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Hillary Clinton Called Out for Hypocrisy on Islamophobia

Hillary go home. Only Bernie can beat Trump.


Great article, thanks. With so much corporate, Wall Street, media and defense agency support, Mrs. Clinton is going to be hard to beat in the primaries. It is going to take a big grassroots level movement, even bigger than the one the put President Obama in office. That effort turned out poorly, but Bernie Sanders is the real deal - a lifelong progressive advocate and statesman. Let’s hope that populism beats the money and media hype machine this time around.


Despite the bias displayed by Howard Dean by lobbying in this poll for HRC, Bernie Sanders is asking for your endorsement a

Please do that! as soon as possible You do not have to be a DFA member or subscriber to make your voice heard


Clinton sez: “You’re going to hear all of the usual complaints, you know, freedom of speech, et cetera. …”

… “Bill of Rights, rule of law, blah blah. Buncha whiners.”


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On Wesley Clark, his remark about anyone siding with the Nazi regime would have put into an interment camp. What about Prescott Bush (grandfather of G W Bush) who ran a money laundering bank for Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1942. Oh, I forgot, he was rich.


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Clarke’s racism and call to imprison “disloyal Americans” coupled with Shillary’s pandering to “unbreakable bonds” continuing American subservience to Israeli/Zionist racist ethnic cleansing and war crimes are examples of Hillary’s total hypocrisy and political agenda/ambition that will say or do anything to get elected and continue to serve America’s powerful masters, from Israeli extremism/terrorism, endless wars and military domination over critical civilian needs/priorities, to environmental degradation, phoney “trade” deals, to wall St/banker parasites and catering to the uber-wealthy over the 99%.

The “lesser of two evils” is still evil! Enough! Bernie Sanders is a politician, but has a functional moral compass.


The first thing I thought of listening to Hillary’s rant against Trump about Muslims was: “We came, we saw, he died” - chuckle, chuckle. Oh, but she is a female and therefore we should all vote for her.


We seem to see less and less of Sanders. Is there a race on the democratic side? he was on an afternoon show on MSNBC-Chuck Todd was more interested in discussing Trump- But what Sanders said was so right on. He talked about how groups of people are pitted against one another and the corporate media dose not focus on the real issues-like economics.


Shillary doesn’t believe in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. She really is an Ayn Rand advocate–Those who believe in the absolute power of the elite,the wealthy, those robber barons, all those greed sociopaths who want it all, and then some. Oh, and she is racist, embedded into that very white privileged culture. To believe she is one of us 99 Percenters is having drank too much Kool-Aid. If you love war, if you love more spying,more killing, more destruction, less liberties, by all means, vote for the Queen of Chaos. She will deliver.


Exactly redravensounds, nice catch and appropriate for this thread on Hillary.

The Democratic Party and media continue to do their best to assure that Sanders remains as invisible as possible to give Hillary a big advantage.

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Illusion, just read an article the other day (sadly don’t remember where) that ABC, CBS, NBC, and possibly CNN have blacklisted any coverage of Saunders. That wouldn’t surprise me bit.

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How about - "Hillary Called Out for Hypocrisy on… " Fill in the Blank. I simply cannot believe ANYTHING this shameless power-hungry female says. The “triangulating” Clintons and their DLC/DNC/corporate backers are an intrinsic part of the decline of American democracy. If this is the best the Demos can do in the face of Rethug extremism then we are screwed. Ten years ago the great George Carlin said it simply - “This country is finished.” Maybe he was right.

And yet the bullshit dogma of the “Liberal Media” continues. It is one of the great Amurkan myths along with our “exceptionalism” and “they hate us for our freedoms”.

But, but… Shillary told us 99%ers not long ago that she wanted to be our “champion”. I guess she just lied… again.