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Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Get It


Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Get It

Sarah Jones

In the first hundred pages of What Happened, Hillary Clinton writes that she decided to run for office during a vacation with the designer Oscar de la Renta and that when she lost she received an invitation from George W. Bush to get burgers.


What Happened?

Hillary Clinton spent $1.2 Billion and lost.

End of story.

Oh, she will become a footnote in the history books to come, with some salacious tales attributed to her and her husband.


> Some accusations are valid: Sexism did factor into her negative public image and into her loss.

Yes, it did. I don’t know how many times I and others who voted for Jill Stein were called out as “sexists.”


Yeah, I was going to say that sexism was probably endemic among Trump voters, but nonexistent among long time Democratic voters. I happily voted for Jill Stein in 2012 and 2016, so anyone would be hard pressed to label me sexist. But I would never vote for the Goldman Sachs, war, corporate merger loving Clintons again no matter what. I hated their first time in office, which I suffered through, and I would never vote to put those two people back in the WH no matter what. “It’s their policies, stupid”, to paraphrase the Clintons.


I successfully resisted the urge to vote for Slick Willy in the nineties; I would certainly not vote for his Republican wife.




This woman is an idiot and actually thinks that people like her? She is delusional and so yesterday. She should do people a favor and get her ugly mug out of here.


Probably the first step to figuring out how Trump won is to figure out how he defeated 16 candidates in the Republican primary, most of whom were clearly more qualified than Trump. John Kasich actually appeared to be serious person and he had years of experience in the House and as governor of Ohio. He only won his own state. What does that say? Jeb Bush spent by far the most money and yet he came up empty. What does that say? Marco Rubio was picked by many people to be the greatest threat to the Democrats but he hardly won any states. So something the experts did not understand was going on. There were a lot of people fed up with the Republican establishment, fed up with what they call political correctness which is basically the norms of this society (or what were the norms), and fed up with all politicians period. Once it is understood how Trump won the Republican primary then is should be more clear how he defeated Clinton in the electoral college (while losing the popular vote by a considerable margin).


Very true - this is what worried me throughout the campaign. Trump won with insults and lies. As you said, he overcame a large field of republican candidates and Hillary was fresh meat for insults and accusations. It did not help that she was a war monger either.


It is my sincere opinion that the re-emergence of Hillary into the national media & blogosphere is something arranged by the Deep State.

I can think of no figure more divisive to liberals, progressives, workers, minorities, & the left than Hillary.

A small, sincere cadre believes in her, despite all evidence, and are in fact immune to any evidence as to her true nature.

But like Trump voters, the more you criticize Hillary, the more defensive they get, attributing pretty much everything to sexism or racism or some other ‘ism.’

Hence, Hillary, by her mere appearance, causes logical allies to fight amongst themselves.

And so The Man, Mr Deep State Himself, is twirling his moustache, rubbing his fingers together, and smiling.


Bill Clinton got elected with Republican views: tough on crime, more cops on streets,welfare reform put poor to work,support wall street, corporat war machine overthrowing south and central american countries. While governor, the Contras trained in Arkansas national forests. Maybe they all sign away their souls in a big book. Hill has a new do, new book for her “it isn’t my fault I’m no good,” tour. The Clintons are most probably CIA assets, puppets since the 70’s. Not kidding. Many newspaper publishers are assets, bought and orchestrated! Money, power, greed is the creed all draped in bloody secrecy. Resist. The wealthiest on Planet Bozo are the World Bankers of International Settlements. There are two world banks. The aforementioned is at the top of our world.


IMHO, it’s just as sexist to vote FOR someone solely (or primarily) because of his or her gender as it is to vote AGAINST someone solely (or primarily) because of his or her gender . . .   (Not that “voting” really matters any more – it’s all a charade carried out by the powers-that-be to keep the cattle from stampeding.)

The first half of your statement is a slight exaggeration, the second half ridiculous; it may even be one reason so many male DamnocRats stayed home last November:  Hilliary was perceived (quite accurately, IMHO) as the per­sonification of the succinct term ‘Bitch’ (a Bloviating, Ignorant, Treacherous Callous Harpy – per care-
ful analysis by myself and two ladies on a different CD thread that discussed Hilliary’s new book).*

BTW, I just sent a $25 donation to 'Beth Warren’s campaign about thirty minutes ago.  (I call her 'Beth because in 2012 & 2016 “Bernie & Beth” seemed to sound better than “Bernie & Liz”.)  I hope I’m still around in 2020 to vote for “'Beth & Brown”, “Liz & Al” or some other reasonably progressive combination.

* ‘Harpy’ is as succinct – and sexist – as ‘Bitch’ or ‘Prick’, but less well-known by the average 'Murikan.


Did Clinton mention if she took Dubya up on his offer to “go get burgers” when she lost ?


still has not learned to take responsibility for her losses because to do so would mean she would have to really look at who she is and why she lost after all. very sad to watch and have no intention of reading this book. I could hardly get thru her autobiography of a few years ago and stopped reading when she wrote of her pride in serving on the Walmart Board of Directors, that was enuf for me.


in 96, maybe. not 92. I voted for him in that election because already he was addressing the need for “healthcare reform” (if we only knew what he and the Mrs had in mind!). The smarter ones voted for Perot, who turned out to be dead on regarding the emerging trade system.

