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Hillary Clinton Turns Stand-Up Comic: "I’m a Progressive Who Gets Things Done"


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Killary is a lying, power hungry war criminal! She will say anything to gain that power, ie, to be prez.


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There are some very Conservative Latinos. Usually, they come from 2 sectors:

  1. The ones who lost money and property to the Cuban revolution and still resent Fidel for that
  2. The Christian Evangelicals who are taught incredibly narrow creeds and an ideology founded in intolerance of other (hence their support for Middle East aggression painted as a significant Holy War)

I find it astounding when a Black Man sides with right wing Conservatives and the same response when Latinos sell out their own people like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Their selfish political ambitions enable them to sell out the needs of the vast majority of their brothers and sisters. It's disgusting.


Interesting that being "progressive" has suddenly caught on. Would she even be claiming progressive credentials if it were not for Bernie. I think he can fall back to centrist conservative very easily. They are really afraid of a populist progressive change where the president might actually ask the public to vote for other politicians who support his/her agenda. Eg. "If you want single payer health care then vote for the congress and senate people that support it and help me get it through." It is what Obama should have done. He had the support and dropped the ball.


I don't think that would bode well for Mr. Sanders. There is an elegance and integrity to NOT getting down into the mud to fight with barn animal types.


I see it the way you do, and so do older Feminists like Susan Sarandon and Katrina Vanden Heuval.

I can't stand when any pundit makes a blanket general statement. These are lies packaged as incontestable truths.


They took the millions sent to Haiti and squandered it on Nepalese troopers who left Cholera behind, and FEMA trailers that were so poorly made and insulated that they leaked chemicals in Haiti's heat. That make these units impossible to remain inside... either as homes or schoolrooms.

American's two ruling dynasties--of late--have tremendous blood (and misery) on their hands.


I would like to hear one of the moderators ask Ms. Clinton how progressive it was when she was on the board of Wallmart, the company where many workers have to be on foodstamps to stay alive.


That caught my attention too Andrew.

Its an interesting way of putting it, considering how far the the right the US status quo is now. Brings to mind the comment that Mussolini was more left than Franco.


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I wouldn't count on that. Obama reversed course on his "progressive ways" almost immediately upon becoming President with his selection of Emanuel as his CoS.


The Clintons believe in heightened economic activity, not economic justice or anything as difficult as a living wage. They sincerely believe in trickle down regardless of how painful or even fatal that might be for those on the lowest rungs.

The sad truth is many people would rather have prosperity than justice. Clearly it's a matter of the character of the average American. Sanders won't be able to fix that, but just as plainly, we will never have a better society without rejecting centrists like Hillary.


My favorite part of tonight's debate was when Hillary mentioned Kissinger in a positive light, how progressive is that?
She showed her true colors and proved that she doesn't even understand the meaning of being a Progressive.


For what it's worth (quite a bit if you're Goldman-Sachs), Hillary is a true believer (in success) who maintains a moderate image but shares nightmarish progressive dreams that she shares with progressive audiences while proclaiming that her knowledge and experiences have taught her that dreams do not come true ... because they are impractical - they are only wishful thinking.

Maybe after tonight (and, perhaps after 'we' "look into that..") Those of us who care might see what Goldman-Sachs 'thinks' is worth IT with the transcript release from her talks about 'the world and things of interest' they paid $2,000 per minute to hear.


Release the transcripts of the three speeches she gave to goldman sachs!


This is a reply to your post way up there near the top. From what I remember during her tenure as Senator from NY State, the only bills she sponsored were for the naming of several local post offices. And of course as a junior Senator, despite her political celebrity, she held no important committee posts. And yes, she was on the wrong side (wrt progressivism) of just about every important issue during her tenure, as this article points out.


I want to start out by saying that I'm a HUGE Bernie Sanders supporter. Latinos in Nevada will vote Democrat no matter who wins the nomination. What worries me is that Hillary Clinton ads are all over Univsion (Spanish Television), all day everyday and Bernie Sanders ads are no where to be seen. Harry Reid was able to win his re-election, because he got 90% of the latino vote. Sanders has to start pumping money into spanish television ads ASAP if we are going to have any chance of winning Nevada.