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Hillary Clinton’s Disastrous California Poll


Hillary Clinton’s Disastrous California Poll

Tom Gallagher

On the surface, the new California Field Poll really wasn’t bad for Hillary Clinton. Yes, her one-time 63 point lead had shrunken to six, but it was still a lead, and at this point the Clinton campaign reckons that it won enough delegates in the South on Super Tuesday to hold on even if Sanders were to continue his winning streak – so long as their campaign manages not to implode.


It is a sign of the depth of denial or sheer media manipulation that a dem would worry that in a contest between a socialist and a fascist that Americans would choose the fascist!

Yet polls show that Americans would choose Bernie and have shown that repeatedly in poll after poll. Does that dem think that somehow in the general election that all those people would suddenly change their minds? Add in the independents who favor Bernie you get the sense that what the status quo dem fears most is to have to face that the Dems have lost any real connection to the people and that they and the republicans days are numbered. To risk finding out that ( and progressives being elected in their place during the mid terms) is what the status quo of both parties fear most.


Sanders comes on top repeatedly against Trump and Cruz, I am willing to bet that he will win California in double digits regardless of what the polls have been suggesting.


I am in California and I can barely wait to vote for Bernie. I'm sure there will be a Bernie rally when the time comes. People are pro Bernie here, but they also believe the Hillary hype and have doubts because of the mainstream bias. Let's hope there is "an appropriate time" to release her Wall St. transcripts because I am sure they are damning. Go Bernie!!!


Bernie needs to educate the general public about being a democratic socialist.
He should mention the other countries that are democratic socialist , what they have that we don't and mention that most of those countries are listed as having the happiest people in the world.
Propaganda in this country has done a very good job of making sure the word Socialist is the same as communism and should be avoided at all costs.
The 1% know that socialism is a threat to their beloved out of control capitalism .While at it, he should tell people what Pope Francis thinks of capitalism.


Here is another danger the Democratic Party leadership seems to overlook, when trying with all means to withhold the nomination from Bernie:
In case of a loss of the nomination, he may, unless treated abominably, be obliged to support Clinton into the Nov. election, but after that all deals are off!
Any attempt at raising a third party has so far been futile.

HOWEVER and that is a big HOWEVER, should Bernie lose the nomination, he has now enough momentum and progressive support, to gut the Democratic Party and start a brand new Social Democratic Party with his followers and an excellent chance for success in 2020 against the Trump demolished GOP and the gutted Democratic Party.
By then there will be a huge shift of demographics in his favor. The support limit, now at people 45 years and younger will be raise to 49, thereby reducing the numbers of the older, entrenched Hillary supporters as well there will be a brand new force of 18 to 22 year old youth arising.


Well - no, countries like the UK and Germany have already all that Bernie aspires for us. They are run by conservative parties, but these "conservative" governments would defend the social structures of their nations with all available means. Dave Cameron said as much in an interview with Michael Moore for the movie 'Where to Invade Next'.

The definitions of Socialism differ hugely between here and the rest of the world.

'Spreading the word' is easier said than done, with the stonewalling Bernie receives from the MSM.


My beloved FDR was a democratic socialist that created a vibrant middle class, raised a generation without hope through the GI bill, saved millions from crushing poverty, freed the nation from Utility Monopolies and created Union protection.
I was employed by private industry and can attest to the fact that without the benefits won by unions none of us in private industry would have had been given jack squat. As a matter of fact, With the rise of Reagan, Exploitation of the World;s poor, offshore tax havens etc etc starting in 1974 or so the middle class of my father's creation plummeted, and the Oligarchy bloomed. I was lucky to be retired about then, but none of of younger generation has been free of its tentacles, nor has a chance to the life FDR granted to my father. The first Revolution was against the World Wide Oligarchy The East Indian Company, which controlled Parliament and its Aristocratic members. The Tea Party was the result of its massive debt and bailout that Parliament was forcing the Colonies to pay off with imposed taxes and inforcing upon them surplus tea the East Indian Company had amassed. Like today, resistance brought the goon squad in to silence and teach the Colonials to behave and make them heel. A note, although some were well off, none were rich, and all those well to do ended by losing everything in the end, The Goldman Sacks guys were nowhere to be found, Bernie is reminding us of the great nation our forefathers were hoping to create for the people, We are listening, at least until the internet goes the way of the news media. Both Parties have become something the Old Soviet Union would have loved, With a corrupt party and party financing we would be left with tweedle dum and tweedle dee to chose in the General, May Bernie be but the beginning of this generation's rendezvous with Destiny. May we live to see him ride yelling "the Oligarchy is Coming" and have us form up at our Concord Bridge.


