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Hillary Clinton's New Anti-Trump Ad Misses the Mark


Hillary Clinton's New Anti-Trump Ad Misses the Mark

Matt Taibbi

A new attack ad put out by the Hillary Clinton campaign this week achieves the near-impossible, making Donald Trump look wronged and (almost) like a victim. More believably, it makes the Democrats look sleazy and disingenuous in comparison.

The ad begins with a picture of a grinning Trump and the words, "In 2006, Donald Trump was hoping for a real estate crash."


Donald Trump is Joe Sixpack with a copper tongue, orange hair and a few bucks.

Hillary Clinton is a slicker female version of Joe, much more accomplished at prevarication.

They both would like us to believe that capitalism will make everybody rich.


Most people watching this and other hit ads do not know enough to see through them.

Speaking of hits, Sign this petition committing to not vote for Clinton or Trump and let the Dems know they need to dump this loser.


Hillary Clinton is a less slick version of George H.W. Bush.


It is pretty sad when Hillary Clinton's biggest selling point is "I am not Trump"

Bernie is such a better candidate and would do so much for for the Democratic Party.


Yep. It also shows how desperately Clinton's campaign is searching for a way to lipstick their pig.

When you have a 19% honest and trustworthy rating (even Trump is 35%) that means that the first reaction 81% of the people have to an ad like this is to believe the opposite.


"For one thing, the destruction that the Clinton campaign describes was not caused by people swooping in after the bubble burst, buying at the bottom of the market."

Taibbi didn't get the point of the ad although Elizabeth Warren clearly got it as she nailed Trump in her recent speech. The Clinton ad was not at all implying that people like Donald Trump caused the bubble to burst. What the ad was saying is that Donald Trump only cares about making money for Donald Trump. He could care less what horrible things happens to people as long as he profits. The Trump University scam is a another example of how self-centered he is with no regard to the lives of others. It was a great ad and it helped Warren sharpen her attack on Trump. For the sake of the US and the world these attacks on Trump should not let up until the polls are closed on election day in November.


If anybody should understand the big picture surrounding this ad its Warren. Warren knows that the reason Trump had an opportunity to buy low after the crash was that Bill Clinton decriminalized (euphemistically deregulated) financial regulations that enabled the bubble and the crash and received pay back of more than ten million dollars each year since leaving the White House.

Matt only drilled down to the level of the Clinton campaign being financed by the banks, not the genesis of the money.

Had Trump and other buyers not purchased the distressed real estate, we taxpayers would be on the hook for even more than the $16 trillion the corrupt politicians put us on the hook for to bail Clinton's bankrollers out..


Thank you Matt good to hear from you.
You are exactly right, her ads are weak and insincere. I think maybe she doesn't want to dig too deep on Trump for fear of his backlash and it would be brutal since he has so much to work with.
Her association and loyalty to the Wall Street crooks and Israel shows her real beliefs. She doesn't want us to see that her and Bill laid the foundation for the collapse and are still in bed with the perpetrators. Everything about her demeanor and speech is disingenuous and if you see through the double speak she is as crooked as Wall Street. The investigation of her private server is an example of the way she sees herself as above the law and better than everyone else. She is one scary woman.


The Best! Average American is the equivalent of a1st. grader with ADHD eating captain crunch-pounding a Red Bull. Ha! Ha! Thanks Matt for this article, as it does even a better job of explaining than " The Big Short". Also, thanks for all the work you do at "Rolling Stone".


I found that I needed to watch the Big Short twice to absorb all the information it contained. Anybody who doesn't have some background knowledge prior to watching the movie will have a hard time connecting the dots,

Until the first grader with ADHD eating captain crunch-pounding a red bull analogy appeared here I was amazed at how many locals who were awed by the movie voted for Clinton in the primary a few weeks later.


As usual Matt Taibbi lays it all out, clear and concise. Who profited from the American system of financial usury, who hired them into presidential administrations and who "deregulated" banking/wall street! The Bill Clinton Rubinite rescission of Glass-Steagall made the scam possible to large degree, making the robbery and calamity befalling so many millions of ordinary working people by financial parasites possible - a pre-meditated wholesale robbery!
The "change we can believe-in" prez, Obama, after running as a "progressive", hired the recycled Clinton Rubinites into his banker/Wall Street/corporate-whore administration as detailed in Taibbi's "Obama's Big Sellout", an excellent read that puts emphasis on why so many are rallying to Bernie Sanders campaign of reform and re-regulating, breaking-up the criminal TBTF banks. NOT Bill's wife, Hillary, she must be seen as a co-conspirator in the Bill Clinton/Obama sellouts! We must NOT put another deceitful fox in charge of the chicken-coop! (OR the pathological Trump!)

Bernie Sanders is the Real Deal speaking the truths we are not getting elsewhere (except Jill Stein).

Bernie or Bust it all up!


Her past always comes back to haunt her.

In her campaign for President she can run but she can not hide.


Good read. Only thing missing is the fact that Hillary blamed the buyers of foreclosed homes for buying beyond their means. Frankly, this enrages me - since it is solely the banks responsibility to determine what the buyer's ability limit is.


Not to mention that her banksters were paying $10,000 bounties (they called them commissions) to loan originators for each subprime loan and only $2,000 for conventional loans, confirming that Clinton is once again blaming the victims to provide cover for her bag men.,


Once again Taibbi hits it on the head.

Let's have both Clinton and Trump clear the air - Hillary can release her Goldman Sachs speeches and Trump his tax returns.


I agree but I don't think that was the point of the article. I hhink the idea is that Trump will make sure that they do see through it by the time he finishes wiping up the floor with it. It's throwing a slow, fat slider to home plate and then being surprised when the batter hits it out of the ballpark.


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If you want to attack Trump, go after the fact that he is an ignoramous who was speaking about defaulting on the US debt because it worked for his casino, or that he has many failed businesses, that he lies constantly, etc.

Don't go after him for being shrewd enough to see that housing was in a bubble and try make money from the evenutal pop. It just highlights something where (he says) he got something right. He was not in gov't and how no power at that time to do anything about it other than try to profit from the downturn.

Again, Trump is such a flawed candidate - the problem is that Hillary can't go after him on his major issues because she is the same/worse on many of them.

I agree with Taibi, this was just a dumb ad.


During the 2004 elections, Taibbi described the process as "just a bunch of rich people talking to each other in front of the help." The only candidate now in either major who does not fit that description is Bernie Sanders.

Neither Clinton nor Trump is in this to truly serve the people. We are just the help to them.

Taibbi is right -- it will be hard for Hillary to take shots at Trump's unprincipled and rapacious history. She will end up opening her own cans of worms. If the public pays attention, it will be obvious that a lot of Trump worms bear a striking resemblance to her worms.