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Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Address


Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Address

Bill Moyers, Michael Winship

“Perfect! Perfect!” exclaimed a woman looking around at the Four Freedoms Park on New York City’s Roosevelt Island as a large crowd waited for Hillary Clinton to announce her presidential candidacy last weekend.


The utter sellout of the Democratic Party over these last decades is entirely responsible for the harrowing slide of the USA to the Right.

The rape of the poor and the middle class, the Neocon wars, the offshoring… all the worst things in this nation stem directly from our betrayal by the Democratic Party. The upcoming passage of the TPP, blacked out all across the MSM and across most of the alternative media, is proof positive of this.

The sellout of the Democratic Party, and how we must respond to that sellout, must be the root of any article on our oppression, and any article on how to respond to our national rape.


From the article:

"In The Atlantic, Lawrence Lessig, campaign finance reform activist and director of Harvard’s Safra Center for Ethics put it well:

“The question is not whether Hillary Clinton is a criminal. Of course she is not.”

This is an interesting statement in what it unwittingly reveals. And it’s that in a nation cum empire where elites have turned a blind eye to homicidal policing forces, endorsed torture, made war at their pleasure, and trafficked in the spread of weaponry to zealous, tyrannical leaders only too willing to use said ordnance on their own citizens… one recognizes that justice, itself, is utterly absent from any legal constructs. And when the former rule of law no longer is moored to justice, what exactly qualifies as a criminal (versus non-criminal) act?

The fact that Bush, Jr. and the other Clinton, along with too many other Presidents… each one fallen under thrall to the rising Military Industrial Complex made war on the basis of trivial reasons (absent the real reason: padding the fiscal coffers of bankers, Deep State operatives, and the endless war profiteers) does not–from this community of trespass–warrant any claim to either innocence or the absence of (what should be understood) as very dark Criminal Intent.


First of all, you specify the Democratic party in a manner that makes the Republicans look innocent.

Secondly, not ALL Democrats have sold out.

Thirdly, Presidential elections now cost upwards of a billion dollars. THAT kind of capital requires that one be born to wealth, or whore themselves to wealthy interests in order to gain its backing.

Fourth, the sell-out of the U.S. media to corporate interests limits who is seen and heard; and access costs BIG BUCKS which takes us back to the third point. Without access, in a land that spans 3000 miles and diverse communities and demographics, no singular figure can logistically garner widespread support.

Fifth, Republican interests have used gerrymandering to guarantee a greater vote share to their own “club.” The criminalization of recreational drugs has eliminated many Blacks from voting rolls. Some states employ voting machines that are computer programmed without any paper trail (Ohio–2004); and when the outcome is not to the liking of the 1% donor caste (who fund BOTH parties in order to control policy), they can always call in “The Supremes” (Bush–2000).

Therefore, the preponderance of site commentary that ONLY demonizes Democrats is itself very suspect. And tiring. The uniform and predictable staying-on-message is also more than suggestive of a paid sponsor.


The Republicans are irredeemable swine, evil meatpuppets, absolute monsters, and have been, for decades. They serve their One Percent masters openly and proudly, and are not worth a moment of our energy.

The Democrats, on the other hand, continue to pretend to be the Democrats of yore, continue to pretend to be the Party of The People. Out of desperation, ignorance, or cognitive dissonance, millions of Democrats will continue to support their more-effective evil, pulling the lever for the Megathatcher once Obama’s ruinous reign is over.

So, Step One is raising the consciousness of the DNC’s rubes. They must understand their betrayal in order to rise above it, and to consider alternatives such as Jill Stein, alternatives such as work stoppages and demonstrations. Otherwise, there is no hope for America - none at all.


Siouxrose, Anti-Republican comments appear on CD all the time. The reason a lot of us don’t make them frequently is because we see the Republicans and Democrats as two-wings of the corporate party. And we never expected anything good from the Republicans. They couldn’t betray us because we never thought they were on our side.

I used to be a Democratic supporter. It took years before I realized that their populist rhetoric had become nothing more than a cover for their corporate agenda.

So don’t assume the absence of anti-Republican comments indicates covert support for Republicans. For many of us Republicans are so bad that comment about them seems unnecessary - their support for the 1%/corporations over people is a given. But I don’t want to confer an unwarranted legitimacy on the Democrats, who do the same thing while pretending to represent us…


Yes, Democrats’ populist platitudes plus two bucks buys a good cup of coffee, three bucks in the high rent areas.


Democrats betrayed us starting with the DLC and more recently Third Way.

NAFTA, the Telecommunications Act and Gramm-Leach-Bliley were massively damaging to our interests and signed into law by Bill Clinton. This serves to make Hillary suspect in our eyes.


You are correct, not all elected Democrats have sold out.

And we can get a fairly good estimate of how few have not sold out by all the popular pressure it takes to prevent them from voting for the Fast Track Treason they recently voted for in the House and the Senate.

And we can remember that our popular pressure is not enough to prevent them from proving they are just another wing of the corporate party.

Hopefully you can help us remember that, too.


