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Hillary Clinton’s Pay-to-Play Speaking Fees Disqualify Her as a Presidential Candidate


Hillary Clinton’s Pay-to-Play Speaking Fees Disqualify Her as a Presidential Candidate

Howard Friel

Black’s Law Dictionary defines “recusal” as “removal of oneself as judge or policy-maker in a particular matter, esp. because of a conflict of interest.”

In the federal judiciary—a coequal branch with the executive—judges as well as Supreme Court justices are expected to recuse themselves, and do recuse themselves, from hearing cases with conflicts of interest that are less pronounced as Mrs. Clinton’s.


I don't have a problem with the Clintons for taking all this money. I have a problem with the damn fools who are voting for Clinton in spite of it.



This link is in the body of this piece, but I'm pasting it here again to encourage everyone who reads the article to GO TO THE LINK. The list of groups Hillary has given speeches to--for enormous sums of money--reads like a litany of corporations and lobbying groups who are actively working to screw everyday people who simply want to live free and healthy lives with reasonable choices about how they do that: big banks, big pharma, biotech industry, etc. The banks and pharmaceutical company's interests are obvious, but one group on the list is the Biotechnology Industry Organization, a lobbying group which "advises the FDA" on such issues as GMO's. If you guess that they are lobbying at this very moment against giving Americans real information about GMO ingredients in our food, you guess correctly! They are lobbying like mad for "VOLUNTARY national GMO labeling standards" which translates to "NO NATIONAL GMO LABELING."

With this list of groups who are all paying Ms. Clinton a fee per speech that would take most of the people I know at least 5 years to earn, anyone (including herself) who claims that for even one split second she will represent the interests of everyday people takes the entire public for fools.


Ethics? The U.S.S. Ethics was scuttled decades ago.


From the article:

"In the same rough sense, shouldn’t a presidential candidate recuse herself from the presidency after accepting more than a million dollars of speaking fees from the country’s most powerful investment banks, given the obvious conflicts of interest as potentially the country’s next chief policymaker?"

Well, yes, of course: and this will happen when Cheney, Bush, Rumsfeld, et al are indicted for crimes against humanity.


When Hillary was questioned about these high speaking fees, she responded by saying - "That was what they were offering."

I often get the sense that people all over this country are waking up only to notice just how much of our democracy has already been lost to oligarchy and corporate interests. Millions of dollars paid to politicians (even while still in office) as if that is normal. It may become normal but ethical it is not. You would have at least expected a politician to leave government service first.

When did our country become a mockery of ethical governance? This author pins the tail on the donkey all right but his eyes were wide open and seeing the ass was pretty hard not to do. Pin the tail on elephants too, of course...hah hah! The joke's on us.

Except that it isn't funny.


i can hear Hillary now in her private meetings with the investment bankers. " Ok guys, you know a lot of my base is angry with Wall Street right now. I am going to have to say a lot of nasty things about you to get elected, but saying something and doing something are two different things. I know on which side my bread is buttered, and i've got your back. Joe, you sign up my husband for a guaranteed 6 speech set..treasury sec. is yours..(wink)"


The question is which of you guys and I mean guys has the most stock and options to cash in because you know that as Treasury Secretary, you have to cash in your stock and options, but the good news is that Bush, the first, made this cashing out of stock and options for the Treasury Secretary position tax free.


This just makes my blood boil. If she is so enriched by these companies so be it. But to take all the money and then run for president is horrible and a testament to how bought and sold our government truly is.
If the Clinton's hadn't done such a good job with the constant propaganda no one would vote for her. Sadly, so many people see them as a couple that has fought for the betterment of the working folk regardless of the fact they have only worked to further the neo-liberal hold on this country and pay themselves.
I respect Bernie for not running a nasty campaign but I think it's a mistake he doesn't dwell more on the realities that are the Clinton machine. People just don't know and they should. We won't get another chance at a real liberal president again. If she pulls off a win our loss will be written in stone and we are to blame for not fighting harder to make it happen.

There's a cohort of female voters,  sometimes called "Vagina Voters" who won't be bothered

by ANYTHING Clinton does. Whoring for Wall Steet? They all do it. Tight with war criminal Kissinger? No problem. Blood on her hands from all the wars she's supported? Only a peccadillo. Trying to destroy her husband's female accusers? Fine. Helping to shred the safety net for poor folks? Hey nobody's perfect.
The invariable, mindless response of these HRC supportersm as we just witnessed in Nevada, is "We just want a woman in the White House. Our daughters need a role model!"


Totally unbelievable! While the speeches are not a secret, the sheer immensity of the money involved staggers the imagination. Of course Hillary will not have any conflict of interest! (Snark license taken)


This list of donors and amounts is mind bending, it shows quite clearly just where American democracy is at, that it is indeed bought and sold like any other commodity,

This article proves beyond any doubt with facts, figures, dates, just how unscrupulous and immoral the Clinton's are.

It is simply outrageous that she is allowed to conduct herself in this manner.

She should be on trial for any number crimes , not running for the highest office in the land.

She should be constantly grilled on the question of all these high paid speaking fees. One would have to be greatly challenged mentally to think that there is no backroom deals cut here, it is just not possible, not for that kind of money, not now ,not ever.


CNN sez: "'Hillary Clinton won’t rule out appointing a Wall Street veteran to the top economic post in the White House.” ... and ... “when Clinton was pressed [on NBC’s Meet the Press] on whether she would appoint someone from Wall Street to be her Treasury Secretary, she refused to say no.”

Such quaint reportage. She does not choose them for cabinet positions. They choose her.

See: Obama, Barack H., et al.


You are so right. Many of us are waking up, and I think that the Internet has a lot to do with it. Before the Internet, we had to rely on whatever the MSM fed us. Now we have access to people and information that the MSM has trivialized, ridiculed, or outright ignored.

And through comments like these, many of us now no longer feel marginalized and on the fringes. We are starting to see just how popular our "fringe" viewpoints really are.


I think democracy in the US is in such a sorry state that she can get votes because she's seen as a better choice than the alternative (Republican) option, with this fraudulent dichotomy built lie that she is more electable than Bernie Sanders. Lies permeate her whole campaign and persona. She is anathema.


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Pay to play? That is the definition of a political speaking fee, whore. HRC knows by taking those outrageous speaking fees from the corporate 1% they are owed a quid pro quo. And that is the real reason that the MSM says Bernie is "UN-ELECTABLE"!


She has enough voters who seem to disagree. I suspect even if her transcripts were released and found to be completely damning, it wouldn't affect a thing in terms of her support. God bless America.


Yes, It is "difficult to imagine no breach of ethics" from this crime family taking millions from the corporate/banker elite for "speaking" fees - more likely the "fees" represented previous actions that benefited the groups making them absent a smoking-gun quid pro quo.......ordinary delayed hidden kickbacks for services rendered. They didn't pay millions just to hear the Red Queen's or Slick Willie's thoughts on politics........nor will they when they pay millions for Barack "TPP" Obama's "speaking fees"........


With figures like those mentioned, the phrase that "Crime doesn't pay" ought to be amended.

High crimes indeed DO pay... that is until the Law of Karma catches up with the devilish recipients.