He's already been treated abominably and in my view he has every right to split the party (form the NewDealDemocrat Party perhaps) and I'd gladly support him in any manner he chooses but as I understand it, unless there is a plurality of electoral votes in the general election the decision reverts to the house and we'd end up with a President Ryan (or a Civil War). So in the (hopefully remote) event he doesn't garner a majority of delegates before the convention perhaps the best course is to bargain for a Vice Presidency. That way Shrillary can campaign her heart out and when they finally come to arrest her he can move into his rightful position.


I understand what you say but I think that the media and Hillarybots are using the socialist tag more often now out of desperation and Bernie will not be able to make the distinction clear enough in so short a time before the convention. I agree though that he should stress that there is a difference between a democratic socialist like in Europe and a socialist which to Americans has been taught to be a heresy. All these diehard socialists should get real and give people a break. Bernie has described himself as a democratic socialist from the beginning. He isn't about doing away with capitalism but he is all about making it more human and enacting social programs instead of us only enacting corporate programs (the difference between Obamacare and Medicare for all in a nutshell).


Actually he was a Social Democrat as is Bernie Sanders. A Social Democrat is a capitalist who believes social programs like Social Security and Medicare and so forth are necessary to make raw capitalism balanced and tolerable. Europeans have created the Democratic Socialist model because they have a different idea of economics which can incorporate socialist programs. We in America need to bring a certain amount of social justice to our system but generally reject hard socialism. It is instructive to remember that in America that Social Security is not thought of as a socialist program...lol.


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If Hillary would of started at 100% she wouldn't be in this pickle. She'd be winning by 20 points, easy. That darn Bernie, anyway.


Tom, do you ever read? Our MIC and it's disgraceful, unaccounted for waste, the overseas tax havens for rich individuals and rich corporations and a "fair" raising of tax rates for the rich and for corporations would more than pay for everything Sen Sanders is proposing.


Americans prefer Bernie as shown by the polls. The one thing you can count on with us is a variety of opinions but the one who would get the most votes in the general election is far and away Bernie. Trump could only win against Hillary because people don't trust her.

I got the impression that the person quoted was a status quo supporter of the Dems which meant a pro Hillary voter. Not somebody special but just a regular voter. Why they were quoted is merely drama and a bit of license for the writing. Not quite legit but more being lazy rather than to have to explain...lol


If she releases those transcripts (very doubtful that would ever be done) it would be when she secures the nomination and has won the election, then and only then as no damage could dethrone her. Romney was bad for doing those closed talks, no reporters present and when it came to light what he was saying, that ended his run. As for her stating she would release hers when everyone else did, that is ridiculous since Trump, Cruz and Sanders (the only candidates left) never made their appearances secret, or their speeches secret and MSM knows this, as does she. Stating she is an open book, believes in transparency is a real whopping lie as she possesses more secrets than a Pandora's Box. She is a pathological liar as is hubby.


The hypocrisy of this woman is unbelievable. Even worse is that she believes that people will swallow whatever she feeds them. Women are good at spotting crap and are turning to Bernie, knowing that he'll likely have a female VP, and she will be the next president in 4 years (Elizabeth Warren). Latinos get it, and blacks are beginning to show support for the man who marched with MLK and was being arrested for protesting segregation when Clinton was a "Goldwater Girl." Look up this article for an expose on the Billary connections to the manufacturing and sales of assault weapons. Clinton approved $120M of Sandy Hook gun maker sales Turns out that it is HILLARY that owes the people of Sandy Hook an apology. Please, please, please do everything in your power to put Sanders over the top before the convention. His election is not only critical for American democracy, but for the well-being of the world as well. Thanks friends for listening to a very happy Canuck from the Social-Democracy of Canada.


I would think it better to call the new party "The Progressive Democratic Party." JMHO


Yeesh, the things that people wind up saying when the truth cannot be said - or perhaps thought.

The point is not at all that the Democratic leadership does not believe that Sanders can win: they can see the poll numbers, too. .The point is that Democratic leadership does not want Bernie Sanders to win. The rank and file are close to Sanders; the leadership is close to Clinton.

After a rough quarter century of neoliberal drift and 8 years of rightist purges, the party leadership has almost nothing to do with its supposed base. They are not just interested in placing a candidate; they are interested in placing their candidate, that person on the corporate team.


I do not care, what you call the baby, as long as you give it live. It occurred to me after I posted this, while we all would like to see immediate changes, that it might be better in the long run, if Bernie did not get the nomination and would subsequently form a new party.
That would be a huge opportunity for US to finally get past that endless two party teeter-totter on the trough, which has been going on and get instead the sanity of a third party, able to break down the dead lock between them, in cases of endless disputes, which we have seen during the present administration