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Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Learned a Thing from Iraq


Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Learned a Thing from Iraq

Medea Benjamin

As the first Democratic presidential debate drew to a close, moderator Anderson Cooper posed a question to Hillary Clinton: How might her presidency differ from Barack Obama’s?

Clinton smiled. “Well, I think it’s pretty obvious,” she replied to rapturous applause. “Being the first woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we’ve had.”


I'd much rather see Media Benjamin break that glass ceiling than Hillary. If it gets broken, I will not have had a hand in it for the reasons set out in the article.


Didn't learn anything ???

Just as the military industrial complex (MIC) learned that their revenue stream dropped when the Viet Nam occupation ended, Hillary Clinton learned that eternal occupations and war, bolstered by the Iraq invasion (that she enabled) equal ever growing revenue for the MIC that provides boatloads of money for Bill's corporate speaking enterprise, the Clinton foundation and Hillary's campaign war chest.

If Clinton ends up being the woman who breaks the glass ceiling the 99% will be pulling glass shards out of their skin for a long, long time.


Hillary would not not shatter the glass ceiling, but rather be invited to climb on top so she could have her minions polish it. (Warren was the only viable choice for broken glass.)


If we're talking breaking glass ceilings there is Medea Benjamin, who's bona-fides are well-established, and Green candidate Jill Stein, who gets no respect, no air-time and no place at the so-called "debates" table, a BS charade without her. Liz warren has been strong on some domestic issues, not all, and has a problem with Israeli ass-kissing and war crimes - the pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC) has its claws into our entire political processes, AKA, treasonous subversion of America. Hillary need not be mentioned.



Sometimes, for me, a few little words are written or spoken and they leave an indelible impression in my mind about the person who owns them. Clinton's 'witty' comment on Libya regarding the lynching of Muammar Gaddafi: " We came,
we saw, he died " ( a paraphrase of Caesar's famous words, " We came, we saw, we conquered.") From Medea's column, a Hillary quote from 2008 which similarly unnerved me: " Back in 2008, for example, she warned that Washington could “totally obliterate“ Iran. " Just a few little words, but I don't like or trust their owner one bit.


What Hillary learned is to make the same mistakes over again and not care about the results. She's married to Bill. They're both unpopular with the military. They wish the military would forgive Bill for avoiding Vietnam. If the Clintons were Republicans, they wouldn't care about that.


Clinton's corporate driven legacy is lathered with quotes that are obviously ignored by pundits who could not continue labeling her "progressive" if they acknowledged those quotes.

During her June 2014 presentation at a GMO cartel convention in San Diego Clinton admonished attendees to "put a new spin on GMOs to make them more acceptable to young voters" that she needs in her court in 2016.

Pundits hope that if they keep repeating the progressive Hillary mantra that voters will eventually believe them.


You go Medea! I AM SO TIRED OF HEARING FROM MY PROGRESSIVE FRIENDS THAT I MUST SURRENDER TO THE INEVITABLE CLINTON CANDIDACY. She is a Hawk, she is a great friend of big bankers, and of the government of Israel, and its horrendous treatment of Gazans, West Bankers, East Jerusalem residents. I am so hopeful that Bernie will get enough support in the primaries that maybe that can make our politics take an astonishing turn. I know, unrealistic. However, I want so much not to have to see her name on the ballot next Nov. I want us to become better, more informed, more demanding of our leaders. Medea helps us in these last three.


While it's true enough that Hillary hasn't learned anything from our fiasco in Iraq, andrewboston, neither has Hillary's husband, Bill, the Bushes, or Obama.


Its simple-if Hillary Clinton is elected she will need to find a war to please her masters! Sanders will want to focus on domestic issues and not get caught up in foreign entanglements.


It doesn't necessarily follow that being the Queen of Manhattan, the Fair Lady of LaLaLand and the Choral Director of Chicago means you'll win the Presidency. Hillary's negatives are over 50% among Democratic voters, btw. Her rating with Independent voters is lower than Sen. Sanders, too. The Democratic Party is pushing a meme not based on their own internal polling. Which is arrogance and foolishness, magnified. This means Hillary won't have any political coattails. So, it will be 8 more years of gridlock and deal making among the 1%ers. Or, is this exactly what the 3rd Way Apparatchiks want? Put differently; they will go down with this leaky ship rather than allow a different leader, with different policies, to emerge after Pres. Obama and his seemingly mediocre and meandering 3rd Way governing style. The MIC lovefest inside Washington's Beltway, prominently featured by Medea Benjamin, has overplayed their hand with the Hillary :Take It Or Leave It Campaign, here. A majority of the voters see a phony coronation on the part of the MSM, DLC and the 1%ers and don't like it, at all. Hillary is a longshot, but it has nothing to do with her gender and everything to do with her not being trusted by the people she expects to vote for her. That's just bad politics, period. Same old, same old, won't cut it in 2016.


Well said! And I would add, HRC has learned very well how to please her masters.


Maybe it would be learning experience for the country to see that a woman can make as big a mess and be as bought as a man.


“Being the first woman president would be quite a change from the presidents we’ve had.”

Does she mean that one with "balls" would be different from one without?


Hillary is one of those truly idiotic women who believes the only way to look strong is to out-macho the men around her. What a loser.


I have nothing against a woman President, in fact I voted for two in the last two elections, including an African-American one. However, I will never, ever, vote for that slick, lying, corporate tool Hillary. Feel the Bern. Bernie 2016! Or, back to the Greens.


Hillary is all in all a bad news for the entire world, just not this country. She will find away to start another war, enhance the military budget. This neo-con darling is a crook and would lie for anything. Her major supporters are middle aged divorced and angry white women. Obviously a great many of them are Jewish and school teachers as well which is really sad. I truly hope that Bernie should somehow be elected. This country needs a good leader who could provide jobs not wars.


Good job, MB!
The greater question is"
"How do we break the death grip the MIC has on America?"

The Democrats can't continue to hang their hat on, the next three choices for the Supreme Court as a reason to put this crazy person in as President of US....
That is an insane policy!!

Without breaking that, "death grip" the US is heading into oblivion.....
No country existing today can continue to play the game of, "King of the Hill".......insane.....


Bernie Sanders is just like Hillary Clinton on foreign policy, too close for comfort & too close to Israel.