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Hillary Clinton’s Inaugural Address


Hillary Clinton’s Inaugural Address

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

Imagine that a day or two before Donald Trump’s inauguration, Hillary Clinton, as the candidate who received the greatest number of votes — and after a period of personal reflection and evaluation — addresses the nation.

My Fellow Americans:

On Saturday, January 20th, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States. As mandated by our Constitution, he received a majority of the votes in the Electoral College and thus for the next four years will be given the powers and responsibilities of our nation’s chief executive.


I wish they would both lose and neither one of them would address the nation. I wish the **ICC **commander in chief would prosecute them.


Moyers and Winship are living in fantasy-land. Hillary Clinton will say and do absolutely nothing like what Moyers and Winship have outlined here.

More importantly:
We need an energized mass movement that operates outside of electoral campaigns, and is completely illusion-free about demanding what is needed in the US political economy:
- Dis-empower the corporations and slash the power of money in politics;
- End plurality voting and institute rank-choice voting, score voting or approval voting (plus other electoral reforms like proportional representation, public budgeting, abolish the electoral college, etc.);
- Dismantle the war sector and reinvest in basic infrastructure and renewable energy;
- Get swiftly off fossil fuels, seriously ramp-down total energy demand throughout the economy, and seriously ramp-down total throughput of materials resources and products through the economy;
- End industrial agriculture and swiftly transition to ecological agriculture;
- Etc.

Such an agenda may appear "unrealistic," but in fact anything less is profoundly unrealistic, as we all accelerate toward ecological dis-integration and civilizational collapse.


I love you Bill, but Hillary is a failed vessel and cannot carry our cause. If Bernie gave this address, then there would be some sense of hope here. But, frankly, I'm not (and never was) with Hillary.


Moyers and Winship must be thinking of a Hillary Clinton on another planet, because the one they describe doesn't live on this one. The only mandate our Clinton received was to go home and stay out of politics. That I can support.


Bill Moyers has a different Hillary Clinton than we do. Ours would be doing the same fracking on my aquifer that trump would be doing.
Anybody who protested Hillary Clinton doing this kind of stuff would be called sexist but now everyone is free to protest the orange ape so please do so and stop just talking


I mean Bill were you at standing rock? Amy was. If I had your means I'd put my self on the right line you dig? You must've written that article when you were on Ambien I forgive you I love you


Yes, I agree. She could not, would not give this speech. Most of those "65 million" didn't vote "for" Clinton. They held their noses and marked her name in order for Trump not to win. She is the ultimate insider and represents everything repugnant about our current political system. Some choice we had.


As @RockyMountainView expressed, HRC can not be, and must not be the bearer of a message of resistance, of a "shadow government". Any attempt at unity to oppose the Trump regime cannot be part of the problem - leadership is left to Bernie Sanders who articulated the message of real change to the millions and would have won the election against Trump, until he was sabotaged by the Clinton machine, corporate media sell-outs, and the rest of the DINO Clinton/Obama machine wing.

I view Bill Moyers as a person of great integrity and standing - a national treasure of sorts - but in this case his focus should be on the future, with a progressive leadership for the 99% represented by Sanders et al, not the corrupt past and HRC or any of her flunkies.................


Hillary is an A_S and I do not care about that woman one bit.


Leadershipi s up to the people. This is our government. If people want to be sheeple then let them. The rest of us can join


That I can support too, and let's not hear from her ever again.


Where is this fantasy movement? By the way, I just sent some clothing to Standing Rock. It felt great.
As far as a mass movement, it sounds good, but let's remember that there are people probably right in your communties who need assistance like now- food, water, clothing, and of course shelter as well. This is an emergency especially in the Winter. Senior centers are good for that as well.


Hey Bill Moyers!

Newflash for you:

NATO does not want peace. They are a beehive in search of an aggressive war. Clinton wants to invade Russia and dethrone "Hitler" (her name for Putin.) The Clintons twice have already used the defensive NATO as an offensive force: In the Balkins and in Libya.

I believe your article here, borders on treason. You cannot set up a "shadow government". Rethink the chaos you are sowing. So just knock it off. We don't want Civil War in America. Trump appears less a warhawk than Clinton, so he is our President for now. And it's a blessing in disguise because none of us can survive thermonuclear war with the Russians.

Clinton may win anyway, since Stein has filed in Federal Court a complaint that the Michigan one million dollar re-count bond is unconstitutional. Only the Supreme Court can decide matters of what is constitutional. Ref the watershed case Muburry vs. Madison by Chief Justice John Marshal that gave the Supreme Court a monopoly on what is constitutional.

This election is most likely headed for the Supreme Court.



"Any attempt at unity to oppose the Trump regime cannot be part of the problem"
Agreed. I think Bernie may be earning our trust back but "never Hillary". And alas, probably not Liz Warren either. The last year has shown her to be a mouthpiece of Progressive values, but only just that - empty words, no substance. And now this: http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/12/06/elizabeth-warrens-shameful-exploitation-of-standing-rock-victory/


It is a pity to see this sort of thing attached to Moyer who has done or perhaps did some good things in his day.

Clinton lost for a reason--for lots of reasons. Can the party own up? Apparently it won't get any help from Moyers.


"a shadow government that will watchdog everything he and Congress do"

I've always respected Bill Moyers, but NO - just NO. Not a Clinton "shadow government". A Progressive firewall of Sanders, Merkley, Warren, Brown, et al - YES! We don't need a corporatist Republican "shadow government" against an actual corporatist Republican government. Plus, I want the Clintonite/DLC/neo-liberals GONE, not retaining power to screw things up in 2020 and beyond.


It occurs to me that we might be wise to take Bill Moyers' article a little more seriously. Granted, the person he chose as the mouthpiece is un-credible, but the concept seems more than valuable to me. Hillary may have been the obvious headliner to get attention for an alternate 'inaugural' address - that doesn't mean she's the only one who could do so, and I doubt Bill Moyers does either. The man is a 'national treasure' (thank you for that observation) and he's not stupid.

Hillary is an obvious NO PASS as the mouthpiece, but the positions Mr. Moyers outlines are excellent, and a less toxic individual (perhaps Bernie? the most popular politician in the US today? that the MSM would have difficulty ignoring?) People on both sides of the aisle will soon be against what Trump represents. Gather enough respected individuals, from both sides, that would be willing to be part of a shadow government could just be the way to start a new political party, something sorely needed.

The concept of a shadow government, as outlined in this article, has immense potential. We should avoid throwing out the baby with the bath water.


Gosh, I wonder how the SupCt will rule.


To say nothing of returning to the Public, once and for all, the Public Air Waves.