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Hillary Clinton's Keystone Crisis


Hillary Clinton's Keystone Crisis

Jamie Henn

Hillary Clinton's pipeline problem started in earnest this July 28, when Bruce Blodgett, a retired software engineer, asked Clinton about her position on Keystone XL during a town hall forum in Nashua, New Hampshire.


HRC is a terrible candidate; all she sees is the office to which she feels entitled. At least the clowns on the Republican side can be amusing (if not outright terrifying) at times. Let’s get Bernie and Lizzie talking about the issues that need to be addressed. Rope-a-dope was fine for Ali, but it does not belong in the political world. Next!


With the price of oil under 50$ a barrel why is this still an issue?

We’re not going to be pumping the stuff out of the ground at that rate of return. Unless Enbridge is thinking of using the pipeline to carry water…


For a longer version of Mr. Clinton’s “Depends what is is…”

“But I am getting impatient,” she continued, “because I feel that at some point a decision needs to be made. And I’m not comfortable saying, you know, ‘I have to keep my opinion to myself’ given the fact that I was involved in it. So at some point I may change my view on that.”

It’s tough to have to PRETEND to be a Party of the People when you still have to shuck, jive, and dance for the same Big Energy donor dollars.

With the heat now ON Hillary, one wonders if the Big Money is changing its American Dynasty enshrined-into-election-tradition’s game plan?


Pretty awkward to have your hand in some deep pockets while trying to portray yourself as being integral. She’s tying herself in knots, I hope the press is relentless.


Henn wrote 'Let’s hope the next time Hillary Clinton gets a question about Keystone XL she’s prepared with the right answer: “I would reject it…and that would be just the beginning.” ’

No. Let’s hope she doesn’t say this- because it would be a lie and too many people would believe her and then vote for her in the Democratic race and then she would triangulate back to the ‘center,’ which just means do what the corporations want.

But the capacity of Democrats to believe what they want to believe seems unlimited.

Guess what? She’s lying about Arctic drilling too. If she’s president she’ll allow it, I have no doubt.


That change in view would be welcomed by Keystone XL opponents, as it should be by Clinton supporters.

No, Clinton supporters should desert her in droves. Now.


Why are people even paying these jokes terse any mind? The last I heard the elections are 15 months away. This attention allows the MSM news media to spend 90% of the time covering these shills and all their trivia. It is past time for Americans to put their heads back in the sand until after the elections, then pull them out see which candidates have been decided for us and then go back to living our lives as subjects to the oligarchy; long live the king! We have lost our way, our pride and any sense of morality. A nation whose business is business and that business is never ending war and weapons sales. We cannot even seem to grasp that our true home, Mother Earth, is getting close to saying, enough abuse. And our nation is the number one abuser.


I think your icon’s Blondie, Dagwood’s wife, right? Loved that cartoon series.


Yes, my icon is Blondie. :smile: