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Hillary Clinton’s Fossil Fuel Financiers


Hillary Clinton’s Fossil Fuel Financiers

Brad Johnson

Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency of the United States is powered by a lot of fossil fuel money. How can this be, when nearly all of the industry’s contributions are going to Republicans? For one, the oil and gas giants are very, very wealthy, so just a small Democratic leak from the pipeline adds up quickly. Moreover, Clinton has a lot of support from the nation’s corporate lobbyists, many of whom represent fossil fuel companies.


Among all the money and votes and statements the one clear thing to me is that it is the Republicans in Congress who are mainly responsible for blocking any legislation that will put a price on carbon emissions. Without a price on carbon emissions the transition from dirty energy to clean energy cannot take place with sufficient speed as the price of fossil fuels remains too low. The key to making a must faster transition is defeating the Republicans in enough congressional races to make passing legislation to put a price on carbon possible,


Thank you, Brad Johnson for your amazing research and data on this troubling subject which should qualify as a conflict of interest (to a would-be public servant)... given the perils of Fracking in this era of increasing earthquake activity.

No wonder Hillary has to insult anyone who dares to question her. The evidence is utterly condemning!


Here's today's #WhichHillary question:

On which issue is #WhichHillary a worse candidate?


In recent years, the domestic fracking and oil-shale boom has been a prime area for investment by Wall Street tycoons, including the financiers on Team Hillary. If the no-compromise climate platform of Bernie Sanders were to be implemented, these investors would lose billions. In fact, they need a resurgence of the industry—in line with Clinton’s proposed pro-fracking platform—to recoup their investments.

or Clean Government?

Team Hillary has a complex financial structure reflecting our nation’s byzantine campaign finance situation—in addition to the official campaign committee (Hillary for America) and a primary Super PAC (Priorities USA), there are also coordinated messaging Super PACs (Correct the Record/American Bridge) and a soft-money campaign fund which funnels large contributions through the national and state Democratic parties (Hillary Victory Fund), to name just a few.

And while you're deciding that, here's a snippet from the article that connects even more dots:

On the "incomplete list of the fossil fuel financiers behind the Clinton campaign:"

:small_orange_diamond: Tonio Burgos, New Jersey for Hillary Clinton superdelegate. Top Williams Companies lobbyist.

Look at that - it's 3 Dots for Tonio:

• Big money donor

• Lobbyist

• Superdelegate


I know, right? It's really hard to imagine multiple thousands of voters who wouldn't want to vomit...


The utterly despicable nature of the candidate of wealth and greed and "growth" is beyond contempt for me. The Kool-Aid drinkers who ignorantly lap-up her lies and deceit are nearly as objectionable - preferring to support a known serial-deceiver of low morality and even worse judgment and integrity - a tool of wealth with few or no redeeming qualities that will say or do anything to acheive her ambition. I am so very sick of the her expressions and words - I hold nothing but contempt......