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Hillary Clinton’s Speech Against Trump Hypocritically Touts Her Foreign Policy Strength


Hillary Clinton’s Speech Against Trump Hypocritically Touts Her Foreign Policy Strength

Kevin Gosztola

In a foreign policy speech widely hailed for its sharpest attacks yet against Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton put forward a vision that she contended was a far, far better alternative than the vision Trump has for the United States. However, a number of statements she made hypocritically disregarded her own record as first lady, senator, and secretary of state.


Oh yeah, we took the lead in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria. Other countries “cower behind walls” at our aggression.

She is the candidate of coups, the queen of arrogant, aggressive empire, the satrap of cynicism and the CEO of global corporate dominance.


HRC 45 >> SOS Nuland & Her All Neocon Band


I just can’t vote for her because of her warmongering. Of course she knew it was a lie about the WMD in Iraq. She voted for the war to keep her position in the senate in her Upper West Side of New York. When I remember that a million people died as a result, I am sickened. My brother in law died in Vietnam for a lie so we know all about wars and the great holes left behind when dear ones are gone.

Some of our family grew up the Middle East and those people over there are real to me, worthy of love and respect and
deserving of peaceful lives. Back in the day before we invaded their world, they had kind of peace, health care and food and an intact cultural infrastructure and beautiful old cities. The region was not a human rights paradise, but most lived okay. The rulers of our country have treated them like an ant colony to destroy at will for new pipelines, for
the oil companies and for “national security”. This is evil.

Then there’s Syria where she encouraged the rebels with the help of the head of Google, to protect Israel and 275,000 are dead there and now we have the greatest refugee crisis since WWII… Then there’s Libya, I don’t have a body count for that coup. When I look in the mirror and think about my integrity and when I have to meet my God, and when I face myself in the middle of the night, I want a to think that I did not vote for more of this evil. The evil here is too deep and too wide. She will never get my vote.


'…America leads or others will fill the void."

How about America leads with a President who values the concept of Peace?


By far the best attack on Trump since he started running.


She is supported by Robert Kagan (PNAC), husband of Victoria Nuland (neo-fascist coup in Ukraine). Woe is us!


Absolutely. If one plunges their head in a sack full of Hillary 2016 buttons and pretends there isn’t anything contradictory or troubling about her foreign policy vision.


Thank you for the refresher on her real foreign policy.
Giving this speech at this time was stupid and out of touch. When one of the major complaints voters have about her is her foreign policy she shoves a speech like this in our faces, proving how completely out of touch she is.
I’m not an Obama fan but this woman is so far right of Obama we should be terrified. Clearly, she is dangerous and should not be given the nuclear codes.
The articles about Trump are everywhere to scare us into voting for her, yet her poll numbers don’t even beat Trump by a comfortable margin. If they are like that going into the convention the super delegates will have a big decision to make. Loyalty to Clinton or beat Trump, cause only Bernie can do that. It’s good for us that she gave this speech incase maybe you were thinking OMG Trump. She is more dangerous in some ways than he is and I pray she is not the nominee. Trump will win.


Clinton: “Iran was racing toward a nuclear bomb” - I believe that’s never been true.


As the fledgling American Republic morphed into a military state, it’s probable that any figure approaching the Oval Office must first be seriously trained in the art of Disinformation.

The last somewhat honest President was Jimmy Carter, after all.

That’s how Mrs. Clinton can attempt to pass herself off as a thoughtful warrior cum head of state while simultaneously being so casually dismissive of the phenomenal acts of Harm that have become the U.S. MIC’s “brand.”

Conditioning for all war all the time is so pervasive that it’s become the nation’s enforced norm. That’s one of the reasons why Hillary can act as such a proponent for massive destruction and simultaneously make efforts to paint herself as a humanitarian.


” saying don’t give him the nuclear codes is not good enough…”

It helped Lyndon Johnson defeat Barry Goldwater in 1964.


We can do better, and we have to do better.


If Hillary gets the nomination, we can make a deal with Trump and get some benefit out of it. Former Bernie voters can agree to vote for Trump in exchange for an equal 50/50 liberal/conservative Supreme Court and more.

We can do this!


Thank you! I was personally stunned by the sheer, in-your-face hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton, if not surprised by the response of much of the media of the liberal bourgeoisie – the polite applause, the detached media analysis, etc.


That’s crazy. Liberals heard this same ideology back in the Reagan-to-Clinton era. Just keep stepping to the right, folks, and it’ll all balance out. If this country leans any further to the right, it’s going to topple over and crash to the ground.


American Exceptionalism: She wants regime change in Syria. Period. That is her overriding policy in the Middle East, to attack Damascus, force the country into chaos and leave it in ashes and terror from Islamist extremists, like Libya, her very experienced thing done. Ah, and then make good weapon business with the Saudis. And perhaps launch an all-out attack on Iran. And if we go elsewhere, don’t forget a chain of coups in Latin America, and a major provocation against Russia, putting in danger the world peace.


Queen of Chaos, Goddess of War, Very Dangerous.


It is so disappointing that the establishment media, including the progressive-leaning establishment media, did not take the time to scrutinize her speech. It was more important for them to delight in the the thrashing she gave Trump, which frankly is beside the point. The statements she made to demonstrate she is better than him are based in duplicity and rank hypocrisy. For the sake of the world, we have to challenge her.


I cannot share Kevin’s alarm over Hillary’s foreign policy in light of the far greater threat of Trumpism. Too many on the left are like the foolish leaders of the German communist and socialist parties who hated each other too much to unite against Hitler. Hillary is a plain and simple conservative of the kind who would be a Tory at the height of the British empire. Yes, I detest the type for their smugness and coziness with the rich and powerful but she will not head up a police state of the kind Trump clearly longs for. When all is said and done, I’d sure as hell rather live under Winston Churchill than Adolf Hitler or Josef Stalin. Wouldn’t you?