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Hillary Clinton Won the First Debate. What If That Doesn’t Move the Polls?


Hillary Clinton Won the First Debate. What If That Doesn’t Move the Polls?

Ed Kilgore

So, after immense anticipation and much back-and-forth argument over the standards for judging the candidates’ performance, the winner of the first presidential debate of the general election was not — well, debatable. Hillary Clinton exceeded the very high bar the news media set for her and won on style (smooth versus incoherent), on substance (on stop-and-frisk, on ISIS, on birtherism, on tax returns, on tax policy, on NATO, on Trump’s business record), on endurance, and on visuals. It’s hard to find a topic on which Trump scored a clean point.


Empty words don't mean anything in fraudulent debates that are no deeper than WWE between matches microphone time.


It is hard to predict. This election is more about race than any since the southern strategy was adopted. White people who want a country more for white people are going to vote for Trump. If this sort of white nationalism is really energizing he could get a big turn out and win. Clinton needs a big turnout from minority voters since Trump has made the Democrats the party of minorities to his supporters. Leftists seem more interested in protesting against Clinton than fighting racism so it is going to be hard for Clinton to get their votes.


These polls are meaningless. Depending on who is doing them (and where),she is ahead substantially,trailing, dead even, a landslide win, a close loss,etc. Nothing she can do (except withdraw) would bring those around who don't trust her, can't stand her, know her for the liar/perjurer/crooked/war criminal she is. Oh, and they aren't going to vote for Trump either. By now we know she is going to the White House and nothing can stop that (I'm sure she was promised that crown back in '12 when she was tossed under the bus by the Establlishment). Her real problem is still herself. I can't wait to see her impeached and fail (once more) but of course that also may involve her nuking Russia, Iran and destroying Syria.

All those women voting for her just to get this fake feminist/war lover/genocidal fu** into the Oval Office are going to be so sorry when they realize (too late) their mistake for refusing to accept what a monster HRC is.