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Hillary Clinton's New Book Attacks Bernie. But Why?


Hillary Clinton's New Book Attacks Bernie. But Why?

Les Leopold

In her new book What Happened? Hillary Clinton goes after Bernie Sanders with a vengeance. She claims that:

  • Bernie is a snake oil salesman who makes preposterous promises;
  • That he is partly responsible for Trump’s “Crooked Hillary” mantra; and
  • That he is not a real Democrat and doesn’t really care about the party’s success.

So much for party unity in a time of peril.

Bernie, the Deranged Hitch-hiker, Promising Beautiful Abs?


With life expectancies in the US no longer increasing, young voters will outnumber elderly and baby boomer voters in the 2020 election. Clinton’s strategy to purge the Democratic Party of “the troublemakers” assures that the Party will win even fewer elections in the future as young voters vote third party or just stay home.

Sustaining the Party’s corporate cash flow is Clinton’s highest priority.


Thank you, Les Leopold, for doing what Bernie is too much of a gentleman to do.
And while Sanders is trying to unify the most compassionate and progressive forces in our body politic, and even attempting to introduce such compassion and unity to the Democratic Party, Hillary seems committed to running over the 99% with her Goldman Sachs fueled bus.
This task Bernie’s taken on, to redeem or reform the Democratic Party, seems monumental, maybe impossible. But he damn near pulled it off in 2016, and he may yet. Feelin the Bern!


More like Hillary offering 9-minute abs. Remember when Bernie sponsored the Fight for 15? Hillary’s immediate response was “no way”. Once she saw how she was doing in the polls, however, she said, “well, maybe $10 per hour. . .after 7 years”

Remember Bernie introducing free college tuition for in-state schools? Hillary laughed at him and said it proved he wasn’t a serious candidate; he was offering pie-in-the-sky, unrealistic promises. Once she saw how she was doing in the polls, however, she said, "Well, certainly not tuition-free higher education. But maybe debt-free higher education.

But I hope she sells a lot of books, particularly to people aspiring to a presidential run and wishing to further study how not to do it.


“When I finally challenged Bernie during a debate to name a single time I changed a position because of a financial contribution, he couldn’t come up with anything.”

That’s just the point! She never even took a stand on a policy position until she conferred with her financial contributors!

As for the Bernie Bros crap, she managed to offend a large number of voters in both major parties: Bernie Bros and Deplorables. I would expect universal consensus on rule #1 in political campaigns: don’t use disparaging labels for people whose votes you are trying to win!


Yes, I second that: thank you Les, for your thoughts on the post-election Dems and Hillary’s book claims. I agree with all your points. I also want to add that Bernie was in the election to win–not just to point out the debasement of the traditional liberal, pro-business Dems. He might have, too. And he’s still in the running as our Rep for the 1%, and the issues we care about. I support him and will continue to contribute to Our Revolution. The push for single payer is growing, maybe some day the Pentagon budget, the military contractors’ huge payroll in tax dollars, and our dirty wars will become as timely with regular Americans as their need for healthcare.


“Hillary Clinton’s New Book Attacks Bernie. But Why?”

Because the red queen of privilege figured it was her turn and her doofus campaign staff (and the mainstream media which all but crowned her before the election)didn’t realize that presidents are elected by electoral and not popular votes.
Because all “Bernie” had to do was mention her speech to the Wall Street financiers for which she was so handsomely paid and wonder why she didn’t release the transcript of what she said to them.
Because “Bernie” relied in $27 donations to finance his campaign and suggested things like: free college for any and all qualified students (to be paid by a miniscule tax on financial transactions on Wall Street.
These and other reasons can be summed up as being a dirty and incompetent politician and offending potential voters who just decided to stay home and allowed the election of an emotionally incompetent menace rather than her.


Sanders is not a Democrat. He was an interloper who wants to destroy the party. He can go start his own party, and leave us Democrats to do good work. When someone is able to put together a list, long list, of B.S. good deeds/works, then I may take him seriously. As of now? No. He is words, just words. No good deeds.


Yes, these evil people are dinosaurs. She’s a jealous one at that. Life expectancies are actually shortening.


Bernie has been fighting for the common people for over fifty years. I guess you are an elite in the tower… What has Hillary done besides be a sore loser? She is irrevalent. Party? People care about survival not party.


She is a sore loser who does not care about anyone else but herself. Forget about her, and please do not buy her book. Maybe she is bankrupt???


She best displayed her smug arrogance a week or two before the convention when she declared, as best I can remember, I’m going to be the candidate, and that’s it.”  I for one will never forget nor forgive that moment, and it’s one her daughter will hopefully pay for again and again until all three of the Crooked Clintons are driven out of politics and back under their rock for good!

Well, Hilliary did change her position on the TPP – in spite of her financial backers favoring it – but only after she saw how fervently most voters agreed with Bernie.  Or at least she pretended to change her mind during the campaign; we’ll never really know, will we?

The DamnocRatic party, as presently constituted with corporate shills like Schumer, Podesta, Pelosi and Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass in control, deserves to be destroyed if it doesn’t clean itself up.  And since when have the DamnocRats done any good work?  It was Bill Clinton who stuck us with NAFTA and eased the regulations on Wall Street, and O’Bummer who not only failed to even try to hold the war criminals and banksters accountable for their evil, but also stuck us with the ACA — basically a giveaway of taxpayer dollars to Big Pharma and the Health Insurance industry.  And Bernie is NOT just words – U.S. Mayor of the Year many years ago, he has a long record of real accomplishment as Vermont’s lone Representative in Congress and two terms in the U.S. Senate.   (See https://www.thenation.com/article/bernies-burlington-city-sustainable-future/ for information on Bernie’s years as Mayor of Burlington, Vermont.)


Bernie reps the 1%??? What have you been smoking? It’s just the opposite.


Right on , and we love Bernie!


Bernie is independent! Thankfully he is not a demorat in their current guise. The dems didn;t think he would make it because he is Jewish!


Ooops–Sorry, I meant Bernie, of course is our Rep for the 99%–us all who aren’t Wall Street types. (Guess my unconscious thought 1% meant the better part of US-- which we are).


Perfect summary of both the Party and Hillary, and their future, and why. I have read rumors that the plan is to run Chelsea for Senate and eventually President at some point. Good lord. “Hillary 2-The Sequel.” :shudder:


“Good work?” If you mean warmongering; kissing up to the Oligarchy/Wall Street/Corporate paymasters who fund the DNC; refusing to back Medicare For All; marching in lockstep with the Rethuglicans when it comes to our belligerent bullying foreign policy of war, War, WAR; continuing the timid and tepid non-resistance to Trump and the Rethugs’ in most things except for a few rhetorical flaps; continuing to back the illegal overthrowing of foreign left-wing governments that don’t kow-tow to Washington’s neo-liberal hegemonic agenda; refusing to fully back a Financial Transaction Tax; refusing to back campaign finance reform; etc, etc, etc. the list is too long and I’ve run out of patience.

It is precisely that sort of “good work” that a growing number of Americans are fed up with. By all means, you Dumbocrats keep right on with your “good work.” You are digging your Party’s grave. Good riddance.


"Hillary attacks Bernie. But Why?
Because Hillary has the same personality disorder that trump has.
When something doesn’t go as planned, it’s never your fault, it’s always somebody else that messed things up for you.
Bernie, when are you going to learn? Quit trying to save the democratic party.


She didn’t like Bernie’s radical ideas and said things are working fine–yeah, working fine for her and other elites. She was portrayed quite accurately during the campaign as disconnected and untrustworthy. It’s certainly true, and she shows no signs of changing.