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Hillary Clinton Has Her Challenger: It Is Us


Hillary Clinton Has Her Challenger: It Is Us

Isaiah Poole

There is one respect in which politics is like investing: You don’t put your eggs in one basket.

The lesson we learned from the Barack Obama presidency is that while it is good to invest some of our hopes in a presidential candidate, no single candidate warrants the investment of all of our hopes. Some of our investment wisely goes to a movement that encourages that candidate to be true to our hopes and discourages that candidate from actions that would betray us.


Upon watching the first Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) presidential pick's regressive performance (Bill Clinton's first term, 1993-1997) it became clear that we should NOT invest ANY of our hope in any Democratic Party presidential candidate who makes it through the primaries. The DLC serially eliminated any candidate with any populist leanings.


Your outrage is curiously one-sided. You didn't add that the Republicans in virtual lockstep push EVERY policy that their corporate masters insist upon. At least among Dems, there IS a Progressive Caucus. And you didn't speak to the status quo interests that use Big Money, their control of media and thus influence over public opinion and options, and proprietary CONTROL over voting machines to maintain the duopoly. Nope. All YOU do is throw punches at the Dem side of the bipolar political equation when not making sure to bash Progressives.

I notice how the tag team's numbers are now reduced. Nonetheless, assigned names are evidently assigned by the day and likely by the article-subject so that even with slimmer numbers, the Necessary Talking Points continue to be repeated often while deeper, more holistic and penetrating analyses are offset.

I've also seen that the issues I raise in contrast to the tag team's commentary are often co-opted with exact phrases, allusions, and metaphors "borrowed" in an effort to anesthetize their intended meanings. This form of theft steals another's insights to use in ways designed to invert the key messages. Apart from this being dishonorable and cowardly, it smacks of disinformation TRAINING. I am not saying that you are one of the individuals who does this frequently... although I notice that you too often align with Tag Team Messaging.

Too bad since you've got a keen grasp of the economic underpinnings grounded in graft.


Ruled by the Extreme Center, huh? Not the MIC; not the corporate media and its 24/7 streams of hypnotic messaging; not controlled elections; not the tyranny imposed through servile wages in an economic downturn for all but the 1%; not the upswing in police violence and an unstated militarization of domestic police departments; not the Big Brother Spy State listening in; not in a Supreme Court that grants homage to Big Money and no justice to fair-minded citizens.

The suggestion that it's the "extreme center" is a covert way of blaming voters. And doing the People Magazine personality level of "political analysis" is both shallow AND a way of draping over the real power: the 1% and its Deep State heavily armed and dangerous covert apparatus.

You turn what terrorizes nations into people like Hillary. She is a puppet. The Bush family goes much further back, has far more bodies buried, far more war crimes, and is far more powerful.

You also conflate what a few politicians do with the far more entrenched and empowered interests of the Military Industrial Complex. Figureheads serve THAT, the banksters, and the big corporations.

Those who push the voters-are-to-blame meme pretend that Democracy is still viable when every appearance suggests an inverted FASCIST empire which Mini-True accurately terms "the Fourth Reich."

When not pushing the voters B.S (which your "centrist rule" deliberately implies), this site's regulars analyze the political players looking for flaws in their game. In this way, the designers of all those field plays get to remain unacknowledged, in the shadows and the GAME goes on.

Some entity is funding this Stick-to-the-script disinformation since MANY articles expose what's really going on and I, for one, have shown the narrowness of arguments like the ones that you and your pals raise over and over again.


thanks for the posts and links. Berman's observation of the US cultural aspect of the manichean identity - based on negated oppositional identity / self definition through creation of enemies and 'savage' other is very interesting to hold as an interpretive lens. The resulting emptiness noted in another talk is that the US has 5% of the worlds population with something like 67% of the worlds pharmaceutical sedative consumption.


Hillary has been selected by the .01% and will not be challenged in any meaningful way because Amerika is an oligarchy that poses as a democracy. A plutocracy that is: of the economic elite; by the economic elite; and for the economic elite. Clintons war on democracy, chest of $ 2.5 billion tells you all you need to know!

From my perspective, only a non-violent regime change by a coalition of the 99% that includes left, right, Democrats, Republicans and the majority of the citizens that do not vote, has any chance of challenging the status quo. Until US citizens refuse to be divided and realize they have all been screwed by people like the corrupt, Koch Roach Brothers, the corporatocracy, Congress, the MIC. big oil and the war mongering banksters who own and run the Amerikan Empire...nothing will change and nothing will be challenged in any revolutionary way.