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Hillary Clinton's Libya


Hillary Clinton's Libya

David Bromwich

Some of the better-informed commentators on the recent terrorist attacks by ISIS have noticed the reassertion of the 2002-2003 understanding of the Middle East: that all-out war is the only sensible policy and Israel is our most faithful ally in the region. It is an opportunist line, and it is being pushed hardest by opportunists on the far right. But a proper tally of the ideological culprits who have never been held to account should make special reference to Hillary Clinton's actions in Libya.


Hopefully, the candidates are listening. One in particular. HRC is a war machine. Bernie, calling someone out for the truth of their history is not mudslinging.


Sanders is not being polite. He is complicit. The Dems and the Repubs have an unspoken agreement not to disagree on imperialistic, aggressive war. The Libyan adventure was obviously such an enterprise from the start, with no one but my 81 year old mother believing the humanitarian BS.

Sanders isn't going to confront HRC now for the same reason he didn't confront BHO in 2011. Which is the same reason that Repubs will kvetch 24/7 over Benghazi but won't challenge the evil insanity of USA bombing Libya.

Sanders talks socialism but in reality he is part of the US War Machine. Accepting that fact now will save you the mental effort of trying to justify his actions in the unlikely event of his presidency, whenever his inevitable 'humanitarian' bombing comes about.


Daesh. Isis. Taliban. Al Quaida. Sunni. Shiite.

As an intelligent person who spends hours keeping up with "the news," I confess that following the various ideological fault lines in the Middle East is virtually impossible. I can only imagine how tough it is for those who don't read much and get their "news" from the MSM.

One potent form of Disaster Capitalism is found in America's inner cities. Some of these places are known as food deserts. Most have check cashing centers rather than banks. And with unemployment levels incredibly high, survival means dependence upon a secret economy. A major facet of that underground economy is the ubiquitous drug trade.

Thus by criminalizing drug possession, a "market" for the prison-industrial complex is guaranteed.

Similarly, inner city schools are purposely underfunded; and then it's not the lack of funds added to the difficult lives these students live that factors into their evaluation. Instead, teachers are blamed.

Analogies can be made between under-funded schools and under-funded communities and nations bombed in ways that collapse their basic infrastructure. During such calamitous collapse, it's usually those who know how to traffic in contraband or those willing to provide quasi-legal services who manage to survive.

The Project for a New American Century has as its major tenet--a desire to break up major nations in the Middle East. Surely, with the MIC having gigantic sums of money to "invest," the best analysts have been employed. Naturally, these individuals could see from the get-go what splitting open former leaders--like pinatas--would mean for the various countries' stability.

The loss of muscular leadership meant that these nations would splinter along old fault lines, the majority of these ethnic or religion-based.

These failed states were MADE into failed states; and apart from the obvious tragedy of so many lost lives, babies impacted by D.U., soldiers returned with lifelong injuries to sustain... the blow-back into Europe (in the form of thousands of refugees) is a natural byproduct of these senseless acts of destruction. Surely the refugee response could have been (and should have been) predicted from the get-go.

Years ago Edgar Cayce--when speaking prophetically about major Earth Changes--stated that "Europe would disappear in the blink of an eye."

I often quote Yogananda's wise words as they set up a spiritual cause and effect relationship between war (organized human aggression) and disruptions to those invisible forces that keep the weather systems in balance.

The uptick in violent weather & climate events is phenomenal. The U.S. media covers about 15% of what's actually going on.

Will Cayce prove correct? For I think if Europe repeats the darkest side of patriotic jingoism as rendered during the l930s and early l940s, it will seal its own fate.

One can only revere the individuals who are helping refugees where govts. are sitting on their hands. Meanwhile right wing groups are using the "terrorist events" in order to inflame the old ethnic divisions.

I hope enough world citizens, and Europeans in particular--can rise above the recurrent pattern of that continent's past.

The times are ominous.


Im glad Hillary's lies have been documented here. There is more, of course. Hillary for president would definitely not improve this planet. But if you dont get Bernie, then can only have Hillary if you are lucky, because aside from Trump, the rest have already promised to be far worse.


I have been saying for a very long time, that a vote for Madame Clinton is a vote for same old, same old. The truth is the nation doesn't need another hard assed warmonger in the White House. It needs someone who will stand up to the Pentagon and the military industrial complex and force them to beat their swords into plowshares. Vote her in and she may or may not have any nation to govern.


Bernie DID in fact start to criticize Hillary on Foreign Policy during last Saturday's debate:
He stated that the US needed a different approach, and specifically criticized the "regime change"
policies that the US has historically pursued- and he gave examples, such as in Nicaragua, Iraq, several others (sorry I'm not recalling all the examples he mentioned).
Bernie noted that his approach ( to military intervention) would be "more conservative" than Clinton's.
But I agree, he needs to be more articulate in his critique of Clinton


It would have been difficult for Bernie Sanders to showcase his
understanding of Libya when CBS had a one minute time limit restriction
for its responses. Confronting the amount of bull coming from Hillary
Clinton took even Mr. David Bromwich ( the author of this piece) a
couple of days as it was not even published until November 18th. A full
four days after the debate. Lets be kind and say he finished writing
this piece a the day before. It still took a couple of days to come up
with his argument and put a timeline together in a way in which people
could get a clear picture of the lies coming out of Hilary Clinton.

To be clear the information about the lies Hilary Clinton put forth
and needed to be called out on is correct. The public thanks Mr Bromwich
for doing so. But it is incorrect and going to far to say that because
Bernie Sanders did not call her out immediately he is somehow week on
foreign affairs. **Hilary Clinton has a long list of lies and
misinformation which she needs to be called out on and there simply was
not enough time to do so in the CBS forum. Mainly because of how it is
set up. The CBS Debate Forum of one minute answers along with the
limited debate schedule have all been created to protect Hilary Clinton
from confronting her lies and history.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand has historically shown tremendous foresight in terms of foreign policy. That many in both parties have chosen to ignore and disregard his insight is another story entirely.

For further information watch this video which compares the history
and understanding of both on issues of Foreign policy


Kudos to Bromwhich for pointing out Hillary's statement. I heard her comment during the debate last week and it made me cringe. The US without doubt sided with Islamist extremist and helped them depose a stable government. Of course, not a government any sensible person in the West could embrace, but one that maintained a some level of stability. The result is now a failed state,, split into at least two parts, one of which is dominated by Al qaida inspired militants. Hillary's statement gave Sanders a perfect opportunity to point out the idiocy of Hillary's leadership at State. He failed totally. He simply babbled on about some irrelevant side issues.

I do not think Sanders understands foreign policy. It is very disappointing for me since I have been actively supporting him with modest donations, a lawn sign and some tabling at our city farmers market. I was hoping so much that the Democratic Party would find a real candidate that could oppose the right wing Democrats whose are as bad as the Republicans in the promotion of more war.


Listening to the debate it took me about a minute to come up with a rejoinder to Hillary's comment. Sanders had an opportunity to point out the idiocy of her policy at State and he blew it.