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Hillary Democrats Against Economic Justice


Hillary Democrats Against Economic Justice

Jake Johnson

In 1998, during the second term of her husband's presidency, Hillary Clinton led a meeting of high-ranking Democratic officials and leaders of the so-called Third Way movement, by then an influential — perhaps the most influential — flank of the party's establishment.


Democrats "are not captive to any particular ideology."

In other words, Democrats have no ideology, other than to get Democrats elected. And they will do or say anything, and climb into the pockets of anyone, that can help them win.

Democrats are no longer the party of the average American. And as long as they keep winning elections, they have no incentive to change.

Vote your conscience.


As the author mentioned, today's Democratic Party's genesis was the 1985 formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and culminated in the 1992 election of Bill Clinton. The DLC revise the Party's mission to GET MORE CORPORATE MONEY THAN THE GOP.

Two huge successes for the DLC and its corporate paymasters long before Clinton won occurred within its first year of existence:

1) 1986 income tax reform which Democrats continue to brag was bipartisan, ushered in the most regressive changes to the tax code in history.

2) The wife of the Governor of Arkansas (Hillary) was appointed to the board of directors of the State's largest corporation and largest employer (Walmart) and nobody at the state or national level private or public winked an eye.
Can you imagine if the governor of your state did that today ?

After proving that the DLC mission could soar to new heights during Obama's first term, the DLC was abolished.


Thank you Mr. Johnson, that sums it up nicely. The democrats have not been what they profess to be for years. The Republican party could not have become so strong if Democrats had been a true opposing party, they are not. They blame Republicans for everything and hide behind them to get horrible ideas pushed through. Obama put social security on the table, there wasn't a whimper. When Bush suggested it the country went wild. I've been saying since Obama took office that Dems get a pass on terrible policy while pointing fingers at Republicans.
Right now in light of what has happened at the committee meetings, we have no reason to believe Hillary would be better than Trump. He's to the left of her on some things and doesn't have the support or power to do half the crazy stuff he talks about. Hillary is entrenched neoliberal power. She's Bush-like on war and preemptive attacks. She flaunts the laws and is criminal in many ways. She is a danger to the world and to our society. She is the real boogieman, not Trump.
I will vote Green if Bernie isn't on the ballot.
Never Hillary


Doing or saying anything to get elected, "evolving" on issues as needed to get votes, the pursuit of wealth and power to the exclusion of all else, is, by default, an ideology of its own and one shared by both party establishments. In this, establishment Democrats are every bit as rabid in their beliefs as any religious fundamentalist. These Democrats haven't lost their way at all. They are not empty, soulless vessels just waiting to be transformed or enlightened to progressive causes. They know exactly where they want to go. To think, otherwise, is to underestimate them. This is what Sanders is facing.



"Managed decline" is fast becoming blatant decline. It no longer needs to be managed b/c we are, for the most part, impotent in its face.

How do they find any peace at all, when their life is devoted to ruining so many others' lives?


I remember the days of castigating the "special interest" groups supposedly holding the democratic party hostage. It seemed to me that those groups represented a broad swath of American society, just about everyone in this country. That is, the "special interest" group seemingly so harmful to our society was everybody in our society. The democratic party abandoned everybody in this country except the one group who was apparently not a "special interest" -- the ultra-wealthy. Perhaps we (the 99%) should start a Super-Pac named "Bribe Politicians" and simply start lavishing money on them to raise above zero the percentage of policies that benefit the citizens of this country. One dollar from each of us would be more than $300,000,000. If money is speech, perhaps the 99% should start to speak in the only language that politicians understand.


And yet, this is the party Bernie Sanders will ask his followers to vote for. And he'll use the same scare tactics the Dems use. The working class has no where to go but to Trump. Where will the people in Bernie's camp go?


"So change their tune they did. But instead of returning to the liberalism that dominated the early to mid-twentieth century, the Democratic Party's center of gravity shifted rightward — a response to both the pull of the "radical insurgency" that is the Republican Party and the forceful push of the neoliberals."

Let's be frank here: that shift was also where the money was!

Until Sanders' network (and this was partly the result of new Web technologies which didn't exist back in the l980s) was able to set a precedent raising a massive amount of campaign fund money, anyone with any hope of attaining high office HAD to cater to the money interests. They are almost always Conservative since rare is the rich man who'd advocate policies designed to separate him from his fortune.


