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Hillary Clinton Is No Friend of Israel

Thank you for speaking truth to power Mr Levy! I expect you will be reviled by the Israeli/Jewish right as a “self-hating Jew” or other invective.

Supporters of Ms Clinton should take another think after her abject groveling to the apartheid state and the professional liar and war-criminal Netanyahu! Is that the kind of president we want or need? Her words and promises foretell more war and conflict in Palestine, not peace, and in the wider ME. More Jews of conscience need to speak-out for truth and justice, but the MSM has been co-opted for some decades to parrot the Israeli propaganda machines lies and distortions only and those who speak truth (like Mssrs. Walt & Mearsheimer writing on the subversion of the US by AIPAC). The US must break the “unbreakable bonds” that tie us to racism and injustice!


This is a fair indictment of Mrs. Clinton. But don’t be so sure that “American Jews” (another painting-with-a singular-brushstroke generalization) are behind Mrs. Clinton rather than Mr. Sanders.

Granted, Mr. Sanders has thus far not shown any willingness to chastise Israel’s Apartheid… but should he win the throne by some miracle, I think his sense of conscience, fairness, and decency, may alter that.


"Israel and Gaza

Sen. Sanders is deeply troubled by the outbreak of violence in Gaza. It is extraordinarily depressing that year after year, decade after decade, the wars and killing continue without any apparent progress toward the creation of a permanent peace. While the summer of 2014 was a particularly contentious time in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, Sen. Sanders’ hope is that the United States will, in the future, help play a leading role in creating a permanent two-state solution. To achieve that outcome the U.S. must work with the international community to support a settlement that respects the legitimate claims and grievances of both sides, lifts the blockade of Gaza, resolves the borders of the West Bank, and allows both the Israeli and Palestinian people to live in peace.

The bottom line is that Israel must have the right to exist in peace and security, just as the Palestinians must have the right to a homeland in which they and they alone control their political system and their economy.

Sanders believes the Israeli attacks that killed hundreds of innocent people – including many women and children – in bombings of civilian neighborhoods and UN controlled schools, hospitals, and refugee camps were disproportionate, and the widespread killing of civilians is completely unacceptable. Israel’s actions took an enormous human toll, and appeared to strengthen support for Hamas and may well be sowing the seeds for even more hatred, war and destruction in future years.

The U.S. can and must play a more constructive role in promoting diplomatic efforts to achieve a lasting peace in Gaza. Sen. Sanders believes the ceasefire agreement that was reached is an important step in the right direction. He believes strict adherence, by all sides, to the tenets of international humanitarian law is necessary in order to avoid the escalation of this conflict."



Great article Mr. Levy.

I would add that Israel has also become the fuse for a global nuclear war and Hillary or a Republican would be the one most likely to light it.


usa gov’t and media should be prosecuted for complicity in isaeli war crimes.
and our own war crimes.
instead, they’re running for president.


Americans need a better understanding of history in the Mid-East, and elsewhere, and “our” government’s role.
More people are coming to see that Israel is a colonial-settler state that has done to the Palestinian people- the same sort of thing that the U.S. did to the Native Americans.
Some people propose a two-state solution. I support a one-state solution: a democratic secular state, which has been the template for the U.S., so I might add that I’d like it to be socialist as well. (Applying democracy to the economic sphere of life.)
In March of 1988, an ad was placed in the New York Times by the Campaign to End all Aid to Israel/For a Democratic Secular Palestine with a massive international list of distinguished signers, including Americans such as Philip Agee, Robert Allen, Nick Castle, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Morris Kight, Ron Kovic, William Kunstler, Mark Lane, Victor Marchetti, Ralph McGehee, Jessica Mitford, Michael Parenti, Linus Pauling, Tony Russo, Gore Vidal, Kurt Vonnegut, Alice Walker, Robert F. Williams, and many more…
Their call “to end all aid to apartheid Israel” and “for a
democratic and secular Palestine” is still valid and necessary.
The campaign’s director was Ralph Schoenman, who
wrote “The Hidden History of Zionism”.
While we still have some democratic rights, we owe it to our victims around the world- to try to get “our” government’s boots off their necks.
Better yet, REMOVE AND REPLACE the system that
generates such violence and exploitation.
Anyone willing to vote for “socialist” Sanders - should
explore the topic, talk with local socialists, check out their literature, and read the classics.


