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Hillary Clinton Says Honduras Coup Not Illegal In NY Daily News Editorial Board Interview


Hillary Clinton Says Honduras Coup Not Illegal In NY Daily News Editorial Board Interview

Kevin Gosztola

Democatic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton insisted the Honduras legislature and national judiciary’s removal of President Manuel Zelaya in 2009 “actually followed the law” and was not an illegal coup. Her statement sharply contradicts the real-time assessment of Hugo Llorens, who was the United States’ ambassador to Honduras.

At a meeting with the New York Daily News editorial board on April 8, Clinton was asked about her direct involvement in “the coup in Honduras,” which took place when she was secretary of state.


Hillary’s lies on Honduras are indeed “breathtaking”.



The Daily News should go back to their Kardashian focus, they offer an understanding of the World more suited to their publishers banker than to information seekers.


Hillarious on full display.


You go girl! We need powerful women in high offices and combat positions. It’s a mark of human progress! (La, la, la, la; here it comes).


How many examples like this does it take to convince her supporters that she is a poor and, in fact, a dangerous choice to be the POTUS? The world does not need another Clinton in the White House. One was more than enough.


Raygun wearing skirt.


Another Reagan Democrat –

– brought to you by the same sponsors that brought you The Coup in Honduras, The Coup in Ukraine, The Destabilization of Syria, and Armed Domestic Drones.


The Honduras coup was illegal. She is evil for turning away Honduran children from seeking assylum. Hillary is evil and she will NEVER get my vote.


EVIL is the word, though it seems somehow taboo. Notice how she uses the phrase “without bloodshed” twice. I wonder what kind of twisted psychopathology was involved in the cognitive process involved in saying that. Could it be that to her the victims of the bloodbath she helped to cause were non-people?


Clinton’s supporters do not care about the suffering, loss of life, and environmental impact her policies have.


“Notice how she uses the phrase “without bloodshed” twice. I wonder what kind of twisted psychopathology was involved in the cognitive process involved in saying that.”

Has grandiose sense of self-importance
Preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power…
Believes he or she is “special”
Has a sense of entitlement
Takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
Lacks empathy
Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors

I can think of what twisted psychopathology describes Ms Clinton.


I have been wondering when this shoe was going to drop since 2009. Another indication how dumbed down the American people are. Another failure by the media. I also been waiting for Sen. Sanders to excoriate Sen. Clinton for yet another egregious error in foreign policy decisions.


Clinton’s weak rationalization another example of poor judgment at best or just what she and the neocons wanted.


Hillary’s defense of the Honduran coup and its aftermath, makes a mockery of truth! That is the essential Hillary Clinton!
The descriptive term 'evil" is defined as “profoundly immoral and malevolent”. I believe the term is aptly applied to Hillary Clinton, is warranted and appropriate, given her record on wars and destabilization - in Iraq, the coup in Libya, military coup in Honduras deposing the democratically-elected President, and support for dictatorships in Egypt and Saudi Arabia!
The consequences of her actions, or lack of action, as SOS resulted in oppression, death or displacement for millions - a profoundly immoral record!

Her direct ties and support for (absence of condemnation is support!)
“Not only did (Clinton’s) State Dept. have knowledge of the coup taking place, but it was complicit in assisting the new regime through any backchannel available. (Hillary) even contacted lobbyist and former President Clinton adviser Lanny Davis, the same guy who defended Bill Clinton during his impeachment proceedings, to try and talk with de facto Honduran president Roberto Micheletti.”

“In another direct tie to the United States, “SOA Watch” reported that four of six generals tied to the coup were trained at The School of The Americas (SOA).”


Hillary Clinton also expressed her interest in promoting a “Plan Colombia” for Central America:

So I think we need to do more of a Colombian plan for Central America, because remember what was going on in Colombia when first my husband and then followed by President Bush had Plan Colombia, which was to try to use our leverage to rein in the government in their actions against the FARC and the guerrillas, but also to help the government stop the advance of the FARC and guerrillas, and now we’re in the middle of peace talks. - Hillary Clinton

This is bad news for the people in Central America.




Not for nuthin, but the “Daily News” is a freakin rag and their
editorial board endorsement of Shillary was typical for a media rag! Their endorsement for Clinton trashed and misrepresented Bernie Sanders, that NPR/WNYC dutifully parroted this morning - two low-class actions!


Hillary says: Lie after lie, after lie, after lie, after lie. Hillary could not tell the truth if her life depended on it! But she is comfortable lying because her political life depends on it!


And i’ve heard a Clinton voter say that HRC tried to stop it! There is some deep denial over there, and i honestly don’t understand why they don’t just come on over to the guy who doesn’t like coups and would have stood with the ousted Zelaya.


This kind of “realpolitik” is what concerns me and many Clinton supporters. Obamas initial reaction was right. But lie? Where? The Hondurs constitution was not and is not anything like our own. Clinton allied with Costa Rica, the regions only real, non militarized democratic government to pursue negotiations. What course would you have taken? What course would Sanders have taken? More important, what course does he now propose?