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Hillary Clinton's Top VP Pick Lets Big Banks Know He's in Their Corner


Hillary Clinton's Top VP Pick Lets Big Banks Know He's in Their Corner

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Sounding another alarm for progressives wary of the Democratic establishment's support for Wall Street, the man said to be leading the pack of potential Hillary Clinton running mates—Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine—has just this week sent a clear message to big banks: He's in their corner.


To your point, yet one more day and not a single mention of Dr Jill Stein or the Green Party on the Common Dreams default home page.


Could the Dems REALLY be such utter fools? Could they look a gift horse in the mouth and blow it against the worst Rescum candidate of all time? Could they ignore the lessons of the 2000, 2004, 2010 and 2014 elections? Could they really pick still another status quo, “centrist,” neoliberal and continue to alienate their base?

Of course they could. And they will be 100% responsible if the Dump gets in!


I just read where columnist Dan Savage has said that all of us Green supporters who want to vote for Jill Stein are “pasty white” and full of entitlement. His opinion is that we will hand over the country to Trump. This comment was on Democratic Underground for any of you that want to go and check it out, if only to read some of the comments from the Shillary supporters. One of them actually used the word “evil” to describe Jill Stein. Just a measure of how low corpo Demos that love HRC will go to demean the only real human being in this race. Pathetic.
In the meantime it looks like Tim Kaine, the man who loaned the money to the Clintons to buy their house in Westchester, NY is the prime choice for the Demo VP and he has Bill’s support as well. He is very close to the banking interests and Wall Street. Gee, what a surprise.
If Hillary wins she will be a sellout in an all too predictable way and I don’t believe for a minute that the Sanders campaign and the 13 million votes that he received will have any effect on her agenda as president. We voted in 2008 for “Hope and Change” and got very little from Barry the Appeaser. The Red Queen will be more of the same with an even more aggressive foreign policy with her “mentor” Kissinger whispering in her ear. I detest the candidates that both of these utterly corrupt parties have offered up. Looks like the “lesser of two evils” mindset has triumphed after all.


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After all the moaning, hand wringing, lamenting, complaining, foreboding, threatening, advocacy and activism, all we get is a hot first lady.


It seems we are in a neoliberal corporate nightmare that never ends.


I don’t think CD is being a shill for Hillary. We don’t need less stories about what’s going on there, we would just like to see some on Jill Stein.


To your point, yet one more day and not a single mention of Dr Jill Stein or the Green Party on the Common Dreams default home page.

Yep, CommonDreams is sooooo revolutionary! Stick it to the man!

Is this place run out of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s basement?

Read genuine progressive news:

Donate to Jill Stein:


Don’t forget Complicit News Network.


As you may know, DU revokes posting privileges of anyone even implicitly (let alone directly) critical of Shillary.


I have been kicked off Democratic Underground twice for criticizing Obama. No obscenities just solid criticism of his hypocrisies. This was done without me being told of it and when I tried to contact them to ask why they never even responded. DU is a hypocritical name because, to me anyway, they are definitely not “democratic” and they are certainly not “underground”, what with their constant shilling for people like Hillary and the outrageous comments that were allowed to be posted against Jill Stein. I still look at their site but I am always reminded of how “establishment” they really are and what a supportive place to go for the Hilbots out there.


It looks like the Hillary campaign is mounting a full frontal attack on Jill Stein. I have read on one of the major pro-Dem sites attacks on Stein calling her anti-science, anti-vaccine, and a fascist. I have not checked on the latest, but it certainly seems to have the wiff of being organized and coordinated. But makes sense–Stein to the establishment is looking like Nader, and like Nader in 2004, they plan to destroy her.

Clinton relied on the votes of African Americans and Hispanics to win the nomination (forgetting any cheating). The Hillary campaign and her supporters played off the worst parts of gender and race on Bernie and his supporters so we end up with Hillary supporters calling Sander supporters over privileged white racists. And apparently reports are that she is looking at a rich white male corporatist as VP. For me, have to wonder how a Kaine pick will effect minority turnout.


A vote for Stein could result in an upset Trump victory if Greens and Libertarians can attract enough disaffected Dems and Repubs to make it a real 4-way race. But I think it’s time for progressives who once believed in Bernie and will never vote for Hillary to hold their noses and vote for Trump. He certainly can win with enough pissed-off progressive votes. Otherwise we’ll get the Wicked Witch and her flying monkeys for eight years, and the Democratic party will be lost to progressives forever. She is remaking the party in her own image! I want my party back! Tim Kaine??? Are you kidding me???


Tim Kaine is just the first of many middle fingers that Shillary has in store for the 99%. What a choice - Clinton or Trump. Surely, a sign of our nation’s decline. TPTB have nothing to worry about with either one of these two in the Oval Office.


“The real question, is not whether the people who wipe their boots on us during the next fifty years are to be called managers, bureaucrats, or politicians: the question is whether capitalism, now obviously doomed, is to give way to oligarchy or to true democracy.”
Orwell, 1946

“One of the necessary accompaniments of capitalism in a democracy is political corruption.” Upton Sinclair


Lesser-evilism sucks no matter who you consider the lesser evil. At least by voting Green you can help to advance a 3rd party. A vote for Trump is a vote for bigotry. I’m not voting for that.

Stein 2016


Bernie… isn’t it time you take back your endorsement of Hillary?
It’s not too late, take Jill’s place on the top of the Green Party.


Oh, gosh, what horrible news, a Democrat who supports deregulating banks. We need Elizabeth Warren as vice-president, because she is a progressive, and wants to regulate banks.

Of course the fact that the vice-president sits quietly as the president of the Senate and doesn’t even get to vote except in a tie; the fact that the vice-president’s main job is to deliver administration-approved speeches at supermarket and car wash openings; the fact that the vice president has no effect on policy that is not granted by the president, none of that matters if the vice-president is a progressive. Then we can say "We moved Hillary to the left! Yayy!!

And the banks will not be regulated, and the wars will not end, and Guantanamo will be still be housing for life prisoners convicted of nothing, and the TPP will pass, and there will be no gun controls enacted, but we will have that progressive bone thrown to “the Sanders people,” won’t we?

As meaningless as “progressive” platform planks are, the pick for vice-president is probably even less meaningful.


Not voting is a legitimate option, going through the motions to go through the motions isn’t a virtue. Politics this voting season is a special Circus, but the show must go on, an appropriate theme.