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Hillary-Kaine: Back to the Center


Hillary-Kaine: Back to the Center

William K. Black

By picking Sen. Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton has revealed her true preferences and shown that her move to the left on policy issues during the primaries was simply a tactical move to defeat Bernie Sanders. It’s not what you say, it’s what you do. Clinton can talk about caring about the U.S. public, but this choice cuts through the rhetoric.


"It's one of the tragedies of triangulation that this is now where people say the "center" is. If so, that is definitely a center that cannot hold."

Yes! i logged in because the headline asserted "center." i was ready to criticize the writer William Black, but clearly Black is not promoting this "centrism."

i like the way Black calls it the "Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party," as opposed to the "Democratic-wing of the Party."


Black writes:
"As an attorney, professor of economics, serial whistleblower, former financial regulator and white-collar criminologist, I can explain exactly how the DLC and their Republican allies, both of which were traditionally funded by and servants of Wall Street, rigged the system. You can be sure that people like me who have demonstrated their ability and willingness to destroy the rigged system in order to regulate and prosecute financial elites and their political cronies will never be appointed by a Clinton/Kaine administration."

i will add: You can also be sure that Black will never be a go-to media commentator, despite his credentials and history of being right. Instead, serially and spectacularly wrong "pundits" hold tenured chairs in "mainstream" media commentary.


Here is a suggestion.

There seems to be a lot of awareness emanating from the posters on this web site.
I am don't come at everything with complete historical awareness or optimal lingual skills.
But I am sure we can have a show where true experts initially donate their time.

How about it?
First let us draw up some rules of the show.
Two Hours?
Subjects from common dreams?
Every Sunday?
Every day?
Which Platform?

How about it?
Going once, going tw......


Professor Black's cohort Michael Hudson's last book "Killing the Host" is hard to keep from the library. Black and Hudson showed up on Moyers' occasionally, but now we have rely on professor Richard Wolff's updates for real economic news.

The fourth estate is Banker's rabies infected full moon canine in heat.

Can we do something else? The Young Turks are not perfect but they do try. RT can drop some real gems, but do not have exposure or consistency to construct a real platform. It will take years to build something organically.

Any other old fogies here with some breath to waste?


Excellent piece, Black and his fellow Univ. of Missouri, Kansas City, colleague Michael Hudson are among the few not putting out standard econmic bromides. Both are regulars on The Real News Network.


This proves that Democrats don't care who wins.


From The Real News Network:

Mike Hudson - Trump Policy Will Unravel Traditional Neocons

Economist Michael Hudson says Trump's divergence from the conventional Republican platform is generating indignant punditry from neocons and neoliberals alike


Oh, flaming blazes, center of what, the Walmart Board of Egregious Labor Bullying? Citizens for a Third World War?


Thank you Wm. Black, I follow your work and appreciate this article. Spot on.
The reality of the Clinton Machine is not well known among the everyday Democrats. Either because they don't research their choices or they are sucked into the very effective PR they have always kept up.
This article is the real deal. She doesn't give a hoot what we think and apparently doesn't really need our votes. Some have said Trump is a plant and I would seriously not doubt that. Stephen Colbert said they ran him cause he was the only one she could beat.
Since we see in this article how Clinton works with the Republicans it looks even more possible. They don't like Trump either so they are going to throw it to Clinton, she shares their values some have said.
Jill Stein 2016


The Green party has been around since '84 I think. Very progressive and just in need of funds and support. Jill Stein is on many ballots and working to get on the rest. She's got my vote for a third party.


One stop lobbyist shopping for the Koch Brothers. Why go anywhere else?

"As Tom Frank’s new book Listen, Liberal documents, the DLC vilified the New Deal, financial and safety regulation, organized labor, the working class, opponents of militarism, opponents of the disastrous trade deals that were actually backdoor assaults on effective health, safety and financial regulation, and the progressive base of the Democratic Party."

It's purported that the Rothschild family (and other bankers) backed both sides of World War II. That way, whoever won, the financial needs of the big banks would retain primacy.

How hard is it for a billionaire to fund "both political teams"? Essentially, both cater to the Big Money interests and produce very similar policies. They only deviate on their tolerance of gays, who gets to use which bathroom, and whether women can still obtain birth control.


What Bill Black calls centrist, I would call full blown right wing, but I can only applaud this performance otherwise! Prof Black doesn't mince his words and you can take those words to the bank. Is the Trump position on Glass-Steagal and TPP really cynical? Why would he alienate his own party establishment?
I'm wondering why you let Bernie cave to Clinton, Professor? You must believe the "centrist" element in the DP can't be beaten or that the third party option would defeat Clinton and put Trump in. I'd like to know what you advised him to do, just between us....


Hi MountainMan23. I read your link and it's awesome, especially the part about Obama and congressional Repubs planning to get together after the election to pass TPP lame-duck. I agree that Trump is planning to run at HillRod from the left to capture pro-Bernie progressives while HillRod is pivoting to the right to go after disaffected Repubs. Clinton will be stuck trying to defend all the neo-con and neo-liberal garbage, and that's a loser.


Just add Kagan and we have the KKK.


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You mean pick an article, and then have somebody write a mini-diary on a related subject in the comments? And then we'd all comment/discuss?

Also leaving an open invitation to theprogressivewing.com.


So, what issues do Ds and Rs bicker about: gays, god, guns, racism, sexism, other 'identity' issues
Which issues do not affect oligarchs: the same (that's why they are talked about so much)
Which issues affect oligarchs: banking, trade, wall st, military, taxes, corporate power, empire. If Clinton gets in, no one can or will get in her way regarding these issues. With Trump, there will be resistance.

Clinton supporters: Are you reading these articles? do you understand why Clinton is at least an equal evil to Trump?


Black has been a guest on Bill Moyer's programs, although you can't really call that mainstream media. I don't know if Bill still has a program on PBS, or wherever, but he has always been a great source for interviews with outside the box critical thinkers.