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Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record


Hillary Clinton Sugarcoating Her Disastrous Record

Ralph Nader

Bernie Sanders is far too easy on Hillary Clinton in their debates. Clinton flaunts her record and experience in ways that Sanders could use to expose her serious vulnerabilities and disqualifications for becoming president. Sanders responds to Clinton’s points, but without the precision that could demolish her arrogance.


Bernie, a la Toto, does in fact need to tug harder on the curtain.


But Ralph, we need our first woman president!

We need to project an image of strength so our created adversaries will fear us.


Never forget Hillary's participation in the destruction of democracy in Honduras. She was secretary of state when the Honduran coup kidnapped and then brought honduran president Zelaya to a US airbase.

The pain and suffering Hillary Clinton has pushed on the world's brown skinned women is grotesque.


I have to wonder why Sanders is being so gentle with Clinton. Is it that he's too nice a person and doesn't have the stomach for direct accusations and rude interruptions (which Clinton has no problem doing), or is it that he knows the Clinton camp is just waiting to pounce on him for appearing to bully a woman?


As always thank you Ralph and hoping that you and Mr. Sachs are part of Bernie's team of advisors. Clinton can't get all the fame for the violence thru out the world, lay the blame where it stared with GWB.


Or could it be that since Sanders has said he won't run as a third party candidate which seems likely he will endorse Clinton so he is not wanting to tackle her in a way that would undermine her in a race for the White House against a Rep? That's sort of what I've been thinking.


Possibly. And that would show another important difference between Clinton and him. Clinton has no problem talking out of both sides of her mouth about criticizing Obama's economic and foreign policy views 8 years ago and becoming an Obama dittohead today.

I'll take the honest and consistent candidate any day.


Why is Ralph Nader getting his two cents in on Democratic politics? He has run for president as the Green Party candidate at least least twice. Last election he endorsed Rocky Anderson who ran as the Justice Party candidate. I assume this election he will endorse the Green Party candidate whomever that turns out to be. He has made the claim over and over again that the two major parties are virtually the same. So, I have no interest in what Ralph Nader has to say about the candidates in the Democratic primary. His agenda is to get people not satisfied with the eventual nominee to vote for a third party candidate. So the more he dumps on Hillary Clinton and people buy what he is saying the more likely it is that they will vote for a third party candidate if it turns out she is the nominee. So for people not interested at all in voting for the Green Party candidate reading what Nader has to say about the Democratic primary is a waste of time.


When a person closes their mind, the mouth should go with it!


"In a devastating recounting of Hillary Clinton’s disastrous war-making, Professor of Sustainable Economies at Columbia University, Jeffrey D. Sachs concludes that Clinton “is the candidate of the War Machine.”

The problem is that so long as the Military-MEDIA-industrial complex owns the national dialog, the warrior (sans reference to the fruit of foreign wars) is upheld as the individual who wields "experience."

Hillary gets away with championing her bona fides as ones that demarcate experience due to the prevalence of Mars-rules and its influence over the national discourse.

And to the Hillary-fan, LRX, Mr. Nader's "two cents" are priceless. He is an American Statesman who's committed the entirely of his life to improving the lot of mankind, and especially, citizens of America.

But integrity, commitment, and service to an Ideal (that which serves the Greater Good) would be lost on a paid hack like you!


The Democratic party policies wreak havoc and destruction upon the Earth, so everyone has the moral imperative to speak out against barbarians like Hillary. You can keep your head buried in the sand, but unfortunately, people like Hillary do not. She is more than willing to perpetuate the policies of her capitalist masters that will continue to bring misery to all inhabitants of the world.

Ralph's agenda, unlike Killary's, is a peaceful and just world.


It goes back to the formation of the NSA back in l947. That act planted the seeds of a Deep State that is unanswerable to The People, operates in the dark, uses black-ops. money (ill-begotten) for its assassinations and false flags and works as an adjunct to the visible Military Industrial Complex.

While Hillary, Kissinger, Bush, and MANY others are complicit; it's superficial to look for individuals to target since that would merely take the spotlight off the APPARATUS that's now fully institutionalized. Intact, it will continue to sponsor, attract, and generate more people LIKE Hillary, Kissinger, Bush, Cheney, et al... until this BEAST is exposed, no longer funded, and made to account.


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Remember how well Ross Perot used GRAPHS to show that Arkansas was at the bottom of the nation in terms of educational outcomes, incomes, and other things that typically qualify as measures of quality... and by extension, point to an excellent (or otherwise) governor?

I think Mr. Sanders--since he's a decent man who is not comfortable attacking his opponent--should use GRAPHS that show what Hillary's support for various foreign brutal blunders have led to.

The GRAPHS can also show where savings would be had from leaving out the Insurance Corp. as extortionist/middle man... in order to supply health CARE directly to a public in need of it.

Let the PICTURES do the talking.

I wonder if that is allowed in these formal debates?


Sanders run as a third party?? Yeah, then he'd get even more coverage than he's getting now - maybe even as much as Jill Stein or Nader got when they ran as a third party.


" Bernie Sanders is far too easy on Hilliary Clinton in their debates."

I agree Ralph, but why? Can you imagine if O' Reilly was where Bernie is! HRC needs to be taken to the woodshed by Bernie. HRC has a plethora of rotten baggage on her plate, but Bernie never seems to play political hardball with HRC. Bernie, you in my estimation are too nice, but you know the old saying: NICE GUYS FINISH LAST!


Me too.
Bernie does not usually suffer fools gladly.

See Bernie at his best interviewing Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan in the US House of Representatives on July 15, 2003:


Clinton is comfortable assuring the military industrial complex it has government to keep it rich building needless weapons of indiscriminate death. Hillery sleeps comfortably while families struggle the cruelty of America's insurance scheme over health care. Hillery Clinton would disregard meaningful education for all Americans in favor of crooked private enterprises designed for profit only. Her indifference to Wall Street's audacious criminal enterprise will continue to plunge families into poverty and the 1% enriched. Clinton will continue to dismiss diplomacy in favor of holding a gun to the heads of state's of other nations. Torture, drone murders, coup d'état's and assassinations will be continued to assure a continuation of war. And the terrorist card will continue to be played for distraction of the evil done under Bush-Cheney and Barack Obama.

The United States government's lawlessness must be ended. The chicanery of unelected "representatives" must be ended by an open, verifiable system of elections. The republic cannot survive another powerful political titan at the helm of our sinking country.


What a twisted and convoluted post. Using this inane type reasoning,if it can even be called reason , the persons running for the Democratic nomination should say nothing about the Republican candidates.