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Hillary Clinton and the Neocons


Hillary Clinton and the Neocons

John Feffer

Much has been made of the swing in political allegiances of neoconservatives in favor of Hillary Clinton.

As a group, Washington’s neocons are generally terrified of Trump’s unpredictability and his flirtation with the alt-right. They also support Clinton’s more assertive foreign policy (not to mention her closer relationship to Israel). Perhaps, too, after eight long years in the wilderness, they’re daydreaming of an appointment or two in a Clinton administration.


Mr. Feffer concludes: "The trick of it for progressives is to somehow steal back the Democratic Party from the aggressive globalists and recapture those Trump voters who are tired of supporting war and wealthy transnational corporations. Or, perhaps in the wake of the Republican Party’s collapse, progressives could create a new party that challenges Clinton and the neocons."

Of these possibilities, only the second is plausible. On the objective evidence, the chance that the Democratic Party, so thoroughly dominated by neocons and hawks, will reform itself as a pro-peace party is virtually nil. Only the emergence of a new party dedicated to peace and social and economic justice here in the US can threaten Democratic Party elites by drawing away progressive voters and, potentially, independent "Trump voters who are tired of supporting war and wealthy transnational corporations." Right now that party is the Green Party.


The Democratic Party has been addicted to corporate money since the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed in 1985. Any addiction expert will tell you that you don't change a 30 plus year addict unless that addict wants to change. Please make sure I am the first to know if you see any signs of the Democratic Party wanting to change.


What hope for a new party (or successful third party) can there be if billionaires, banks and corporations will still be able to buy elections four years from now?



So-called Washington 'think tanks' are well staffed with dual citizens who are dictating foreign policy to the detriment of the U.S.. Money is being stolen from the treasury by the trillions while the people lack healthcare,education and jobs. Mouthing God bless America and saluting the flag obfuscate the thievery.


"Veteran GOP foreign policy hawks are flocking to Hillary Clinton. Is it callow opportunism, or a major realignment?"

This is pretty simple, they're polishing their resumes, period. Trump won't have anything to do with 'em and they know it.


On the one hand, there is some good info & background in this piece.

On the other hand, it's like Captain Obvious finally noticing the corral is open, long after the horses have all gone to eat from the trough of Lockheed-Martin.


Two bits of bilge here. One:

So the Sanders supporters (Many of whom are now Stein/Green supporters) will be "satisfied" with some domestic crumbs while Hillary strides (muscularly) into war?

Don't bet on it.


After what just happened to Bernie how can anyone still cling to the pipedream of "capturing", or "stealing" the Dems? Or "moving them to the left"? That's like trying to get Citicorp to stop making money!
2a. There already is a party that challenges the neocons, Hillary, and the entire 1% power structure. It's called the Green Party. It exists. Now. It will grow. But what does the collapse of the Repubs have to do with growing the Greens?