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Hillary Wants to Bring Back Bill. She Shouldn’t


Hillary Wants to Bring Back Bill. She Shouldn’t.

Jim Hightower

This year, despite the unnerving presidential freak show the Republicans are putting on, Hillary Clinton is the one who recently stunned me.

Attempting to convince wary working class families that she’ll lift up the poor, shore up the middle class, and stand against the abuses of her Wall Street financial backers, Clinton made a horrifying declaration that she’ll bring back Bill.


Let Bill do the Easter Egg hunt, and maybe the turkey pardon. That's about all he's qualified for.


Poke in the eye is right. I have an answer for you Mr. Hightower on why she would bring back Bill.
A. She's so out of touch she doesn't know we know what the two of them have done.
B. She doesn't care what we think because she is so entitled that she plans to clamp down on descent and shove all of her policies down our throat.
C. What can we do about it? Nothing, we can vote for her or ....Trump!
(Like we have no other choice)
D. There won't be anymore of these annoying elections so it doesn't matter.
I'm going to buy the book "Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience With Hillary and Bill and How They Operate" by Byrne.
He claims she is a tyrant given to fits of screaming and throwing things and said he saw Bill leave with a black eye after one of these episodes. (Chicken and the egg). Did he cheat because she's a wacko or is she nuts cause he cheated?
Ah, what a lovely power couple for the end times. So tell me again how she is so much better than Trump?
Come on Wikileaks with those emails. Something has to stop this nightmare.


Our only hope is that so much dirt will surface on both the H and Drumpf that they will either be indicted or their respective parties will have no choice but to offer up alternate candidates. I don't know who the R's have, but the D's have Bernie. Wouldn't THAT be a site? Bernie and Jill Stein debating, each pushing the other farther to the Left.


wtf Bill H., you missed 2 huge disasters from Bill Clinton: 1. Deregulation of wall st. via destruction of Glass-Steagal. and 2. The telecommunications act of 1996, which gave us clear channel, et al. media dominance.


The poke in the eye is to women. Hillary has announced her candidacy as Elect Mrs. BIll Clinton with this statement. Suddenly Hillary isn't competent on her own but her husband will be there in case she can't handle things on her own? After all this time, only now does she announce her elect Mrs. Bill intentions. For shame ladies. Hillary's 'woman's card' is of a man, her hubby!

This surprised me and for the first time I am wondering if Hillary may be hiding the fact that she is physically ill?

The economy is the presidency except in case of war and even then too! What the hell else is there? Something doesn't seem right. Why would the woman's candidate make such a sexist move and look to the man to run things?


I wouldn't even let a womanizer like Bill Clinton in my own house. Both Clintons back in the White House? Truly the stuff of nightmares.


Here I thought the intern chief job was earmarked for Bill, not fixing the economy.


But please make sure none of the kiddies or turkeys are female ... :scream:


Now there's an image I'm going to have trouble purging!


Interesting theory -- I can only hope it's true, but I thought it meant that she's really not intelligent enough to be president (based on the articles out there talking about all the things she's flokked up over her years in poitics).


Right? Like even after you barf! :weary: :grimacing:


I am very surprised that she would say that. It is not a confidence builder about her as a woman that she needs to have her husband Bill be co-elected with her. Something else is happening. I am not saying she is physically ill but I wonder. The only other thing is that she is getting blowback about her security issues and revealing classified data to people who shouldn't have had access to it. So Bill is kind of like going to reassure them?

There is another rather doubtful ( I hope ) alternative is that she plans to focus on other things like war like she will be the war chief and Bill will be the homeland chief. This is so f'd now.

The powerful did everything they could to prevent the clear choice by the people of America ( independents are actually people too... No really! ) - Bernie and now we are getting stuck with this bullshit and or a fascist racist billionaire.

Suddenly an exciting election begins to have a bad odor and starts to seem ominous instead. America deserves better than this sleight of hand switcheroo.

Are we electing Hillary or is it really a con and we are really re-electing Bill?


I'm an Independent, and have been for most of my voting life! So ... thank yah; thank yah verah much :sunglasses:

Concerning the email server in her closet at home -- what if that was so Bubba could see them first and tell her how he'd handle whatever was in the email?


He probably has clearance already being a former president. I was thinking of individuals and governments that she interacted with as Sec of State being given privileged and classified information that she knew was illegal and that she needed to keep off the record.

If someone else had done something similar they would be investigated for possible treason. She destroyed evidence of what she was doing in secret with classified information. That is the actual crime but the question of greater criminality remains.


I have never understood how a woman who rode to power on her husband's coat tails and bases her experience as "the most qualified candidate in recent history" on having been the wife of a president is a feminist icon.

I think the first female president should be someone whose husband (if she has one instead of being single or having a wife) becomes only known when she runs. That would be a feminist icon.


Hillary is hardly an icon except for her gender. She wasn't a very good Sec of State either. Could it be that underneath all the media hype that Hillary isn't very well respected by her peers? Maybe she is feeling those doubts and reservations about her from the other politicians and needs to bring in Bill to reassure them that he will be in charge? Nope not an icon.

Bernie was the right choice for America and there is a growing sense of doom starting to shadow this election. Like we took the wrong road and now we will end up regretting it in ways we never expected? A subjective opinion to be sure but things seem to be >>> not right, somehow?

Why did she say this now? It is strange that she did. Trump is getting screwier too and you have to wonder what goes on in his brain? I wonder why his handlers aren't telling him to cool it?

Things seem to be unnecessarily too wrong ... If you know what I mean? Like the wrongness has somehow increased suddenly.


I've only got one answer for you Tom: We're screwed no matter who gets in there.

And only one person in Washington is standing up, sticking his neck out for all us lousy slobs. His name is:

The nicest, wise-est, most humble, most honest person to ever to brave the halls of power. We can't leave a man this brave hanging in the breeze, Dammit!

Let's get to Philly and support this guy the week of July 25th!

"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? No! And it's not over now!" - Bluto, film "Animal House."


Some of the emails are already posted. And there is a search option


If you don't want those unsavory characters, help the green party get signatures to get them on every state ballot. Contact them as to which states they still need. Don't give up. Ask Stein to get Bernie on their ticket.