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Hillary Clinton Needs To Declare the Trade War Lost


Hillary Clinton Needs To Declare the Trade War Lost

John Russo, Sherry Linkon

In a close race, every constituency is key — including the long-neglected. A new New York Times analysis of likely voters shows the percentage of white voters without a college degree who say they’re planning to vote for the Republican candidate is exactly the same as it was four years ago.


Hillary Clinton can't declare the trade war lost, because her side actually won. She and her husband have been instrumental in getting destructive trade deals passed and voters know it. They also know her recent anti-trade deal posture is as phony as the rest of her progressive positions.


There are still millions and millions of uninformed and informed citizens that love Bill Clinton and Obama.

Didn't Bill apologize for one or two things? Can't remember now, but not enough. Obama is a hypocrite! On one hand he promotes climate health while pushing TPP/TIS which would kill climate health.


A globalist to the core, HRC sees the trade war(s) as just beginning.


In order for Hillary to declare the trade war lost she would first have to declare that she was no longer a neoliberal, "free trade" Capitalist.
The likelihood of that happening is about the same as the sun rising in the west tomorrow.
The oligarchy will see to it that Hillary pays off the debt that she owes to every plutocrat for making sure that she becomes our next president.
She will be a disaster.


Here it is, Hillary. All you have to do is renounce everything you've been working towards all your life, and you can win the election in a landslide.

...What's that? You can't hear me over the piles of corporate cash? Stop laughing!

...Sorry guys. Couldn't reach her. No, apparently I don't speak lobbyist. Maybe we can try to reach her again in four years, when the next Republican boogeyman attempts to destroy America. I'm sure he won't be as bad as Drumpf.


During the Michigan primary Clinton and Sanders bragged about who was more instrumental in pushing the taxpayer funded GM bailout through, with neither mentioning that GM used the money to buy back stock, close US factories from Michigan to California, and expand factories in China to the extent that 2017 Buicks made in China are now arriving on US GM dealers' lots.

The GM bailout didn't save or add jobs in the US, it reduced jobs in the US.


I think you may have some of your facts wrong here.


Trade is not war. Imports are not an onslaught, they are a benefit, they are the very reason that we trade in the first place.


The key phrase is regulatory capture disguised as trade deals.


This issue is especially difficult for our liberal bourgeoisie to address. In 2015, before launching her campaign, Hillary Clinton was working hard on selling the TPP to Congress. This wasn't a secret, was routinely mentioned on the news, and we weren't surprised, since her husband had signed on to NAFTA. Yes, she was for it before she was "against" it.


But the way people see it, we've been trading our jobs for their products.


Any time that I read an opinion piece about what Hillary Clinton "must" do, it only makes sense as a desperate gesture by the liberal-left writer. Such pieces arise because the overwhelming likelihood is that Clinton will not do it, ever.


Wall Street keeps the Clintons apprised of what they"must do" and what they are allowed to say to pacify the base. That arrangement has paid off well for Clintons and will continue to do so.

In politics you follow the orders of those giving you the dough.


Some thoughts:
Hillary will win the Presidency, because, the alternative is WWIII.
USA will continue on same industrial activities as has happened in the last eight years, the alternative could have been definitely better.
USA will make more legal mumbo-jumbo like TPP, NAFTA types, TISA and many other forms to punish East for trade which will cause more serious issues for USA business. As of October, Dollar use as International currency would be at stake. And American middle class and poor will just cry on the trade deals, with super high prices.

But wages will go up from government mandated programs and more credit for USA.

Bottom line, more Lawyers and Economists controlling dying USA Economy for the next four years. Then you will have another Bernie Sanders type to save us from disaster. It would not be easy, simply because, the world has severely changed from the past issues and we are in severe Bad Governance, same way as European Union.

It is just some thoughts, so, let us see where it goes actually.


Exactly. We see these articles all the time. I made a similar observation on a Robert Reich article a few weeks ago. They're for the voters, a form of manufacturing support for the candidate on a non-binding, virtually nonexistent issue.

And while I feel that these types of articles insult our intelligence as informed voters, it's much nicer than the usual "a vote against Hillary is a vote for Drumpf" crap.