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Hillary Clinton and Electorial Coup in Haiti


Hillary Clinton and Electorial Coup in Haiti

Ricardo Seitenfus

The Clintons’ high-profile interest in Haiti dates back almost all the way to their wedding in 1975. Shortly after their honeymoon in Acapulco, Bill and Hillary Clinton received an invitation from David Edwards — a friend and Citibank executive — to accompany him to Haiti.

Edwards’s motivation in getting the Clintons closer to Haiti was neither cultural nor humanitarian. The reason was Citibank’s long-standing financial interests in the country, which now go back over a century.


So how many coups has she been involved in? I know she was involved in the overthrow of a Democratically elected president of Honduras which is why so many are at our southern border.
She really feels like royalty with all that power. God forgive us if we give it to her again.


This article convinces me that her supporters are correct when they say "Clinton will be ready to be president on day one". It also convinces me that I should be very fearful of all that the term "ready" implies in that sentence.


There's that DAILY meme that apparently MUST be stated, and not often enough.

So by your "logic," if:

  1. The already assigned super-delegates get THEIR plans solidified
  2. The millions who support Sanders are thwarted
  3. The millions who support Trump (or another Republican con man) are marginalized
  4. The vote counts prove anomalous
  5. Several million who might have voted for "the man of the people" instead are disenfranchised either by Voter I.D. laws, prior drug convictions, or misprints on voting rolls
  6. The mass media's mantra that Sanders can't win becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

Than items 1-6 are all irrelevant. Far more important is it for this forum's assigned message shapers to relentlessly push the Talking Point that ONE homogeneous organism defined as WE is ever and always responsible... whatever the plight, cause, sin, or crime.



The corporate media spends all day talking about delegates-the mantra of delegates---but nothing on Clinton's involvement with Haiti and Honduras-----real issues! Is this racism by the media? The debt crisis in PR could blow up and the only reporting I have seen on this is Democracy Now-


It is disturbing that the Mainstream media is so shallow and vapid it has already declared Hillary Clinton the winner. The media has very few real journalist left who are able to analyse and dissect policy issues in any sort of depth or at length. It is easier to stick with sound bites which really tell the consumer nothing. These are what used to be called I believer teaser to get readers interested in a story. Instead now the teaser or headline is all there really is to the story. So readers and viewers zone out when a story takes more than a few paragraphs or minutes just to fill in the background and to give the story context. So the Mainstream Media tries to keep their stories moving along and being entertaining. So the story of the Clintons in Haiti or Hillary and Libya or Iraq, Honduras , Bahrain etc. is seen as beyond the capacity of America's general public to understand so they don't bother. For instance Hillary Clinton has often mentioned one of her heroes and mentors and adviser and friend is Henry Kissinger and the media mentions it but doesn't bother to question Hillary about Kissinger or to do a review of the policies of Henry Kissinger and whether they still stand up to close scrutiny one way or the other. When Hillary talked about Kissinger for me alarms went off since Kissinger for me and many others represents the ugly side of American foreign and domestic policies from 1968 to the present that is part of his legacy of acting no matter what -that is action is the important thing not necessarily doing the right thing and that's Hillary acting even though she doesn't have all the facts or simply the real facts because what matters is action and how that action is framed and therefore perceived by the public.


And now dem and rep along with support from Obama and Hillary are going to do to Puerto Rico what Michigan did to Detroit and Flint. It is Sanders who has voiced opposition to this current bill moving through congress. Yet so little reporting----again this is corporate media racism------this bill from what I understand will lower the minimum wage to $4.50hr for young workers.