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Hillary’s Choice: Why Tim Kaine Isn’t a ‘Safe’ Pick


Hillary’s Choice: Why Tim Kaine Isn’t a ‘Safe’ Pick

Nomi Prins

Once there was a Democratic senator from Virginia who managed to work across party lines to enact innovative legislation to protect ordinary Americans’ savings from bank speculation.

That is not the Virginia Democratic senator Hillary Clinton picked to be her running mate.


The banks and the MIC run this and most other nations.


Brava! Excellent and accurate commentary from Nomi Prins!

All the "safe" picks and manipulative speeches from DINO politicians and their wives will not rebuild trust once spent, lost, or squandered - voters who finally see the truth of who the Dem (and R'Con) establishment serves will never fall in line again!

Ever since big-money took politics by the throat, it dictated who would run, who received the campaign-contribution bribes, who "won" elections, and what legislation would be passed, while "gridlock" (supposedly) stymied the really critical issues of our time.

To further empower/gift the wealthiest and most powerful/connected banks and those that run them - (banks are not people - neither are corporations - but run by people who should be held fully accountable) - politicians sold themselves and none more so than HRC. The payoffs were various, disguised payment for "speeches", or to "foundations" that serve the interests of the founders and directors.

Now HRC, as the anointed nominee her arrogance runneth over, and that arrogance will be her undoing.....may it be swift and devastating, as her servitude to wealth and power has been to the 99%, the "ordinary" guy and gal........


Thanks for the article. Very enlightening given that the Democratic establishment is in full "blue washing mode" attempting to re-invent Kaine into some sort of progressive.


Thank you, Ms. Prins although logic--sans training in Economics--would dictate that this is the sanest, most efficient, and fairest way to go:

"The amount of regulation — and the amount of capital banks must set aside to cover their risk — should be proportional to the types of assets they hold, risks they take and practices in which they engage. It is fair to consider reducing limits for well-behaved community banks that serve local areas. Both parties, and progressives, should consider the actual composition of each community bank as a regulatory parameter."

And this... is no surprise:

"You’ll hear that her Wall Street plan is better than reinstating Glass-Steagall, because as she’s said, major economists (those that don’t appear to fully understand how financial relationships and derivatives work) said so. She will reference shadow-banking problems, which in her alternative universe, have no financing connections to big FDIC-insured banks. (Again, probably sheer coincidence that the lion’s share of the money backing Clinton’s White House bid comes from the securities and investment sector, according to the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.) Kaine will fall into line behind her."


ENLIGHTENED:.... The Democratic Party has done one thing so right..... they have chosen a Presidential and VP Candidate that most truthfully reflects their True Goals.
Whether it be Big Banking, Climate Chaos, Big Pharma, Big Fossil Fuels.... The DEMS themselves have chosen and have shown their True Colors.

So I would say that this is the New Democratic Party, not the Old Democratic Party of your Parents, or the Democratic Party of the New Deal Era, but the Modern Democratic Party.
So for all of you Bernie Supporters think twice about hitching your wagon to this one..... If you are a sincere Bernie Supporter, or a Millenial, then may you well consider Jill Stein and The Green Party, the authentic progressive party...... for now we are at a major tipping point and threshold for humanity's fate.


A timely article by James Kwak of Baseline Scenario on countering the claims of negative impact of reinstating Glass Steagall
More Banking Mystification

Just imagine - if banks were free from the pressures that derivatives have placed on the entire economy, think about domestic cooperatively owned manufacturing being able to access reasonable financing!
Maybe, flipping reasoning to the inverse, preventing domestic wellbeing and the willingness to develop cooperative local, soundly vested stable industry is precisely what the banksters are trying to prevent in hopes of being able to suck the lifeblood out of that too.


A clear picture of the HRC end game. I hope this article takes on wings, The time is ripe for taking the establishment down. If that means a Trump presidency, so be it. Dems have utilized all means at their disposal to hurt their credibility. They failed to adequately respond the the leaked emails - as though there was nothing in there that hurt HRC's credibility. Who leaked them is irrelevant. HRC will pursue her economic and military agenda at the expense of the country. If she gets elected, we will have condoned corruption, fraud and money-laundering as legitimate political tactics.


Real problems with this guy. He is against the death penalty and abortions. Consistent positions however he is willing to enforce the law as an elected politician. So - if slavery were the law - I guess he would be willing to serve as an elected official and enforce that as well.

He seems like a career politician who has done so well for himself. Reminds me of a couple from Arkansas who have benefited so well financially from "public service" or should it be called "self-service?"


"Safe pick" in DNCspeak and Clintonspeak means a safe bet for Wall Street and its corporate cronies who "contribute" a billion dollars per year or more to the Democratic Party.

By that metric, the DNC could have found no safer VP pick than Kaine.


Good article.
Wait for zero interest or negative interest rates like some banks in the EU. The people would cry out at bailing out the banks again. So negative interest rates are our personal individual bailout. They know its coming but are scared to allow it for fear of bank runs. Duh!

Perhaps you caught the story a week or so ago about helicopter money. It was discussed by the US officials with the Japanese gov. to help them in their money troubles. Helicopter money is like QE except instead of money going to banks it finds its way to us through jobs. Money printed for the repair and building of infrastructure. It spreads the bucks around. People have some jobs and some money in there pockets. It is also profit for corporations in business to carry out the work. If you noticed the stock market took off both in Japan and the US. Rising at first in similar increments. After awhile folks started to ask about the helicopter money. Turns out there are no US leaders discussing federal funds for highways and bridges, water systems, dams. Japan is not doing it either. You know it sure is good that during the DNC convention the stock market is doing so well. Bet someone brings it up. Hollywood could not have done it better.


Important article, Nomi! Is Hillary more interested in serving America and the world, or being the first woman president of the U.S.? It looks like we all have a ringside seat. And, if she caves in to the creed of greed, can we, the "progressive, what works best for all of us (Bernie) crowd", push her forward anyway? In other words, is she going to serve as an example of what we don't want or, what we do want? Whatever the consequences of what she decides, she'll have to live with it, and so will we! For her sake and ours, I hope she chooses to do what works best for all of us, including those who are so blinded by the need to be somebody, they treat the rest of us like nobodies. What's more exciting, or worth doing, than changing ourselves for the better to change the world for the better? Isn't it time to wake up, wise up and rise up the the better selves we can be? If we don't, won’t things just keep getting worse until we do?


Note to Nomi. Clinton was NOT a safe pick. There in lies the root problem.


Once there was governments that represent those that paid their taxes and voted for them....

Now, people are treated by the 1%, 62 sociopaths, as just another commodity group, which are easily replaced......
Unless taxes are withdrawn ---then the branding masks are removed and that is the only thing the 1%, financial idiots, are afraid of anymore.....Time to stop being naive and wake-up enough, to see our futures are being compromised out of existence....as is our environment.....
Oh and watch out for any more calls for war, or the use of false flag incidents. As they appear to be the new means of creating smoke signals to get most of the less than bothered, to buy into the latest political b s. So conveniently done to blast Iraq into the middle ages--( via lies of WMD's) or more recently the discrediting lies, used against the Greek people---no difference same results....chaos and then military or economic destruction...ensues.......