Before Darwin did a good job of proving much to support his theory of Evolution, a scientific rival put forth the idea of "Spontaneous Generation."

As I argued several weeks ago, I don't think the Clinton DLC "transition" occurred in a vacuum or spontaneously. I think some entity tapped the Clintons and told them that if they KEPT the Label but veered the party towards the same For Profit War, Media, and Business Interests, they'd go VERY far. Guaranteed.

Hence this:

"The eventual election of Bill Clinton was, in the minds of many, the culmination of this neoliberal, corporate-friendly surge within the ranks of the Democratic Party, a party that had previously been home to organized labor and those sympathetic to the aims of the working class.

"No longer. To compete with Republicans — those comprising a party that had rapidly lurched to the right over the span of several decades, transforming into a party fervently opposed to the New Deal order — Democrats, it was said, had to change their collective tune."

It's important to transcend the Machiavellian maxim that insists that the ends justify the means. In analyzing the following quoted assertion, it's imperative that critical minds ask: Solutions that WORK... as in work for what? And for whose interests?

"We still believe in liberty and justice for all, in mercy for the afflicted and help for the down and out," wrote Charles Peters in his manifesto celebrating the rise of neoliberalism. "But we no longer automatically favor unions and big government or oppose the military and big business. Indeed, in our search for solutions that work, we have to distrust all automatic responses, liberal or conservative."


Although some politicians came close, none advanced the destruction of efforts to "advance the National interest" more than the Clintons.

Ross Perot's 1992 campaign graphically depicting the special interest looting in progress was laughed off by the media while we watched the blow by blow of corporate Democrats racing the GOP to see who could transfer more wealth from the 99% to the 1%.


Forget the Demos. Pick the ones you support carefully and critically. Vote with your integrity, your free mind, and your will that will place your body in the cogs of the machine. In the streets of democracy, the only democracy you find is in the streets (in the spirit of Lenny Bruce). A vote for Hillary is a vote for continuation of our descent with NO objection. A better world will not come by the increments they offer ("let them eat cake"), but by the demands we make and the reluctant but inescapable dismantling of the old.


The big difference between the "politicians" of today and the "monarchists" of the past is that when the "Commons" came after the monarchists (In the day) they knew why; today the political midgets that we have put into office will scream bloody murder all the way to the gallows/guillotine not understanding why......even as the trap is sprung or the blade slides......down.......
So goes history.....


When we see the makeup of President Hillary's leadership council, we can expect Rubin Disciples to be returned to their place in charge of the economy. This has been automatic for too many years.


Exactly what Glen Ford of the Black Agenda Report meant by his phrase "the more effective evil".


What may have began as a shift under the first Hillary reign (with Bill acting as President) has now become full circle. The DP is now completely Neoliberal. She has destroyed the DP (and directly to blame) while the RP is blaming Trump for their own self-inflicted wounds and destruction. The end result has been a merging of both so-called Party's under one banner and Hillary is at the top of that pyramid. In the very old B&W film (a classic) Frankenstein (Boris Karloff) the mob burns the place to the ground. I'm pretty sure that is what is going to be required for real change. Hillary is our Frankenstein in a very real world of their making.


A valid point voting at almost any level keeps failing. Independents and Green's, Progressives, Liberals can't get on the ballot, are knocked off due to lack of funds, etc. and all those corrupt rules put in place by the DP and RP. (Write in' are ignored over and over). Money talks, all else walks and dies on the vine.


I'm always amazed when I talk with some people and find that they still think the DemoPublicans are two separate political parties. Both ends of the (same) party are only interested in getting their candidate in a position of power and it really matters little which candidate it is, the point is that the status quo will be maintained and the owners of the candidates will keep the money flowing in. Hopefully this Brexit attitude will catch on around the world and the elitists will start getting the idea that we the people are really out there beyond the Washington Beltway and that we are fed up with them. I hope that the voters who feel disenfranchised by the DemoPublicans start looking seriously at the 3rd party alternatives. A large 3rd party vote will not particularly change the fact that Hillary will most probably be installed as Queen of America by her owners for the next 8 years. However she will not represent the majority of the population and she will still be distrusted by the majority of them. A large 3rd party vote will show the world that we the people are not happy with the status quo and are working hard against the elitists. We may not win but we will keep them nervous.


Greater good not lesser evil- great way to phrase it!