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Hillary Gets Started


Hillary Gets Started

Amy Davidson

Hillary Clinton is ready for Hillary. That could be gleaned from the video officially launching her run for President in 2016, called “Getting Started,” which was posted on a new YouTube channel Sunday afternoon. It was a strange production: for the first few seconds, it seemed to be an ad that preceded the actual video; it could have been for auto insurance, or soap, or anything. “I’m getting ready for a lot of things—a lot of things,” a young mother says.


Who is Hillary? She reminds me a lot of George W. Bush the way it felt like he was the mouthpiece of some other power. With Bush it was the neocons. With Hillary it’s corporations-Wall Street, Oil, Military, Agribusinesses–whoever has the money. I feel like I’m being manipulated when she talks, patronized.


From the tone of the first comments here, I don’t have to work too hard to make my anti-Hillary arguments to informed progressives. This time, to quote a song, “We won’t get fooled again”. We’re not swallowing the BS from the Clinton machine anymore. It’s more Wall Street, one-percent sludge, and we’re not looking back. I really don’t care at this point what else happens, I just want the treadmill of the same faces in national politics to come to an end. In a country of 300+ million people, there truly are more than 2 or 3 families that can give us a good President. Find one.


This is Obama Phase II, another pro-war corporate Democrat who will elicit irrational and ignorant hatred from Republicans, which will provide millions of “grassroots” pro-military pro-Wall Street Democraticvoters with phony evidence of her progressive credentials, while her policies will be barely distinguishable from a Republican on anything except identity politics.

She was a Walmart attorney. She supported the Iraq invasion and Bush’s war on terror, she is silent on outsourcing and TPP, she is silent on drones and our ongoing support of brutal regimes in Saudi Arabia and Israel. She pays lip service to issues like gay marriage that shouldn’t even be matters of state in a secular republic, while treating most of the world’s population like collateral damage and chattel slaves to prop up Wall Street. This is the face of American liberalism?


Notice Clinton feigning concern for “the tough economic times Americans have weathered” while failing to mention that Bill Clinton’s killing Glass Steagall, deregulating commodities trading, and other Wall Street friendly actions were the major causes of the “tough economic times” ?

She also failed to mention that two years of Democrats controlling white house, congress and senate exacerbated the risk of the next economic meltdown, with too-big-to-fail banks now more than 40% larger than they were when the 2008 meltdown occurred.


Hillary is ready to con millions of people that she gives a damn about them, while servicing her billionaire constituency who must be quite entertained by all of the trouble their millionaire gophers go to on their behalf like say, orchestrating the whole guise of a democracy thing. And they do all of that for mere pocket change relative to these billionaires’ unconscionable wealth.


One would think that topnotch PR & Advertising firms know a thing or two about symbols, particularly their subliminal implications.

In regard to this:

“By that point, a small boy has already explained that he is getting ready to be in a play, in which he will play a fish and wear a fish costume, and has, indeed, begun to sing a fish song. (Perhaps one should be grateful that the candidate does not take up the fishy refrain.)”

According to astrology, the last Zodiac sign known for its camouflage and counterfeit tactics is Pisces. The emphasis on the fish costume is so subliminally true as it alerts that all that’s being presented is a deceptive illusion.

Jesus Christ was known as “the fisher of men” as his arrival and lasting impression corresponded to the initial stages of the Age of Pisces: realm of the fish.


I had the misfortune of hearing positive things about Rand Paul on this morning’s radio show (PBS). It’s amazing that this proponent of corporate “freedom” in all ways imaginable is packaging himself as the anti-Washington candidate.

How many Americans FULLY understand the degree to which corporations have so firmly planted themselves IN Washington and purchased everything that breathes (via lobbyists) as to make THEIR will & wishes the “law” of the land?

Now here’s Hillary also packaging herself as that “voice of the people” while the sickening truth is that both parties–as most who read this forum understand–are beholden to the same 1% Donor Caste.

If we had a functioning media, the gap between the alleged “champion of The People” role and the RECORD of these candidates’ performances, priorities and actual policy votes would be bridged and the public would see the FRAUDS for what they are.


You put the focus on a “which one is worse” frame when the REAL problem is corporatism and it’s taken control of both parties since campaigns & mass media/advertising costs are so high that they force people to bankrupt and/or mortgage their souls if they wish to run for office at all… viability means big money since without it, who will know the individual’s platforms? Capital runs it, and that’s why the system advantages those with lots of it. Anyone who’s not in that 1% club has to gain the support of those who are… and that means loyalty pledges that call for the forfeiture of all that’s morally sound.

In the same way that U.S. pro-military interests (and that includes weapons makers and designers) sell arms all over the world to virtually ensure a continuum of conflicts… the political system is largely airtight. To get inside of it, one must show Capital as their entrance card. In order to get that capital (lest one be born into it), the demands of the Donor Caste dictate much in the way of policies.

It works that way in media: those picking up the tab–i.e. big advertisers–control and/or influence MUCH of content.

Anyone who can’t see that missed the way small slights to Official Martial Policy were treated with careers taken off-air and a plethora of pro-war “authorities” occupying virtually all of the Talk shows and News programs. This trend of all sources staying lockstep came as a result of 911 but it’s barely shifted since. If anything, it’s become entrenched.

The system is one of controls being increasingly used on food supply, media, education, wages/banking, In-Justice system, etc. It uses the ILLUSION of choice increasingly where there is none.



Is CD’s quadrennial transmogrification into er… you know what…underway?


Although I didn’t see it, NPR played excerpts from Paul’s faux argument with Savannah Guthrie on the Today Show, no doubt, just to prove to his base that he is always willing to buck the mainstream media.


If you think that is bad, on Democracy Now this morning, in a discussion regarding the Hillary candidacy between Robert Sheer, Ksama Sawant, and two Democrat shills whose named I’ll have to look up Sheer was told by one of the shills that his criticism of Hillary was effectively wanting Rand Paul to be president. Sheer foolishly fell right into the trap and started defending Rand Paul (focusing strictly on his positions on foreign policy and the NSA/Snowden of course).

I positively cringed.

We don’t need any “socialists for Rand Paul”. Like walking and chewing gum, people need to keep two things clear in their mind at once:

  1. Hillary is bad
  2. Rand Paul is bad.


Well said!


Obama Phase II or Bush Phase III.


LOL… You people crack me up… So, you fell for the obama machine thinking that he was the do all mighty-mouse of politicians… LOL… You expect me to listen to you now?

What can I say, men love to lie!.. They would lie about their d*k if means getting them votes… Why should a women be any different… Except for one small difference!!!

Question is, do YOU have a solution??.. I ain’t hearing it!!!.. Hey, since you are sooo intelligent why don’t you run for president!!!

You can blame the liberal media when something goes wrong…

You can also blame Dubya for going into Iraq… Which I have no doubt were all for it… You can’t be real, you expect a politician to be real…