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Hillary Clinton’s Memoir Deletions, in Detail



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Excellent work, thanks Ming Chun Tang for taking the time and digging through the two editions of Clinton's memoir to detail the editing, and highlight removals from the new edition.

All these removals were clearly done for space and readability, and have nothing to do with eliding or rewriting history that Clinton played a key role in... /snark

A slight digression, but damn if only we had a media landscape in which reporting and analysis of actual events, not of fake events and "entertainment," were the norm.


I am a teacher, and as such do not sanction burning literature. But here am inspired to say those paperbacks would make a great series of bonfires, bunring the lie in effigy.


That is difficult to say but no doubt she is in the top ten. Hillary is a danger to all living things. There is nothing she will not do to favor mega-corporations of any kind. People do not matter. Our only value is to be consumers and commodities that exist to transfer wealth from the middle and poorer classes to her class - the wealthy. Thus all of Bernies's programs are a threat.


Another attempt at controlling the record. This lady has no shame, nor do the phalanx of progressive writers with their cheerleading for Hillary.

Nor does she want the record to be clear about her SIL's dealings with Goldman Sach's Lloyd Blankfein:

And progressives are supposed to buy into this!


Hillary.....Why do you keep deleting stuff if you have nothing to hide?


Apparently this was another Record that needed Correcting.


Phalanx of progressive writers-? Wow. Who knew there are that many around. All lumped into one pile, too. So convenient when you can't say who the Hillary cheerleaders really are, too. I think all the MSM cheers on the foreign policy of Clinton and Albright, possibly Kissinger. The general thrust of it being bipartisanship from the one indespensible corpo... er,country in the world. Hardly progressive, though. More like " giving the world an offer it can't refuse, with deadly weapons and more, too ".


This story reminded me of those pictures from the Soviet Union where individuals who had fallen out of favor with the Party were airbrushed from subsequent photographs.

Nikolai Yezhov is clearly visible to Stalin's left. The photo was later altered by censors.
(from wikipedia entry "Censorship of images in the Soviet Union")


Here are a few, Robert Reich, Robert Borosage, Steven Rosenfeld, Robert Kuttner, Neal Gabler, Michael Winship, Bill Moyers, Bob Burnett, John Nichols, Katha Pollitt, Joan Walsh, and the list goes on and on.

"So convenient when you can't say who the Hillary cheerleaders really are, too." Is that enough for you?

Those are just a few at the tip of my tongue, and I do not feel obligated to fill out the list any further. Wow. Regulars here on CD know exactly who I am referring to, their work is posted here all the time, and to pick on my rhetorical use of phalanx is petty.


Google Hillary Clinton endorsers if you want the whole list of cheerleaders.

Last time I looked in February, her endorsers included Silvio Berlusconi, and Nicolas Sarkosy, both high ranking crooks in Italy and France respectively.

Nixon would probably not endorse her if he was still kicking. He would be too green with envy that the Clintons could be as crooked as he was AND get away with it.


George HW Bush, George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and on and on infinitum.


I agree your list is impressive. Thanks. I like it. Keep naming them. It's time to separate the wheat from the chaff. No more going along to get along when it involves genocide of people who think American values really suck the big one.


It seems you are limiting 'the history of the world' to the USA. If we were to expand this definition, there are many more who, I believe, would, unfortunately, give battle to the US bunch. But given that constraint, I would nominate Joe McCarthy, LBJ, Rusk and McNamara. How soon we forget the horror that was the McCarthy witch hunts, the Vietnam conflict that expanded to Laos and Cambodia from a Gulf of Tonkin 'attack' that wasn't. And surely the Bush family is deserving of [dis]honorable mention.


The Ministry of Truth in action! Now, with modern technology, they can do much more, and with little detectability.
"Down with Hurrah for BB! Down with Hurrah for BB!"
" Hurrah for BB! Hurrah for BB!"
* See? It's easy! :wink:


I am grateful to Ming Chung Tang for this article. There is no way I could bear to read either of the HRC versions-even the quotes are cringemaking. How can anyone even consider voting for this candidate when Bernie Sanders has no history of lies and scandals in his whole career, has been consistent in his moral attitudes and has made changes (eg towards Palestinians) which are small but on the correct side, and far exceed any other official speakers in the "Democratic Party".


HRC! Sell by date: a long fucking time ago.


I'm just shocked!


She's not trying to hide anything. The deleted statements have simply become inoperative.

Another page ripped right out of Nixon's playbook.