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Hillary Clinton Turns Stand-Up Comic: "I’m a Progressive Who Gets Things Done"


Hillary Clinton Turns Stand-Up Comic: "I’m a Progressive Who Gets Things Done"

Jeff Cohen

In her speech claiming victory after the Iowa caucuses, Hillary Clinton proclaimed herself “a progressive who gets things done.” I had to laugh. And it wasn’t just because former President Bill Clinton – the centrist Triangulator-in-Chief – was standing behind her, beaming and clapping.

"Like her husband, Hillary can come off as either centrist or progressive depending on the audience. And depending on the season – left-leaning during primary election season, and corporate centrist in office."


Add to the list:

  • Support for the 'Patriot Act'.

  • Support for NSA mass surveillance.

  • Support for harsh treatment of Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.

  • Support for legislation making burning the US flag a felony.


Let's see how the poster LRX tries to spin this data!


I don't think it's so much that people don't see the flip flops.

The MSM keeps telling Progressives/Liberals/Democrats and independents that Bernie Sanders cannot win.

Faced with a Cruz or a Trump... along the lines of running from a monster in a movie... people do run to what appears as a safer, saner candidate.

There's also the Identity Politics aspect. There are some very intelligent women who ARE looking past Mrs. Clinton's actual record to what they see as more important--at last a woman IN the White House. (Of course, many of US don;t want THAT woman to be one who has endorsed the policies of Patriarchal Capitalism beginning with War.)

Another factor is the media's use of lies told often. Since no one really challenges Hillary when she SAYS things that sound Progressive and tried to clone her campaign speeches to sound like Mr. Sanders... some people believe her: that she is Progressive.

I think these are the major 3 factors.

Some of these unions' endorsements are seriously scary.


I just want to know what is Hillary's record of getting things done that she keeps asking people to look at. Okay then but where is it?

Saying "Oh what my husband did is just like I was doing it." Um? No it isn't. He did those things and Bill Clinton isn't running. Is this Hillary's standing up as a woman candidacy - taking credit for what her husband did? Does she want us to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton or is she running as Mrs. President Bill Clinton?

Hillary was our Sec of State and was pretty bad at it. I can't remember what she accomplished as a NY senator but I don't see anyone ever mention her record of accomplishment as a senator.

So what exactly did she ever get done when she held government? What is Hillary's record? You know the record she keeps claiming she has? Does she actually have any record at all of accomplishing anything meaningful except that she was Bill's wife?


There is no question that the Democratic Party has shifted toward the center to be more viable in presidential elections. In Congress, the opposite has happened as the Democrats in Congress are now more to the left than previously. Are there any Blue Dog Democrats left? With the Democratic base frustrated by more centrist policies Clinton is shifting left. She might be shifting too far left to win the general election but that is her only option if she wants to win the nomination. If she is the nominee she will get hammered by the Republicans on energy independence (Keystone), trade (TPP), healthcare, guns, abortion, etc. As she said during the forum last night, they play for keeps. For Clinton it is about winning the election and stopping the Republicans from undoing whatever progress has been made. For Sanders it is the movement that counts. Win or lose he wants to build the movement which he sees as the only only hope for real change.


Bravo Jeff! This insight and the Clinton's history of being not "progressive"
are numerous as you point-out. Their history and quest for great wealth and power are clear for all with eyes to see. This history and how they supported or did not support real progressive issues/legislation must somehow get out into the corrupted wider media and Sunday talking head propagandist shows. It is happening albeit too slowly, but after Sanders double-digit win in New Hampshire Tuesday, that dynamic may change! Keep up the great work Jeff!


Clinton is a corporatist / militarist / extractivist who gets things done.

The progress in her "progressive" is progress for the corporate military extraction establishment.


i'd love to see Paul Krugman take on this litany, point-by-point, and try to find the "progressive" in each of these key points in Clinton's historical factual record.


Bullshit. Sanders fights to win. He has a long record of tough, successful campaigning.


Many Latinos are supporting Hillary Clinton. The little coverage that Sanders has received, in Latino mainstream media, has generally painted him as Fidel Castro without the beard - which, to many Latinos, is equivalent to the devil. Getting the word out about Sanders is hard for Latinos, such as myself, who have spoken favorably (but not uncritically) of the Cuban revolution. The Clinton campaign has also been very effective at co-opting some Latino "leaders" and in using Latino media to instill the fear that, if Hillary doesn't win the nomination, policy unfavorable to Latinos is sure to follow.


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Will they ( Latinos ) fall in line for Bernie, like we're all supposed to for Hillary, if Bernie instead of Hillary actually wins the nomination? I mean, we're seeing the lesser-of-two-evils meme, pop up all over the place. Ya know, SCOTUS, saving the ACA and the rest of it. Just asking.


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Though of course, Lrx does not really think that.

It is here to "sow memes" in an effort to weaken the Sanders candidacy.


Hi Max,

Fidel Castro has brilliantly fought for the advancement of the Cuban people. That is not to say that he is beyond critique for his violations of human rights which, to some extent, he now seems to acknowledge were wrong - based on the tone of some of his writings in Granma.

The US propaganda against the Cuban revolution has had a profound effect. Many Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Venezuelans, Chileans, Peruvians, Ecuadorians, Salvadorians, Nicaraguans, and Hondurans in the US, have bought into the negative picture US propaganda paints against the Cuban revolution and Fidel Castro. I've found anti-Castro sentiment among Latinos from Florida, to NY/NJ, and up to Chicago. I remember a poll, several years ago, that found feelings for Fidel Castro, among Latinos, varied from country to country. For example, in Peru, which ended a bloody insurgency by the Sendero Luminoso, the feelings for Castro are overwhelmingly negative.

I am not sure of any similar polling on attitudes of US Latinos towards Fidel Castro. My experiences are only anecdotal and I don't know how it is on the West Coast, which does have a large Latino population. My sense is that sentiment against Fidel Castro does seem to by diminishing among younger Latinos and among Latinos of Columbian and Mexican heritages.


Jeebus lawd have mercy, you have just stepped in to a tortuous puddle of wordy-salad-y stuff.


I'll keep hoping for Bernie to pull it off, despite the heavy artillery aimed at him. But if Hillary goes on to become president, her recent left shift, responding to Bernie, will make it a little harder to renege on some promises.