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Hillary Haunted by Libya


Hillary Haunted by Libya

Eric Margolis

I went to Libya in 1987 to interview its strongman, Muammar Khadaffi. We spent an evening talking in his colorful Bedouin tent outside the Bab al-Azizya Barracks in Tripoli which had been bombed a year earlier by the US in an attempt to kill the troublesome Libyan leader.

Khadaffi predicted to me that if he were overthrown, Libya would break up into two or three parts and again fall prey to western domination. His efforts to bring the Arab world and West Africa out of subservience and backwardness would be ended, he foretold.


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In an otherwise good article why did Eric not mention the 800# Gorilla? The Gold Dinar.


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I don't think Trump is all that well informed about foreign affairs nor that he intends to be actually...at least as yet. In that area in particular Hillary and Bernie would score a knock out in the early rounds. I am sure he is brushing up and doing his homework as we speak but I think that he will be memorizing talking points for debating foreign policy until he is forced to make it one on one.


Just business as usual by our "exceptional" government. Just another debacle that happened due to Arab Spring influences. Our neocon leaders were just acting on behalf of humanitarian interests. Go Bernie.


This is how 'murca's villains roll(ed):

No bullet-proof anything that I could discern.
Thanks Hillary...


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Well, I hope that Sanders can make it, but the US Fourth Reich has a long tradition that only Democrats or Republicans are electable, and that is broken down further to whom is the most money given, and which will do as he/she is told.
* Without Sanders finding a steamroller, our choice appears to be between reincarnations of Mussolini "R" or Hitler "D".
* Either one will leave us, and the world, weeping, and the banksters and MICC dancing for joy.


thanks for saying this. Putting 'leader' in scare quotes helps validate the very thing he's railing against.


[quote="Shantiananda, post:3, topic:19332"]
The Gold Dinar (backed by several hundred tons of gold, where did it go?) ..... thereby dumping the US$ as the reserve currency .... organizing and enfranchising black Africa into a potent global force, resisting the exploitation
of resources by western corporate robbers/bankers .... securing a sustainable
fresh water supply! Libya under Kaddafi provided state supported health,
housing, and educational benefits.


That would be nice, but it makes no sense strategically for Trump to do anything that might risk his having to run against Sanders instead of Clinton. Either is probably tougher than his Republican foils have been, but he polls better against Clinton than Sanders already, and she is a far easier target for criticism, since so many of the world's new skeletons are in her closet.


I have come to feel that the intensity of the hostility to Hillary Clinton on both right and left is rooted in misogyny. To be honest, I have not supported many of her domestic and foreign policy positions simply because she, like Obama, is a centrist at home and committed to US global dominance abroad. But that does not make her evil or insidious or dishonest or a war criminal. It makes her a typical status politician - not the worst thing in the world.

Just as America, in the end, could not live with a black president and is now turning toward a raving maniac who promises to make America white again, so too much of this nation cannot stomach the possibility of a female president. If Der Trump can keep America both white and male, the mob will be ready to surrender all their vaunted freedoms into his much-talked-about hands.