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Hillary Clinton Goes to Militaristic, Hawkish Think Tank, Gives Militaristic, Hawkish Speech


Hillary Clinton Goes to Militaristic, Hawkish Think Tank, Gives Militaristic, Hawkish Speech

Glenn Greenwald

Leading Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday delivered a foreign policy speech at the Brookings Institution in Washington. By itself, the choice of the venue was revealing.


Well, if she gets the nomination we, and the rest of the world are fucked. This single speech is all you need to know why this person should not ever be elected to the top job in this sick deluded nation. Every time she opens her mouth I fear her even more.

"Many friends are perched here..." Yeah, like vultures waiting for more road kill to satisfy their carrion taste buds.

American blood an Iranian hands. Oh yes, we are innocent. Do-gooders who are just misunderstood, and we have never done anything to merit their ire and distrust.

I thought I was ashamed when this nation of fools installed the sophomoric W in the WH. Only because I had not yet imagined 2015.


'As she [Hillary] put it today at the start: “There are a lot of long-time friends and colleagues who perch here at Brookings.”'
Chills me to the bones...


We're all so screwed.

The idiots who are running for office should be running from the cops...


Though Clinton is a lying, pandering opportunist, she is legitimately a militarist and a war hawk.


It is simple once it is understood that they - Hillary, Biden, and any republican - want war. Listen to their speeches, to the never ending demagoguery and glorification of our domination of the rest of the world. While they take a ever so calm and rational approach the end is always the same - do as we say or else!


I believe it was in Shakespeare's story of Macbeth, that upon seeing the carnage from the throne on down the line of succession, that a major character stated: "The times are out of joint."

Indeed, when a woman takes on the cloak and rabid persona of Mars rules, Nature--along with the times--is out of joint.

To a large extent, when the whole political process must be televised, and mass media face time costs a fortune, serious (that is, in earnest pursuit of the American throne) candidates must raise phenomenal sums of money. IF they have those sums, they're already card-carrying members of the 1% ruling class and 99% apt to support policies that are deferential to their own ilk.

In stating the obvious about the financial realities that taint U.S. politics, I am not saying that Hillary is above reproach. Far from it. When the nation has morphed into a military empire, then it's par for the course that a woman seeking to run the big martial show will make lots of affirmative noise about war while flattering her most likely financial backers.

It is a dark game that's left spreading trails of blood throughout the Middle East. These wars are also bleeding workers (and that includes the Middle Class) in many nations. The karmic blowback is already staggering.


Those who relentlessly couple the citizenry with military acts do the ideals of Democracy, not to mention Truth, no service.

Our nation is a subsidiary of a number of massive corporations and those include the FED (a consortium of private banks), the Military-industrial Complex, Big Pharma, Big Agri, and Big Media.

To the extent our so-called representatives represent the interests of THESE entities in lieu of the public's wishes, needs, and polled opinions is the extent to which said govt. has lost its legitimacy.

Therefore, the daily cast of C.D. opinion-shaping characters who hammer home the same Talking Point is sickening. And disingenuous.

You, and your pals may indeed be IN uniform and thus direct components of the military industrial monster that IS doing the killing. So your "We-shoe" fits YOU. Many of us do not fall into lockstep.

And if an individual has the Deep State backing and uses all sorts of machinations to win the nomination (as if anything on the Repug team would be any improvement), that is hardly the same thing as proof of any consent of the governed.

What part of The Supremes giving the Presidency to Bush the lesser did you forget?

Vichy Democracy means that the appearance of a thing is in place while its reality has been vastly altered: as in counterfeit.


In fascism, or any inverted totalitarian system, corrupt leaders OWN and direct the cops... and most, if not all of the courts added to the full-court press (i.e. press corps.)


uuummm...what was this thing Raygun said about verify??? uuummm Buddha said, doubt everything and become your own light...uuummm, I trust the Buddha...in today's world we have oil, guns and drugs, doesn't matter where they come from, either the street or a "legal" dealer...uuummm, finding someone that doesn't support theses thingy's, well gosh, just think if that was what the NSA was chartered to do, wow...hehehe...is it not possible that the true meaning of "think tank" is that the thinking there is tanked???


Calling people like Ms Clinton a neo-liberal, or perhaps neo-conservative is inappropriate. The word we are looking for is fascist, with nothing neo- about it at all.


Yeah Hillary wants to show them at the Brookings Institution that she has something to prove being a woman.

