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Hillary Clinton Called Out for Hypocrisy on Islamophobia

How about - "Hillary Called Out for Hypocrisy on… " Fill in the Blank. I simply cannot believe ANYTHING this shameless power-hungry female says. The “triangulating” Clintons and their DLC/DNC/corporate backers are an intrinsic part of the decline of American democracy. If this is the best the Demos can do in the face of Rethug extremism then we are screwed. Ten years ago the great George Carlin said it simply - “This country is finished.” Maybe he was right.

And yet the bullshit dogma of the “Liberal Media” continues. It is one of the great Amurkan myths along with our “exceptionalism” and “they hate us for our freedoms”.

But, but… Shillary told us 99%ers not long ago that she wanted to be our “champion”. I guess she just lied… again.

Yes, HRC go back to your real home…Wall Street!

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