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Hillary Clinton goes full Neocon at AIPAC, Demonizes Iran, Palestinians


Hillary Clinton goes full Neocon at AIPAC, Demonizes Iran, Palestinians

Juan Cole

I once heard Hillary Clinton give her AIPAC speech at a university. It doesn’t change much, just as US policy toward the Mideast doesn’t change much. She was still a senator then. Much of the audience was Middle East experts, who could barely keep themselves from gagging.


Clinton, Trump, and Cruz think of voters and donors.
Bernie thinks of the people.


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And they call Trump a fascist. It’s obvious the Goldwater Girl has never truly embraced anything liberal. Shame on anyone who claims to be a liberal for not seeing this monster for what she is.


“I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue…” Barry Goldwater

Hillary, always the Goldwater Girl. The prospect of this lady being in charge of U. S. foreign and domestic policy is too much to contemplate.


Thank you Juan Cole. As usual you are spot on. I wish every person that is so sure Hillary will do a great job could read this article. All the crying about her being dogged cause she’s a female is a dodge. She has been neocon for a very long time and her use of Bernie’s talking point are just talking. She is a die hard semi-republican war hawk.
So when I say I’m not alone in pledging not to vote for her I am standing on firm ground that she would be as bad as Trump and maybe worse. She is right of Trump on some issues, one is Israel where he says he would be neutral she promises Israel the farm. I detest that woman for her policies and lack of human capacity for compassion. She’s the loser.


Bernie is a humanitarian, and his candidacy is a marvelous opportunity for democracy. While I get the importance of the symbol of a US woman achieving our nation’s highest office, all I see in Hillary is an old conservative hack politician.

This campaign is like trading Gandhi for Margaret Thatcher. And it’s scary that so many Democrats blindly resign themselves to Clinton mediocrity in her conservative politics.

Bernie’s still on the trail, and thank goodness for the state of Washington and their tremendous support over the weekend: a beautiful state with beautiful people.


I’m beginning to think Hillary would be more dangerous than Trump.

Why? Because sHillary has the political connections within the corporate establishment, and enough neocons in Congress (on “both sides of the aisle”) to carry out the evil plans she talks about, whereas Trump has few such connections and would be at war with half the Republicans in Congress and most if not all Democrats.

Anyone considering voting for the “lesser of two evils” might consider casting a ballot for Trump if sHillary gets the Democratic nomination.


Good post. I wonder what human rights lawyer Amal thinks of her husband George Clooney just throwing his endorsement behind Hillary? It’s so ugly.

Very good analysis, Mr. Cole.


I wanna live with a Goldwater Girl
I could be happy, the rest of my life
with a Goldwater Girl

A dreamer of money, I run to the Right
Together with Bibi, we waltz to the fight
with my Goldwater Girl


If you have no choice, then Trump is the better choice over HRC, as for me, If Bernie gets screwed out of the nomination I will support Dr. Stein.


Banks, send me money now
I’ll win the White House somehow
I need a whole lot more
Y’know your baby loves to war…
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah…


For sure … if it’s Trump v HRC … Jill Stein gets my vote too.


Siouxrose, I wonder if you might be willing to go to yesterday’s article by JVP’s Samantha Brotman, If Trump’s Racism Shocks You, So Too Should AIPAC’s, read the post by michaelS and give him a response as only you can do?


hahahaha! I knew I liked you for a reason, web! You’re a f**king lyrical genius…:slight_smile:


Killary should move to Tel Aviv and govern from there. She takes her orders from AIPAC and it would be more convenient. How is it not obvious that the USA is controlled by the zionist govt of Israel. All news is filtered by the NYT and Wash Post both zionist rags.


Thanks 1066! i’m working on my self-discipline, thinking of committing to write a song a week for a year…


gott in himmel another musician…:slight_smile: yay!!!


I disagree to a degree. I don’t see anything wrong with supporting the BDS movement, in-fact, I think it is morally the same as supporting the boycott of S. Africa in the 1980’s. I find Hillary’s hateful rhetoric to be especially vile and disqualifying of her to be the Democratic standard bearer, along with her embrace of war criminal Henry Kissinger, her fellating of Wall St., her support of the military coup in Honduras - leading to the death squad deaths of hundreds of indigenous activists - all worthy of the hatred of anyone who considers themselves to be liberal/progressive.