Our former Sec of State shouldn't surprise us as being militaristic and there she stands weapons in hand telling us that she will use them.

Behind her stand a line of republicans particularly Jeb and Trump who insist that they'd use them before she would.

I truly think that if Bernie doesn't get elected that America and the world will have lost our best chance to start off in another direction than that of the former Sec of State and the Repubs.


As mentioned toward the end of this article, I think this was as much about positioning for the upcoming general election, as anything else. Bernie isn't worth mentioning, the lights at Brookings know he is a non factor. No, Hillary is determined not to be out hawked by whomever the Republicans trot out. This dragon lady intends to breathe as much fire as any of them. To quote Hillary, " Chuckle, chuckle."

While this is going on, the clerisy, led by Chris Hedges et. al., pens article after article dissing Bernie. Their, and his, disproportionate hatred of Bernie really is unbecoming. Hedges' latest litmus test is Bernie's not taking on the militarization of America. Yes, in an article in which he bemoans the poor being used as canon fodder, this anti-militarist says nothing about the Professional Army that Senator Fulbright, and others, warned against back in the Seventies. Hedges can quote Rosa Luxemburg, C. Wright Mills, Sheldon Wolin, Noam Chomsky et. al. to his heart's content, but the poor will still do the dying. Until Hedges, and his friends, speak out against the Professional Army, and for Conscription, I won't take his grand templates seriously, it's stage talk, tete-a-tete type stuff with Charlie Rose, or at the 92nd Street Y.

Go Bernie.


I also think Hedges has lost perspective. He writes as a purist who is above the fray taking place below his high mountain top aerie. To say that Bernie should be perfect and constantly criticize him dissuades support for him and ignores the benefit that criticism gives to the opposition. It is not okay to say like many do that the republicans or Hillary are not to be voted for and leave it at that. To focus negativity on Bernie as if to purge him of his political imperfections and make him pure enough for the uber progressive is to say that Hillary or Jeb gets a free ride.

It is so depressing that Chris has removed himself from the world that we all have to live in. His perfection point politics is delusional. He says it is important to hold the most progressive candidate's feet to the fire because... Chris would seek perfection according to the Book of Hedges.

Meanwhile the forces of oligarchy and Hillary's billion (estimates are of 2.5 billion will be spent by her to win this election) is at work. Chris and others will not be satisfied until they see Hillary win the nomination and then they'll tell us how Bernie was better on so many points and how they told us that Bernie was... etc.

Chris has become a remote from people personality even if he isn't that way physically. Mentally Chris has forgotten how the reality is for ordinary folks who aren't intellectuals or philosophers. He has forgotten that people go to work instead of spending hours researching and writing political dissertations about the issues this week or the next.

People don't have the time to be a chris hedges in his scriptorium writing with erudition and 'expressing' what is fast becoming an intellectual concern rather than emotional concern. Maybe Chris needs to stop being OUR intellectual conscience... and remember that we have our own. Maybe he should open his eyes and choose whether he would rather see Hillary or Bernie win the nomination?

Chris has apparently lost that everyday working person pragmatism. We will have two choices for the Democratic nomination, Hillary or Bernie, which one do you think is BETTER? Which one Chris? You only get to pick one.

WE only get to pick one


Hillary and Joe Biden are competing for the AIPAC lottery. So they both are apologizing on behalf of Netanyahu's nazi genocidal war against the Palestinians, while also begging for Netanyahu's blessings to win that AIPAC campaign funding bonanza.

Forget occupying the Democratic Party. Ditch those nazis!


Um ...you forgot to mention who we should vote for?


Or as Naomi Klein said, Think tanks are thinkers paid by the makers of tanks. Paraphrased.


A far cry from the Brookings Institution that Nixon entertained thoughts of bombing, as a "liberal" bastion.


Surprisingly, Clinton sounds so phony that it's hard to think AIPAC and their ilk would really believe what she says. Or perhaps her audience knew but assumed that whether her heart was in it or not, she would bomb, bomb, bomb when money is to be made. Yet, such a person - someone without convictions - could very well do an about turn, just like Nixon who could sign the SALT treaty with Moscow and forged ties with Beijing. Bernie, a self-proclaimed "socialist," might not be able to be, even if he wants to (many people says he's not clear on foreign policy), a peacemaker among nations.

But it's still safer to go for Bernie. :smile:


I'm not sure they want war any more than prostitutes want sex.