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Hillary "Misspeaks" About Thousands Dying


Hillary "Misspeaks" About Thousands Dying

The backlash was swift after Hillary Clinton, whose strong suit is evidently not history, praised the Reagans for their "advocacy" on AIDS, when in fact they infamously looked away as 20,000 people died. Clinton quickly apologized by saying she "misspoke" - a quintessentially Clintonesque term for "lie" - but not before Twitter's #HillaryHistory called out her unconscionable revisionism.


Hillary didn’t “misspeak” – Hillary lied –

Probably did it to please those in attendance worshipping Reagan and “Mommy” –

the people who are important to her. Like Kissinger.


“Just say no” to HRC.


… I came out of a pTSD flashback of 1985, when people I loved were withering up and fucking dying like soldiers on a battlefield, and I fervently wished someone would go to Hillary and pound a stake through her chest in the place where human beings have a heart.


I’m with you. I’ll never forget the official callousness and depravity from the Reagans on this question, and it wasn’t until l poor Ryan White contracted pediatric AIDS that the GOP started to figure out that, perhaps, god was punishing a lot more than gays.
AIDS ended one of the last relatively free periods in American social life, and much of the blame for that rests with the crude religious vulgarity of the Reagans.
I’m not surprised HRC would praise them. The reality is that if this were 1983, she’d be a pretty open Reagan republican.


I think it may be worse. She probably believed it - she’s such friends with all those folks she wants to think good of them.


I think you’re right – :slight_smile:


What she said about margret sanger is sickening. Yet, what is expected from a attorney that was fired for " lying and unethical behavior " while serving on the Watergate committee. It was the goldmine for her brother in Haiti, while sec of state that got me, sleazy move. She’s still a Barry Goldwater Republican. Hope she feels the Burn


just like she ‘misspoke’ about sniper fire in Bosnia…


uthink –

I’m a little behind you not knowing what Hillary said about Sanger that you found sickening -

Did hear about the Watergate Committee –

Not familiar with brother in Haiti – is this the one who married Barbara Boxer’s daughter?

Imo, she’s a corporate fascist – and a Hawk -

A Hawk is not a feminist.

Fill me in if you have time. Thanks –


I too have been remembering all day the people I knew who died, and who were so callously dismissed not only by Nancy Reagan but all over again by Hilary. My memories returned to the days of ACT UP and people in my life today have “evolved”…well yes, and I do understand…however, we must not forget and we have an obligation to honor our dead…yet we are quick to forget the lessons. People ten years my junior don’t even know what ACT UP was about. And go about the business of being married, and that’s great for them, but …we have seniors who are still closeted in nursing homes because of what Nancy Reagan said, and who is fighting for them. Not too many people. We have a quilt. Where is it today? Why didn’t someone get it put on the news in protest? We have the lessons of a different kind of memorial. Our whole country is talking about fascism. Here in America. And here it is again, happening in Chicago, the same kinds of silencing that we had over AIDS being tried again on a larger scale and it’s working because once again, “we’re here, we’re queer, we got over ourselves” give me a break. We are ONE. We CANNOT be divided. . And I did not speak up because I was not a ___________ and then they came for __________and I did not speak up because I was not a _________and then they came for __________…she needed to expand on her apology, and as a human person I can hear her words and because I am very surprisingly, still, a Christian, I can accept her apology, yet every ounce of my lesbian soul and every spirit of everything in me as a nomad and a person affected by the likes of Nancy Reagan and many others…I do NOT trust her as far as I can throw her and will be watching her, whether she is elected or not. Silence =Death. What do we want? Equality. When do we want it? NOW. For The PEOPLE United will never be defeated.


lying is Hillary’s bread and butter


Misspeaks !!! Just another lie from the lips of the power mad shrew. Like the sniper fire in Bosnia she withstood to the lies about Vince Foster and many in-between, Hillary has a problem with truthiness.