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Hillary Clinton and Paul Krugman: Fuddy Duddies against Sanders (Life During Wartime)


Hillary Clinton and Paul Krugman: Fuddy Duddies against Sanders (Life During Wartime)

Howard Friel

I keep reading columns in the New York Times by Paul


Gee, Howard, I hope you don’t call me a fuddy fuddy too! But it is only rational to question the premises of how a President Sanders could actually get any of his good ideas enacted into law. When asked about this, he always falls back on “a political revolution.” What exactly does that look like? A giant letter writing campaign? A million people marching on the Washington Mall for one day and then going home? None of that will impress Republican congressman sitting in completely safe gerrymandered districts. Such sleaze bags can only be moved to approve a few incremental changes through the combination of carrots and sticks that Hillary knows how to use. Or bribes and threats, to be speak more frankly.

And this is important: she has good ties to her own party thanks to years of fund raising and connections while Bernie does not. She can, at least, count on Democratic votes in the House and Senate which is more than Obama has often been able to do.


Another Hillary troll. You know what? The one certain thing is that NOTHING will change for the better if Hillary becomes President. Same old, same old. Status quo. The 1% continue to loot our economy for their benefit, and the Clintons continue to pad their enormous, most probably ill-gotten fortune (tell me how a couple supposedly doing “public service” manage to make a personal fortune North of $150 million in 15 years? Yeah, can’t answer that one can you).

No, the only way any of this changes is if Hillary LOSES the Presidency. Period. I realize how bad four years of the other guys would be, but we have a moment in history here where there is a chance to take over one of the major parties for The People, and the only way that happens is if we can throw off the Clinton/DLC faction by defeating them. Taking over the machinery of the Democratic Party with progressive candidates from top to bottom starts with getting rid of the Clintons, Wasserman-Schultz, et al. None of that happens if she wins. Can Bernie drastically change things in four or eight years? No. But we must start somewhere, and that is by ending the Clinton era (error).


What does political revolution look like? Sanders has answered that question. It looks like millions of voters going to the polls to vote for candidates who are not establishment, status-quo hacks, thereby taking back control of the Senate and the House. And the country.

And what you’re forgetting about Clinton (and what is really important), is that much of the country, and certainly the right, HATE Clinton. A Clinton presidency means four more years of obstructionism and polarization.


The two things that come to mind reading this,
First, fuddy duddy is way too mild a term for these neo liberal thugs.
Second, way too much truth here for your average football fan, shopper, etc to comprehend
ps, maybe I got up on the wrong side of the bed today, am I being too hard on my fellow country men and women?


Who better to put little Lord Fauntleroy Krugman in his place than Black and Hudson, see them on the Real News Network. http://therealnews.com/t2/


The “political revolution” basically means that he brings out a large section of the electorate who normally is disgusted with politics (note: this is how he has been beating the pantsuits of Hillary recently, so it is not some fantasy). With that strong a showing at the polls, the dems stop their losing ways and start winning the house/senate again.

All that being said, are you REALLY of the opinion that Hillary Clinton will get a single vote from a single Republican on any piece of legislation that is even slightly to the left? She is the most despised politician on the right ever.

She may count on the democratic votes (are you insinuating that democrats would not support Sanders for some spiteful reason?), but with her depressing the votes (i.e. those bernie supporters staying home on election day and independents voting against her), the democrats probably lose more seats in the house and senate (again), becoming truly irrelevant.

Bernie’s revolution is simply getting the American public back involved in politics, offering them a vision of a government that is actually working for them, and then having them vote for candidates who will enact that vision. It’s basically the way this country worked for many years before Reagan.

Clinton will let us continue this 35 year downward slide that the country has been on all the while she will be complaining about “gridlock”


Just a couple of ways—not counting the downtickets that will ride in on his coattails, not counting the people in the street, the people getting organized to tell their congress critters that they will. not. keep their office if they continue to ignore us. not counting that and more—he will appoint cabinet members that are with us, judicial appointments. executive orders, and the friendship of many world and UN leaders.


My recollection is that Clinton did not apologize for her 2002 vote to invade Iraq until after Obama prevailed in the 2008 primary, adding to the Clintons’ long history of changing their stance AFTER the political wind changes direction.


She can count on Republicans to go to the mat to thwart any tiny little thing she’d half-heartedly propose, because they hate her with a passion. President Sanders, on the other hand, will have at his back the thousands upon thousands of people who have been inspired to show up, wait for many hours, and cheer him on, along with the million-plus of us who keep donating to his genuinely democratic campaign, and the many millions voting for him. Among those millions there are hundreds or thousands of brilliant men and women who have been waiting for the chance to fight for the good, share their innovations, honor the welfare of people around the globe and the earth itself. President Sanders will give those people the chance. He will lead them then, as he’s been leading for the past year and a half. That’s what a person worthy of the role of President in this country does. And even Republicans in Congress will be forced to realize that if they want to keep their precious seats, they’d better climb on board.


OMG an entire column constructed with Talking Heads references!

All my up-votes for the day go to Howard Friel!


Wasn’t that a fantastic interview? Great having those two “keepin’ it real.”

The direct link to it is here.


Democratic Party Corporation–bon mot of the day!


Great point. It’s fascinating to remember how rabidly the right (the “Great Right-Wing Conspiracy”) hated Bill Clinton - and Hillary. Deeply visceral for them. I didn’t understand it then, or now.

Right again. Hillary will be helpless to effectively contend with the solid wall of resistance she will see from the Republicans. After all, it will be funded by the same oligarchy that her own hand is held out to.


How is being a Hillary supporter a Hillary troll?


In effect, we are now in the 36th year of the Reagan Administration. ¡No más!



Just a theory, but could Krugman be going to the mat for HRC because her success would be his last chance for a big position in Treasury? What good is a meritocracy if you can’t engineer your way to the top?


simple the entire campaign financing if Bernie wins the election - has to be told - you have just begun. there are elections in 2 years time to start using the bully pulpit to demonize all the senators and congressmen who take bribes and run candidates on the Bernie ticket. Bernie needs to take over the democratic party meaning in the next 4 years the old guard (as in labour in the UK) should either convert or leave. When HRC says he is not a Democrat and just an interloper the response is no you 30 year interlopers have to leave now.

First someone thought lets get to the moon. then they figured out how. Bernie needs to keep the dialogue of corrupt senate, Corrupt Congress, corrupt Courts in the limelight. The public intuitively knows its corrupt and they have to understand that the “people” the all inclusive “we” that Bernie speaks of (not the royal we the others use) are extremely powerful. We have all been raped and it is time to stop blaming ourselves and realize that the power we need to change the planet lies with a public but only if becomes involved and the youth of America will push for change. Those who say but how are you going to do it suffer from a short attention span. It is a characteristic of our modern world, results will not be immediate but if Bernie is elected IDEAS are Yuge and “political revolution” is not some vague notion you believe it be. There are no concrete rules - the world is what we choose to make it but we have to stand up and be counted.


Just as Obama won the “Nobel Peace Prize” (joining other such peace loving guys as Menachim Begin and Henry Kissinger) , Mr Krugman won the same prize in the field of economics joining people like Milton Friedman this demonstrating just how meaningless those rewards have become.


Your correct of course, its called doing the work of empire [Krugman and Clinton].
We are so screwed in the US today, go see Moore’s “Where to Invade Next”. We don’t do what is good for those in America, thus more to spend on policing the world, and we are doing a piss poor job of that to say the least but, hey, arms industry is doing just fine, thankyou.
When we see and acknowledge how smaller first world countries provide for their people we get the emergence of a candidate like Sanders. Interesting times.