She has bad-mouthed Assad, Iran, Putin and Russia so there is going to be meeting of minds there. Troops are on the move to crowd the Russian borders (Thanks NATO) in prep for HRCs coronation. I see mushroom clouds on the horizon and they are ours.

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To simply call Clinton a “Hawk” is to understate just how extreme she really is. There have been plenty of “Hawks” in the US government over the years and I have never heard of one of them ever refer to murder by bayonet rape in the casual joking way that Clinton publicly did. No, Clinton is very much something far more dangerous than your average “Hawk”.


WTF are you talking about? A NFZ that permits Russian flights? The whole point of the NFZ is to prevent Russian planes from supporting the Syrian Air Force. Which would be banned from flying in its own country’s air space! And if the Syrians defy such a ban, we’re back to square 1 anyway. Do we shoot down the Syrians? Do the Russians defend them? (hint: yeah!) Then do we engage the Russians? (hint: Gotta be tuff! Gotta handle Putin.) The NFZ you suggest would be proof of Hillary’s mental incapacity and would result in war regardless.

Clinton has a long public record in politics, which can easily be researched. She has quite consistently supported military aggression. If elected (as liberals seem to assume), our greatest concern will be with what she decides about Syria, and the potential of the two Titan Egos – Clinton and Putin – having a final showdown.

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No, I know the anti-Israel spiel is popular among liberals, but the issue is far more complex. You would need to know that Israel is a tiny country (roughly the size of New Hampshire), the historic and modern Jewish nation, the sole Jewish nation, surrounded by vast, oil-rich Arab nations that have been armed to the teeth by China, Russia, and the US. It takes everything Israel has got just to survive.

Hi Alan, I don’t know if this will get to you so I’ll keep it short. What
you say 'pears to be so, much as I wish otherwise. I see you’re an
educator, as was I for 25 years (elementary with much science). My niece
and her husband teach in Portland, small world–all too small, with the
(crazed and far-too-large) population we’ve got these days. You’ll find
more of me on opednews.com, where I normally write, comment, and post
links. I forget how I got to be Cooper on CD, but that was my former best
bud, a Collie/ Shepard combo. In re your comment, “Unfortunately, we’ll all
know real soon” is all too true. Daniel Geery

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