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Hillary Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders' Plan for Single-Payer Healthcare


Hillary Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders' Plan for Single-Payer Healthcare

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Hillary Clinton took aim on Tuesday at Bernie Sanders' plan for a single-payer healthcare system.

She did not mention Sanders by name at a rally at a Dallas community college, instead saying, "One thing we should not do is follow a proposal that has been made by one of my opponents."


Hillary is beginning to lose!! She's the very last person to be telling us what's wrong with a health reform plan—1994, anybody?? Time for a point-blank shot, Bernie.


Single payer health care proposed by Bernie is a bad idea? Who says so! Wall Street?


Here is the point Hillary, you right wing nit wit. The tax slapped on the US citizenry for single payer would be a fraction of the cost of monthly premiums where a large percentage of that goes directly to profits for Big Insurers and a huge bureaucracy of paper shuffling.

In this instance calling Hillary a nit wit is actually too kind, as that denotes ignorance. She fully knows who she is representing with this attack on Sanders's single payer proposal, and it isn't the health of the US citizen.


I presume that HRC's corporate healthcare sponsors gave her a phone call after Saturday's debate and instructed her to assure the 1% that free healthcare will never be an issue. If (and that's a big 'if') Bernie made it to March in the primaries, HRC's commitment to screw over the 99% at all costs, may just begin to unravel. Corporate America is nervous right now.


Honestly, I don't think Sanders will ever take on Clinton in any aggressive manner, going after her fealty to Wall Street and the rest. Sadly, I don't think it will happen, thus my ultimate uneasiness affording Sanders my full trust.

I will vote for him if he is on the ballot in Nov 2016, and that is a big IF.


lol Hill Dawg veering right again. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you your Democratic party savior.
God, this party is rotten. Sanders needs to start carving her up for once instead of letting her take all these free shots.


Clinton named the drug and insurance industries among her “enemies,” but has accepted millions in donations from them.

Sanders 2016: The Democratic candidate who isn't in the pocket of the insurance companies


Does she mean corporations are not in the healthcare field for profits? Why are they their for the fun of it?


My health insurance is $520 a month now, without dental, and I just got notification it will increase to over $600. in 2016.

I seriously doubt an increase in taxes, even if it wasn't aimed primarily at the 1%, would be more than I'm already paying.


I'm puzzled that HRC isn't lying about this, the way she does about pretty much everything else. My guess is that a retraction/clarification from her will be coming soon, and that worries me more, because there may be voters out there who still haven't figured out that her words mean absolutely nothing.


I despise HRC. She is nothing but a tool of Wall Street, a lackey of the corporations, a war mongering Rhino who fully embraces the Neo-Liberal agenda.

I always said that a Sanders run would not move HRC to the left, which some saw as one justification for him running. I always said she'd triangulate to establish herself as firmly in what the Beltway Bubble thinks is the center (but it isn't, it's just the pro-business but socially liberal position of the Beltway Bubble Democrats.)

If she deigns to come to my town I will heckle her and protest her appearance.


Hillary is earning her campaign money...lol...She is so transparent I can see thru her...She is already pushing a corporate agenda and she is not even nominated yet...(Hopefully never) and her followers are all up in her ass worshiping her every word.........WE want real change not more of the same like Obama........VOTE BERNIE... or nothing will ever change..


That amount you'll be paying is the equivalent of 9% of an annual income of $80,000. Not to mention if you get insurance partially through your employer, they are actually taking what they pay out of what they budget to pay you. So you're paying even more.


I just saw that Hillary was way down in the polls in Colorado. She seems to be crashing. Can playing the "First Woman President" card save her now? Can her makeovers and role rehearsals save her? Can Bill scare enough voters with "the next President gets to name new SCOTUS judges"?

I wonder what the polls would say between a Bernie and Trump election?


I'd love the debate!


No need to wonder. Every poll shows Sanders trumping Trump.



Add to the $520 MONTHLY PREMIUM COST the ever increasing co-pays, exclusions, etc. and you leave 9% in the rear view mirror.

The $16 trillion (US General Accounting Office GAO finding) of taxpayers' money that Congress committed to various schemes to bailout the too-big-to-fail banks after the 2008 meltdown (that those banks caused) exceeds the projected cost for the first decade of single payer medical insurance.

Our local Hillarybots swoon when they hear her sounding SO Republican...they consider that sound a winning strategy.


Makes me wonder why the 'Robin Hood' tax is not on the table.


JFK and subsequently LBJ were pushing for Medicare for all in the US from 1961 until LBJ signed Medicare into law in 1965. LBJ noted that Congress beat him down to limiting Medicare for disabled and age 65 plus but he hoped to see Congress expand it in the future.

Notice how Dubya and Obama have increased US Border Patrol force thirty to forty fold on the Canadian border during the past decade to keep single payer from invading the US ?