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Hillary Clinton, Stalwart Friend of World’s Worst Despots, Attacks Sanders’ Latin American Activism

" Just in case she (HRC) steals the nomination."
We know HRC will steal it, if she can. Lets hope that she is indicted before that happens.


The NY Times pretending the Contras are back and legit now, no mention of the crimes of the 1980s:

How depressing. I just have to say that if this woman is elected president of my county I’ll be expatriating as soon as possible. I’ve had quite enough.


I got tricked into voting for John Kerry in 2004 because I read a transcript of his 1971 winter soldier testimony. People change.

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In the 1980s I was in several civil disobedience actions fighting Reagan’s wars against the Contras and Nicaragua. I cannot believe that Hillary could now be condemning us for these acts that we considered patriotic even though we faced imprisonment and loss of our jobs. If Hillary wins the nomination, I will write in Bernie Sanders but there is no way now that I would ever consider voting for Hillary. Would almost rather see Trump get in. At least we would get the president we deserve.


Too blunt for what? Not too blunt for me, since I agree with you. Probably too blunt for winning the hearts and minds of embarrassing morons. Seems about average bluntness for casual Internet discourse.

I’m female by the way, so I’m allowed to despise Hillary Clinton without being accused of sexism. There is no part of me that’s even a little bit sorry for not voting for her because she could be the first uterine-American president.


Just regarding a “side issue” in this discussion – that of “human rights:” Who wants to define this? According to the UN’s UDHR, food and shelter are fundamental human rights – even for the jobless poor. America disagrees. When was the last time you heard liberals call for restoring basic human rights for our poor? Right. Now take a look at our prisons. We now have a prison system that makes the old Soviet gulag look puny in comparison, we know that many are falsely convicted, and we know that human rights abuses aren’t unusual.

Face it, Americans today just aren’t into human rights.


Succinct, and I share these sentiments.

She is a gross hypocrite and completely untrustworthy. There is so much blood on the streets of various nations, that she is at least in part, responsible for, that it is beyond belief.


Umm, hate to bring it up, but anyone know the odds in Vegas of Bernie being Wellstoned now that HRC is unraveling?

De acuerdo, feel the Bern!

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You might try New Zealand. My nephew moved there right after the Iraq war invasion and says it is one of the best moves he ever made. I have never been there but if Bernie gets thrown under the bus by HRC or is assassinated, I have my passport ready.

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Good fellow.
I write from the land of humanity. If you can see only a comparison in JFK, let me gently say that despite his fame, he was of the least in world affairs.
This cogently relates to "America’, which is a laughably self-admiring identity. Only a clown would be proud of such a name and have a consequent claim to validity in proportion to the laughs he inspires.
My advice is that ‘Americans’ stop worshipping self in the name of such as Kennedy, Reagan, God, Marylin Monroe, Democracy,Rambo, NASA, the Rule of Law, or Justice. or Human Rights, or again ‘America’ and so on—and on----- for so long------and long all in Capital Letters!.
Get real ‘America’!
You are a simply silly identity. Humanity need no longer look at any more evidence in support of this.
Your self worship in the name of any and all of the above has murdered too many people to allow you to assert your human validity any more.
You will have to pay.



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He is the best candidate since JFK…though we did have George McGovern who might have done good things.

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I (think) the bar for getting into NZ is high, financially. Unless you have lots of moola, you might have a pretty hard time getting in…at least to stay. Good choice though! (But you do have family there! Could be just the ticket!)

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Hugo Chavez was a true hero to the World’s people!


No at all, the deluded masses are, well lost in the land of denial!

You are correct. It is very,very difficult for the average person to become a citizen of New Zealand. You have to be very wealthy, be very high skilled in something they want, or have good connections, so definitely not for everyone.

I agree entirely but it’s odd that you use JFK as a standard of presidential quality, given that JFK did his best to assassinate and/or overthrow Castro.