Clinton ran as fairly liberal in the primary and even somewhat in the general (in part pushed by Perot). But it was 1996 that was the year of utter destruction not only for the Democratic party as a potential organ for reform but also the end of a national voice for the New Deal. That was a brutal year.


Some of us got tired of having corporate candidates shoved down our throats and either didn’t vote or voted third party. Heck some even voted for Trump. Unfortunately, the DNC is still in power.


“Some accusations are valid: Sexism did factor into her negative public image and into her loss.”

Because there was such a large bloc of the electorate who really liked the track record and policies of this Nixon-in-drag (sporting an original Kissinger, no less), and would have voted for her in a heartbeat–if it weren’t for those darn ovaries.

“She correctly notes that well-funded right-wing actors have spent years weakening American democracy,”

Says the lavishly-funded candidate who exploited the undemocratic superdelegate system, cheated. and tried to suppress the late primaries in order to wrest the nomination from the guy the party rank and file would have preferred.

“and that a racist backlash to Barack Obama’s presidency dogged her campaign”

Eh, what? How many racists voted for black Barack Obama in 2012, but then could not vote for white Hillary because of race? Or is she suggesting that racist groups unfairly buoyed the public perception of the Trump campaign by association, and that it was unfair of them to snub her campaign?

“The press did mishandle coverage of her email scandal”

Right. The email scandal itself, reeking of cover-up and obstruction, wasn’t a factor at all. It was the press’s “mishandling” of the scandal that was the problem.

“and James Comey’s irresponsible actions helped slow her momentum at a crucial time.”

Comey made no allegations and was quite clear that he had nothing implicating Clinton at that time. The worst he did was remind people of an unresolved scandal that Clinton had skated on. And there should not have been any such last-second “crucial time”. She should have been leagues ahead of The Donald by that point. If her strategies are so marginal and fragile that one man can topple them with non-allegations, that says nothing good about how she would have been as President. Maybe she should have consulted her husband. He was outright impeached for lying and obstruction, and he managed it so well his popularity and approval ratings actually went up.


The Emails leaked from DNC published by Wikileaks shows the various strategies and misdeeds of the DNC during the 2016 Primary and the general election.
In a number of emails members of the DNC and the Hillary campaign are in contact. Hillary’s campaign is giving talking points to the DNC and to Hillary’s Media surrogates.
These Emails discuss for instance how they gan smear Bernie Sanders and his supporters. They refer to Sanders as
socialist and hint he may be a communists and that he and his supporters might be working for Putin and the Russians.
They also talk about using Bernie’s religion against him since he is Jewish and there has never been a Jewish President .
They they question whether Bernie is at all religious and maybe an atheist and this they can use against him since Hillary and large numbers of Voters want a Christian true believer and not a Socialist Commie Atheist cause that would be UnAmerican.
They also smeared Bernie’s supporters claiming they were all misogynist , sexist and they coined the term "BernieBros to disparage Bernie supporter. They also claimed that the women who went to Bernie’s rallies were just there to pick up and hook up with boys.
They also made up bogus stories about Sanders supporters being violent .
The DNC and Hillary also Rigged the primary in various ways with improper voting procedures and magical coin tosses in which Hillary won six out of six
The DNC and Hillary also used all their connections in the Mainstream Media to blackout coverage of Bernie Sanders massive and popular rallies while the MSM gave over large blocks of time to Hillary or to having cameras focused on Trump’s empty podium as they waited with baited breath.
So the DNC smeared and marginalized Bernie Sanders and helped to promote Donald Trump.

Hillary and the DNC also decide early on in 2015 to bolster the chances of the more extreme Republican candidates who would be less likely to be a serious threat to Hillary. Podesta and Robbie Mook , Wasserman Schultz refer to this as the Pied Piper Strategy but of course it backfired the least likely candidate won .
During the Democratic Convention of 2016 Bernie Sanders supporters were treated unfairly in some cases they were not permitted into the convention center or once they left they were not allowed back in, some 1900 supporters were not allowed into the convention.
The DNC and Hillary campaign hired so called seat fillers who also took part in chanting in favor of Hillary or one of the DNC who supported her while Bernie supporters were booing .


Sarah when Bernie got 90 percent of the vote of the Millennium women he average guy or gal just might think “maybe I am doing something wrong.” But narcissistic sociopaths (and which of the aren’t?) don’t go there.


We still live in the bitterly divided country resulting in 49/51 elections outcome. It does not matter whom republicans nominate, they will vote for a shill if he is labeled GOP. Case in point Trump.

Democrats historically have been more selective and non partisan. I am amused though by "Clinton cannot admit that she—and her party—bear some responsibility for failing to stem this tide. " statement. What a bunch of baloney! Clinton did admit and Dems are regretting mistakes.

I do not see any regrets from Sanders and Greens supporters!