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Hillary’s Corporate Democrats Taking Down Bernie Sanders


Hillary’s Corporate Democrats Taking Down Bernie Sanders

Ralph Nader

Before announcing for President in the Democratic Primaries, Bernie Sanders told the people he would not run as an Independent and be like Nader—invoking the politically-bigoted words “being a spoiler.” Well, the spoiled corporate Democrats in Congress and their consultants are mounting a “stop Bernie campaign.” They believe he’ll “spoil” their election prospects.


It seems to me that Ralph sees a Bernie defeat and is betting on angry Bernie voters forming a third party. Que sera, sera.


If Bernie loses the nomination, he should run as an Independent instead of supporting Hillary. He cannot let down his many supporters. I would love to see him take votes away from the Blue Dog, Third Way sellouts and win.


Today's political environment requires presidential candidates develop a brand. Bernie has established a very powerful brand while Hillary has never developed a brand. If Bernie even tacitly endorses Clinton in 2016 his brand will land in the same cesspool where Kucinich's brand resides.

I don't agree with Ralph's first paragraph assertion that "They (corporate Democrats) believe he'll spoil their election prospects". "They" don't give a rip about winning the general election. Ever since the Clintons and others formed the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) in 1985, winning elections has been a lower priority than sustaining the billion plus dollars of corporate cash the Party gets each year. They fear that Bernie WILL beat the GOP and dry up the Democrats' corporate cash flow.


The Democrats Nader is referring to, who most people regard in much better terns than Nader does, must be looking back at previous elections such as the defeat of George McGovern considered to be far on the left of the party and Walter Mondale who promised to raise taxes during his nomination acceptance speech and are fearing Sanders will lose if elected and possibly cause a loss for the Democrats in Congress.


No candidate for President is ever perfect. But Bernie comes quite close.

If we really want a woman candidate, I could suggest the junior senator from New York.


Love you Ralph, campaigned here in Oregon for you and we had a good turn out for you. Step it up and come out for Bernie and out all the corporatists that are killing democracy and are part of the problem we have to get rid of. But it will take a long time to get rid of them, not enough people want to participate or can afford to participate in this joke of election cycles.


If and when Bernie Sanders is brought down by the very party he is
championing, the millions of Bernie supporters, especially young voters,
will have to consider breaking off into a new political party that will
make American history. That means dissolving the dictatorial two-party
duopoly and its ruinous, unpatriotic, democracy-destroying corporate

Include as well this no-longer-young voter in any such break-up. Once more, con brio!


That would be Massachusetts, I believe.


TPTB very much want to kill the messenger to kill the message!


Say it, Ralph!!!


Now that does not make any sense. Sanders is running in the Democratic party. What they fear is their pro-big-business ideological allies the Republicans losing and the Democratic Party being transformed to a genuinely social democratic party or further left - in the manner of Corbyn and the UK Labour Party


I do hope the people of Iowa will send Washington a message by supporting Sen Sanders. And by Sanders running as a democrat we are seeing a real contrast of who supports democratic values. How could Clinton ever represent average people after receiving so many pay offs -bribes-from wall street. And these democrats supporting Clinton just shows the rot of the current system.

I think there is a lot of anger in the country. And just as republicans are rejecting Bush -if Clinton is the nominee I think she will be defeated.----This is a change election-and Sanders is offering change.


Nader sees Bernie's defeat as an opening for candidates to step up and run as independents---people not owing the corporations any servitude. It is not only Bernie voters who will be ready to break the two party monopoly on our government. Many people know that our two party system is really a one party with two evil heads---one head is Democrat and the other head is Republican.
Many of us can see that these two parties don't give a damn for what the people want.

I think we need a candidate who will serve the many not the few. The people want the wars to end and the banksters to be put in jail for their crimes. We want the Federal Reserve to be shut down and return our monetary system to the Treasury Dept over seen by the Congress as is stated in our Constitution. We want the wars to end and ALL of our troops to be brought home to go to work in a new WPA. There are all sorts of jobs needed to be done.

We have been bombing and killing Muslim people for 35 years!! Bankrupting our nation to further Israel's dream of Greater Israel. They say god gave them all the land from the Mediterranean to the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

That just happens to be where the Muslims live. And we are told daily about the terrible Muslim terrorists. We are the terrorists!! The people of this nation must rise up in a Second American Revolution for democracy.

Maybe it can be a bloodless revolution if we can elect an ethical person to lead us into peaceful cooperation with all the nations on earth. Our Empire must be ended. People all over the world must be freed from the control of the American bankers.


Jill Stein is the best candidate, but many will choose Bernie over her if he gets the nomination. Hillary is polarizing even amongst Democrats and I wouldn't vote for her in a million years.


I dunno. I was in favour of both of Nader's presidential campaigns, but subsequently he wrote a book saying that only billionaires could save us... He has no legitimacy to question Sanders.


Perhaps you meant to say "who most Democrats regard in much better terms than Nader does" since Republicans really don't seem to have any use for them, Independents obviously aren't ALL that convinced of their value, and even quite a few Democrats (like me) abhor them and couldn't care less whether they get reelected.

People like me want real change of the sort that Obama promised but abjectly failed to even try to deliver. We're pretty sure that Bernie will at least make an honest and serious effort to achieve it. Otherwise, if it takes destroying the Democratic national establishment to make room for something actually worthwhile, so be it - and if necessary I'll grit my teeth and vote Republican if there's no other way to achieve that.


Sorry Ralph. You gave us George W. Bush. All by yourself.


So you've called me an idiot and a fool in the space of minutes. I can't link the proof as a newbie but it's clear as day that Nader cost Gore the election, in Fla, for example. So cease with your unwarranted name-calling. In fact cease with your name-calling period.


Nader is the reason America's century isn't.