Methinks Clinton’s “love letter” to Israel doth praise too much, like those suspect characters in Shakespeare whose inflated speech leaves us quietly making the slightest of smiles to ourselves.

Or as Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung observed long in advance of 21st c. America, sentimentality and brutality function so well as the flip side of each other.


I would add that Clinton is much more likely to start a nuclear war than any of the Republicans.


America is exceptional in this way: its politicians place allegiance to a foreign country above loyalty to their own, and the only promises they keep are the ones they make to that foreign country. And sometimes that oath to serve the interests of the other country above their own nation is the tipping point to get them elected.

What this says about the political system, the politicians, and the electorate in the US is appalling and embarrassing.


Teri, just to make clear what company you are keeping: Neo-Nazis call this the ZOG–Zionist Occupation Government. When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

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Israel is a rogue state with nuclear weapons. It’s murderous conduct against the poorest, helpless people in the Middle East, Palestinians, is legendary. Those supporting the brutality of Israel are blind to the history of Palestine.


Israel deserves to be brought down by it’s Palestinian victims, and all of it’s Jewish residents driven into the sea and off the Palestinians rightful land. After all, this is what the Israeli hard-liners want to do to all of the Palestinians, under the name “Greater Israel”. What the Likud and other right-wingers talk about among themselves in Hebrew when they think the rest of the World is not paying attention is taking all of Gaza, all of the West Bank, and all of Jerusalem for the Jews and permanently expelling all of the Palestinians, and they don’t care where to. They openly refer to Palestinians as vermin to be exterminated. This from a people who were considered so by the Nazis 80 years ago. So much for lessons learned. Land thieves deserve to get nothing for their crimes. They deserve nothing but expulsion from Palestine. Israel as a “friend” of the United States has been our greatest single problem in the region, and it’s high time we quit contributing to that problem. End all U. S. support of Israel and let their “neighbors” have their way with them.

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Bush invaded Iraq and started the wars in the nuclear armed Middle East. Why do you think that?

Agreed. The best way toward this is for the USA to admit its atrocities against her own indigenous people and for similar reasons but also with the added crime of enslavement of the African for her insatiable greed. Otherwise way too many “Americans” will continue to identify and justify Israeli policies or, if a “lefty”, continue to point the blame at Israel while dismissing the crimes of their own nation with statements on how it all happened so long ago. It wasn’t so long ago and the repercussions of both genocide and slavery are still with us today–“The past is not dead. It isn’t even past”, Faulkner


I hope you are right. For myself I would be encouraged to see him visiting Pine Ridge for a start.

Absolutely correct Giovanna, thank you! Atrocities against Native Americans and still being committed - the US gov (or their corporate clients) still are pushing Native Americans into extinction, stealing their lands and resources when they become desirable/valuable, as well as polluting what little is left. Australia and Canada have tried to acknowledge their Aboriginal people and their rights/history, but in the US poverty, lack of education and opportunity (except rip-off casinos), and especially lack of respect for native way of life and religion is the norm.

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The best thing the USA can do is to cut off its military assistance to Israel and then acknowledge and atone for its own genocide toward the First Nations.


AND continues to do to their remnants.

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We just gave Israel 3.1 Billion dollars. Netanyahu is in the United States right now trying to up the price to 5 Billion per year. Israel uses that money for free health care, free education, guns and weapons of mass destruction that they buy, in part, from corporations in the U.S.

This is part of the reason that we in America can’t have nice things.


It was my understanding that the USA requires Israel to spend that aid on US military hardware not that Israel does not have its own which goes by the name “Raphael”"–the angel of love of all things!.

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