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Hillary’s Challengers – and the Anti-Wall Street Wave


Hillary’s Challengers – and the Anti-Wall Street Wave

Richard Eskow

Former governor Martin O’Malley and former senator Jim Webb spoke at a firefighters’ union event earlier this month. Both are the subject of renewed press interest as they contemplate entering the presidential race. Sen. Bernie Sanders has been publicly weighing a run. Sen. Elizabeth Warren is being encouraged to enter the race.

All four have criticized Wall Street’s unethical practices and undue political influence. Leading contender Hillary Clinton, by contrast, has not.

Should that worry Democrats?

O’Malley Moves In


I’m ready to see a Sanders/Warren ticket! Does anyone else agree?


It’s fairly obvious to me that Hillary Clinton is entirely identified with the 1% oligarchy, and that she will not provide the leadership we need in this country to take us in a better direction.

We need a political outsider to take on the corruption in the halls of D.C. and Wall Street, someone who can develop a winning strategy that remains independent of the corporate-controlled mass media machine that makes and breaks candidates. This is actually possible with the use of the Internet and by tapping into the strong desire for peace and a good quality of life for everyone.

A populist movement to take back control of our country could work, and give people a real sense of hope, optimism, and empowerment. Communities need to get active on a local level, holding events that do not depend on corporate sponsorship but popular engagement.


It would be a lot better than the usual fare: American dynasty in the form of a Bush or a Clinton. This site’s political commentators think they are going to get a perfect candidate… Sanders/Warren would make many helpful changes, albeit, not all that are desired.


A recent study by Princeton University stated that the United States is not a democracy. We are a Plutocracy. We are owned and run by the .001%. We also seem to be insane.


Richard Eskow, Hillarycrat, cannot seem to muster any respect for anybody willing to take on Wall Street’s Darling Hillary.

Mr. Eskow, why is it impossible for you to even acknowledge that Senator Jim Webb, (D-VA) was a US Senator instead of making his appear in your writing as a state senator? What is so offensive about him to you? Was it his proven track record of taking himself seriously enough to call out all of the clowns drunk on their power to worship Wall Street?

Does it have something to do with Senator Jim Webb’s authentic authority, compared to which Secretary Hillary Clinton’s manufactured authority is, well, incomparable, precisely because she is religiously devoted to Wall Street?

Are you easy on O’Malley, Warren and Sanders because none of them is serious about any Hillary challenge?

Or, are you just another Wall Street pocket writer, pretending to be someone else?


Why do you suppose O’Malley is not challenging Hillary on anything?

Is it perhaps because he is really running to be her VP?

Surely no one believes he is serious as a presidential contender. He doesn’t even take himself seriously enough to be that.


And I’m ready for a Warren, Sanders ticket. Many people want a woman president.


I agree with this whole heartedly. It’s time for real change if our country is to survive and become a true nation of, by and for the people. That change will only come from “the people” uniting and supporting a new party which lights the way toward an honest new day. The real question is when will the vast majority of people say enough of rule by the 1% (who truly support the .01%) and disregard the smoke and mirrors parties and form a new party?


The nation is propagandized 24-7, elections are illusions, and the Constitution is illegally trumped by an anti-American scheme called USA PATRIOT Act. Brace yourself for more dark years without justice.


The 1% across the world are basically daring the people to take their heads (figuratively … though I am referring to violent uprising). Germany and the “troika” is not giving anything to Syriza … the rise of Podemos in Spain … the people are pissed everywhere. And yet the elite continue to screw the mass of people. And Hillary ain’t gonna do a damn thing except line her, her husband’s and their friends pockets as 'Murika slides into fascism. They are daring us to take their heads, and it’s gonna happen. The liberal safety valves have been carefully removed and the people have no options.


As a presidential candidate, Obama showed us a commitment to traditional Democratic values much different from the Obama that we came to know as president.

Bill and Hillary Clinton appeared to be steadfast champions for the people, yet he repealed provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act resulting in the near collapse of our weakened economy. He opened the door to triangulation or pretend “cooperation” with Republicans and the policies of the conservative-friendly Third Way think tank, now beloved by the current Democratic Party leaders.

Hillary first appeared as a defender of the masses, next as member of Wall Street insiders. She has been since been alerted by her people to change her message to sound more in touch with the public.

Which Hillary are we going to believe? Which one will we find after the election results are final?


I’m all for it. We shouldn’t have any trouble getting AIPAC involved as well.


Actually, VP Joe Biden will be the 2016 Dem Party candidate. Any Dem pol can challenge him for the nomination, splitting the Dem vote to ensure a 2016 Dem party defeat. As cold as it sounds, people won’t elect a president as old as Sen. Sanders. Warren is not running. Clinton, with her long record of support for the right wing agenda, is unelectable on the Dem ticket.


For those who forget, Bill Clinton ended our former poverty relief programs even while signing NAFTA, resulting in significant job loss, and then took the first steps to similarly “reform” Social Security, targeting the disabled. The Clintons are both of the New Democrat Party (Google it), a hard-right branch of the Democratic Party.


It doesn’t matter, I don’t think. VP Joe Biden will be the 2016 Dem Party candidate, and it’s a stunning reflection on this generation that so few people seem aware of this. When you see people – especially those who wave their Progressive pennants – calling for Hillary Clinton to replace Biden as the candidate, ask them why. At best, you’ll get murky answers about her “experience.” In what? In protecting massive upward wealth redistribution while deeply dividing the proverbial masses, middle class against the poor.



You may be correct. When I suggested the Sanders/Warren ticket, it was a whimsical thought–I love the passion of both Sanders and Warren and I figured that people would consider voting for Sanders despite his age since his VP would be much younger. It would be such a pleasure to have a President and VP who genuinely care about working people and talk in a straightforward manner instead of the regular “please everyone” politicians. It’s good to dream now and then. .