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Hillary Clinton’s Support Among Nonwhite Voters Has Collapsed


Hillary Clinton’s Support Among Nonwhite Voters Has Collapsed

Seth Abramson

On February 27th, Hillary Clinton led Bernie Sanders among African-American voters by 52 points.

By March 26th, she led Sanders among African-Americans by just nine points.

And on Thursday, Public Policy Polling, a widely respected polling organization, released a poll showing that Sanders leads Clinton among African-American voters in Wisconsin by 11 points.


Schadenfreude: [def] watching the failure of “inevitability”


When people of modest means, regardless of race or ethnicity, are exposed to the truth of who most represents - and has represented, their interests and their families/children for decades, they realize that candidate is Bernie Sanders, not Clinton!
One (Dem) candidate sees and works for a future for the common-Good, the 99%, that we can achieve - he lays-out a plan that economists have studied and agreed is achievable!

The other (Dem) candidate says “no we can’t” - what she - Hillary - really means is: I will not restore fair taxation on the uber-wealthy, the banks, Wall Street transactions and other financial parasites manipulations. I will not even try to fund programs that benefit our wider nations interests and future.

One candidate speaks for a sustainable more egalitarian future, while the other defends the status quo and business as usual - and regardless how people have believed, regardless of ethnicity, their eyes are opening to the candidacy and truth represented by Bernie Sanders!,


Taking the anomalies together, one notices that the titled playing field only PRETENDS that Sanders is losing.

The rising support among Black Americans may be due to recent celebrity endorsements. Too few knew of Sanders or had any awareness of his positive Civil Rights record & personal history. Now, that info. is spreading across social media, big time.

The lack of open voting centers in Arizona was a trick made to give Clinton the edge.

The constant Media mantra that Sanders CAN’T win, or that he’s TRAILING Clinton does affect a self-fulfilling prophecy effect in many persons.

The momentum galvanized by so many recent wins is giving Sanders more positive energy to fuel his campaign.

The turn-outs wherever he touches down are impressive.

The ONLY way Hillary gets the nomination is through cheating on numbers, controlling the mass media’s narrative, deceiving her listeners about Sanders’ actual positions, and any handicaps incurred from the recent lawsuits explained in today’s piece by Kevin Gosztola.



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When she says to strive for the achievable, she means she doesn’t want to rock the establishment boat. She would tell us that we should do it, but that mean old republican congress prevented it. What the hell happened during Obama’s first 2 years, that told me all I need to know: The system is fixed and when one party that has the ability and talks the game gets their chance on offense, they totally capitulate! I don’t believe I’m the only one who saw it, and is carrying that cross!

Think about this: One candidate (Dem) will get the nomination and “Pivot towards the center” showing more of her true colors actually, and the other candidate (Dem) will talk the same talk, and fight the same fight. Let those asshole repugnicans talke about Sanders Republicans for the next 40 years! Feel The Bern!


The media has held their favoritism position for Clinton for so long now that it is going to be a YUUUGGEE embarrassment for them to announce Bernie’s victories. We should take bets on just how long they attempt to hold out for HRC!! LOL


Excellent ! The ethnic / racial differences sometimes are greatly exaggerated. Sometimes people confuse race, ethnicity and nationality. A poor person White, Black, Asian, American Indian or Hispanic of any race; have the same needs.
Bernie Sanders is telling people of any race, ethnicity or religion to unite for a common good


This thing is wide open.


Right on the money Don! What did happen in those first two Obama years?
“Change We Can Believe-In” returned to DLC corrupt Chicago business as usual.
Capitulation, collusion, and complicity - an utter failure to lead, to change the dynamic - almost as if intentional…

Keep the faith - Feel the Bern!


Thank you Maria, exactly so!
Race and ethnicity have always been used to keep people divided - and keep the 1% on top - this election is no different.
As Senator Jay Bulworth said it: “Rich people have always stayed on top by dividing white people from colored people/ but white people got more in common with colored people then they do with rich people”.

More very colorful - and powerful - quotes from the good Senator - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118798/quotes