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Hillary the Hawk


Hillary the Hawk

Medea Benjamin, Charles Davis

Announcing her latest campaign for the presidency, Hillary Clinton declared she was entering the race to be the champion for “everyday Americans.” As a lawmaker and diplomat, however, Clinton has long championed military campaigns that have killed scores of “everyday” people abroad, from Iraq to Yemen. As commander-in-chief, there’s no reason to believe she’d be any less a hawk than she was as the senator who backed George W.


““If she pursues a policy which we think she will pursue,” he said, “it’s something that might have been called neocon, but clearly her supporters are not going to call it that; they are going to call it something else.””

But what? What will convey that sense of restoring what was lost and reassuming America’s position as the beacon of all that is right? What will convince the rubes to wholeheartedly support whatever neocon lunacy Hillary is pushing?


Thank you, Medea, for your brave and enduring efforts to speak as a witness for peace and sanity in a world awash in the macho bravado of an armed and dangerous uber-Mars-ruled ethos.

There used to be a slogan that ran along the lines that any job a man did, a woman had to do better to hold that niche and/or a similar pay scale. When it comes to the ways of war, a female warrior like Ms. Clinton is trying to out-do the boys in their own phallic contests of aggressive shows of power. It’s sad for her and for most of the planet.


I don’t care what Hilary the Hawk’s supporters will call her. I call those loyal supporters brainless sheeple. They learned to call themselves Democrats before the age of reason, and they have never re evaluated that decision in the last 50 years. These loyal Democrats have not noticed the leap to the right that the Dems took with Billie (the other Clinton). You know Billie—the guy that gave us NAFTA and job loss, and the Banking Deregulation (so we are all broke) and the media deregulation (so now we are all badly informed). Vote for her and she can do even more harm than her dear Hubby did.

Or better yet, vote for an independent candidate. It is all fixed and she has already won—but don’t give her any semblance of legitimacy. She might be better than the Republican, but so is Bozo the clown.


The linked article on Robert Kagan simply makes me despair. What human connection could there be between a self-satisfied, self-important, well-off personage to whom our “leaders” listen respectfully and the helpless child in the middle east screaming in terror as the drones come? There’s no hope, I’m afraid and the sooner this murderous empire goes down, the better.


I think being labeled " no reliable friend of peace" is merely a softly stated way of calling her a warmonger. Somehow we have to let the sheep know who she really is before we have her as our commander in chief. We need Instant Runoff Voting in national elections right now so we can elect a third party peace candidate and rid ourselves of the oligarchy controlled two party system that profits from war.


If Jesus Christ himself were running for president as an independent or third party candidate, he couldn’t get elected in this country. The two-party monopoly believes that our votes are their votes, and most voters believe it too.


Thanks Siouxrose11–you said it all!


very good idea…elections before the phony duopoly fraudulent voting theater.


Somewhere I read that Hillary encouraged and promoted Victoria Nuland, wife of Robert Kagan who is also a Neo-Con to her Ukraine position while she (Hillary) was Secretary of State. Not at all a healthy country with more Bush and Clinton running for office. The idea of the US pushing democracy all over the world is a fraud; they have been pushing plutocracy for a long time.