This would be laughable if it wasnt so serious. Hillary an anti Wall Street populist?! She has not used transportation that is not a limo or a gulfstream in 25 years. Refuses to stay in anything but a 5 star hotel. Son in law is a hedge fund manager. Darling of all the major Wall Street firms, particularly Goldman Sachs. The wall street chiefs are saying “We get it”, meaning she has to posture as anti wall street to get elected but is actually “One of us”. She is so in bed with Wall Street her maid knows how they take their coffee…give me a break.


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"Lawrence Lessig believes she is an unlikely reformer – “which is precisely why she might be a particularly effective one.” But her way of life has marinated for a long time now in the culture of wealth, influence, and power — and a way of thinking engrained deeply in our political ethos, one in which one’s own power in democracy is more important than democracy itself.

It will take a conversion worthy of John Wesley to wrest free of that mindset, but God forbid we should have to live with another White House eclipsed by the skyline of Wall Street."

There is the glimpse of the creature we know as Hillary Clinton. An illusion, a mirage, and a fraud. Just as her husband is a complete fraud. My wife and I - indeed I’m sure my whole extended family voted for Bill twice - just as we did for the current liar-in-chief. Though I was mostly aware at the time of the malfeasance of American governance I did not fully appreciate then the complete duplicity of BJ Clinton. I never expected much from Obama, and just regarded him as an empty suit. We now see his true colors as he throws every bit of energy he has into selling democracy into the dustbin of history.

I don’t say much on these pages lately because my thoughts are so dark they should not be aired in public.


Hillary is corrupted Bush IV ;for profit’ Neocon war hawk of Zion. No real (people representative) Democrat has held the White House since JFK. Carter was well intentioned, but didn’t really learn the ropes until he lost re-election. I am going to the Green Party and will only vote with individual Democrats when there is no Green party candidate running and then only when that Democrat actually has a real history to doing real ‘for the majority people’ work. 99% of them spout PR bs.


The campaign system IS bribery. It’s legal because it benefits the 1% and furthers THEIR interests.

And to the various posters who have sought to “educate” me on the duopoly, I am aware of that as are most who read these threads. My point is that more wrath and condemnation are ALWAYS shown for Democrats, Progressives, and those who work against what POWER is doing. That some Dems side with Big Business is framed as a moral flaw rather than a systemic necessity given the fact that our entire political process now runs on Big Money, and without it, only a rare maverick has a chance in hell of obtaining any office from dog catcher up to that of the Presidency.

As a fair-minded poster and keen observer, I just find it striking that the majority opinions in these threads ALWAYS come down harder on Dems and Progressives. I find THAT telling.

It’s been known for some time that both parties are sold-out. That is hardly news. Still, the people STATIONED in these threads relentlessly knock down or aim at Dems, Progressives (and I don’t necessarily conflate the terms), and quite a few very decent leaders of the Environmental, Peace, and Justice movements.

They only make noise about the class war and look away from the obvious ongoing scars of racism and sexism.


“As a fair-minded poster…”



“Can we really expect someone so deeply tethered to the financial and business class – who moves so often and so easily among its swells – to fight hard to check their predatory appetites, dismantle their control of Congress, and stand up for the working people who are their prey?”

No. Of course not.

Nor, the evidence is clear, can we expect Clinton to end US crimes (direct and by proxy) abroad.

And I know of no evidence on which to base any expectation of her supporting a reversal of Obama’s totalitarian initiatives at home.


[quote=“Siouxrose11, post:3, topic:9773”]
"In The Atlantic, Lawrence Lessig, campaign finance reform activist and director of Harvard’s Safra Center for Ethics put it well:

"The question is not whether Hillary Clinton is a criminal. Of course she is . . . "

I got that far, expecting that the next words would be “full stop. The question is, what can be done about it?”

Unfortunately, those were not, I gather, Lessig’s next words. They are mine,

As to why spend more time criticizing Democrats than Republicans? I can and do speak only for myself.

Democrats criticize Republicans for doing, often less viciously and usually less effectively, what Democrats do - with no criticism from Democrats.

Obama is the most effectively totalitarian president I have seen (my memory of presidential actions goes back to Truman).


Like so many in the politics they ( the Clinton’s) have used their political success to personally enrich themselves- for crying out loud they are married to wall street in a sense, with the marriage of their daughter to a hedge fund manager.
Perhaps at one time in their youth the two of them were idealistic and committed to helping the less fortunate, but like so many they bought strongly into the ideas that order to change the system they had to become part of it and in the process became that which when they were young fought against.
It’s to late for Hillary, she is to tied in to a system that is committed to it’s end, to high profit margins at the expense of everyone and everything else. The Clinton’s are same old, same old!
We need new blood, that believe strongly in the idea of the people as the leaders, not high profit margins.
Quite frankly they played the game and it personally rewarded them well.
Once young, idealistic, now just part of the status quo.


Unsure as to why Moyers and Winship wrote this. Surely they know that Clinton II has long since gone over to the dark side.