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Hillary Clinton’s Dark Drug War Legacy in Mexico





Trillions for criminals of one sort or another, and pennies for civilian priorities.....


If its HRC against one of the Republican clowns in Nov., what a depressing choice once again for the American electorate. I believe Bernie still has a good chance of being the candidate we can vote for with out holding our collective noses, but time will tell.


Hillary Clinton is a fine upstanding respectable person supporting the righteous authority and forces of law and order in Mexico, and she will continue this proud tradition when she becomes Commander in Chief and Chief Executioner of the laws.
Nothing to see here folks. Move along.


If this doesn't enlighten people that Hillary is a neocon through and through I don't know what would. He history if anyone cares to check it is full of issues like this and worse.
There should be no question that Bernie is who we should elect to lead us out of the neocon nightmare. But people don't bother to research and don't want to believe this country is in this bad of shape, it might require they do something to change it.
We may be looking at our last chance to revolt against this corruption through the political system. If Bernie isn't elected I deeply fear the revolution will be in the streets and ugly. People are angry and won't be lulled to sleep with a new IPhone. It's time to fight for our planet, our rights, and our kids future.


It is so unfortunate that majority in this country are still so stupid. This greedy dominatrix will ruin the country making it bankrupt forever. The Clintonites are a greedy bunch. They only care for their own wealth and noting else. Cheating, lying and deceit are their only mantras in the life. wait and see. There will be lots of wars and many citizens will be homeless.


Yes, there is and has been a war on drugs, but there is really only a war on who controls the drugs. Bill and HRC have been involved in that control and dark drug war legacy for a long time.


Harpy Hillary's atrocities thanks to years of oligarchy's liberal bashing and conservative glorifying propaganda. The public swallowed the Goldwater Girl's con hook line and sinker.

To evangelical black voters:
Jesus was a liberal.


Hillary on the issues:



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Birds of a feather...