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Hillary, "You're Screwing it Up": An Open Letter From a Bernie Delegate


Hillary, "You're Screwing it Up": An Open Letter From a Bernie Delegate

Norman Solomon

Dear Secretary Clinton:

Like most of the other Bernie Sanders delegates at the national convention last week, I don’t trust you. At the same time, we have a common interest in defeating Donald Trump. That ought to be the basis for a tactical alliance during the next 99 days -- but you need to make a major course correction.


Corporate Democrats would rather die than accept advice from a liberal or leftist.
If the Clinton campaign ever does learn that Norman Solomon has expressed these thoughts in public, expect an increase in appeals to Republicans, as well as the usual hectoring toward the left that we are too insignificant to merit consideration but will be solely responsible if and when she loses.


This letter is spot on. I am one of the subject Asa sees supporters who was never in the DNC fold since Obama put SSI up for negotiation in 2012.

Hillary you must speak in the Sam voice from now to November to get my vote. Any pivot to the middle will cause me and many others whose votes you are taking for granted to stay home or go Green. Your selection of VP was not unexpected, but “speaks” to your actions being louder than your words!


Clearly Dems would rather lose with Hillary then win with Sanders.
They keep their corporate sponsors.
Populists are denied any voice within the party.

Sure, she’ll pick up some corporate Republican votes. But were I a disillusioned non-corporate Republican I’d more likely vote Libertarian than Democrat.


It doesn’t matter to me what Hillary does or says, I will not vote for her.


“Whatever the reasons for your current approach, the consequences could be catastrophic. Beyond the fleeting praise for Bernie, your message to his delegates in Philadelphia wasn’t hard to discern: my corporate centrist way or the highway.”…N. Solomon.

Hillary Clinton, the DLC, the Third Way, hubby Bubba, is right of center and moving more in that direction daily, a centrist she ain’t. She is only “liberal” on a few social issues,eg., abortion.



Why do you give a shit? Hillary’s a no hoper. Why don’t you just go Green and get over it?


Do Democrats really care if she wins or loses?


Indeed, Hillary might have to disavow her donors, money in politics being the core issue that energised the political revolution, if she is to have a chance in November …https://mondediplo.com/outsidein/by-the-people-for-the-people


Oh please spare us more inane blather like this. It’s as though Mr. Solomon thinks that most Bernie supporters are IDIOTS who just need to hear the right magic words from Clinton and then all will be well with our souls and our votes. Guess what, Mr. Solomon? A whole lot of us actually are smarter than that! We actually have already been paying attention to Ms. Clinton’s words and actions for at least this primary cycle and maybe decades before. And we actually do NOT believe one damn word she says, and so changing her words isn’t going to matter one flyin’ flip!

And, since we KNOW that every election at least since 2000 has been rigged to suit the whim of whichever candidate the Democratic-Republican-Corporate-Media-Military-Establishment decides is the best flavor for the time, we also know that our votes really don’t matter so much at this point–especially if we decide to use our votes to support one of the Democratic-Republican conglomerate party’s candidates.

All of that leaves us in an interesting and troubling place as we consider what to do going forward, but whether or not Ms. Clinton changes her rhetoric about her positions is not a factor that will determine our choices. At least for me it won’t.


The Dems and the GOP only care about which candidate will keep corporations, wall street and the .1% the happiest.


Talking to a psychopath like Clinton even for the purposes of an article, is ridiculous.
She doesn’t care about the author. She doesn’t care about you, about me. We’re not the globalist 0.005%er’s who are the only ones she even considers “human”.

There is absolutely nothing she or her psyops think tanks can do to get any knowledgeable progressives to vote for that monster - in fact we will be voting Trump if it turns out we can’t get Stein elected because of more election fraud or a staged coup from the oligarchy Clintonmachine.


I will not vote for Satan unless he stops talking like the demonic overlord of Hell and starts talking more like a Progressive.

And that pants-suit has got to go.


Those words are excellent indeed! And could we please execute Jamie and the hedgefunders by guillotine??? :smiling_imp::yum:


Deep, deep into the ground with her disgusting body …


I’m not a dem, but yes, I do care very much if she wins … I won’t vote for Trump, but between those 2 hyenas (with apologies to hyenas everywhere) I’d rather he won than be faced with even 1 day with that hideously repulsive criminal in power!


People have been attacking Satan for centuries. How much is true and how much is just part of some vast angel-wing conspiracy against him? Where there’s smoke there isn’t always fire and brimstone.

Satan may actually be our best bet in this election. Haven’t you been paying attention to Trump?

He’s an out and out bigot.

There are a lot of things people say about Satan, but no one has ever accused him of discriminating. He wants everyone in Hell regardless of race, creed, color, sex, sexual identity, etc. He doesn’t talk about building walls to keep people out of Hell. His immigration policy is all inclusive. Everyone is welcome.

No, we have to vote for Satan to block Trump. We can make sure Satan is just a one term President but we have to vote Satan now.

Satan 2016: The lesser evil.


“we have a common interest in defeating Donald Trump. That ought to be the basis for a tactical alliance during the next 99 days”

Fear of Trump is the ONLY thing the DNC has as a strategy and it is the most vacuous reason to vote for anyone. No, it should not be the basis for a tactical alliance with anyone for any reason.

Given that the DNC represents the most craven, power-hungry but fortunately, numbers wise, an insignificant portion of the population they have absolutely nothing good to offer to the people of this planet.

Over the next 90 days both wings of the duopoly will be pouring fear of the other on thicker than an Exxon Mobile oil spill.

As bankrupt as the strategy maybe it appears to be effective because people are easily frightened of monsters under the bed.

It is always refreshing to hear Jill Stein speak of possibilities backed by proven strategies. What a difference the conversations would be over the next 90 days if 3rd party candidates were brought onto the debate stage.


The only difference between a Clinton or a Trump presidency is that with the former we pretty much know the disasters that will ensue, with the latter we do not. I make no distinction between the two and don’t mean to lessen the one over the other.

That being the case, I am all for the total collapse of the Democratic Party, right here, right now, in 2016. Though I would never presume that my wife will vote as I do, she too has said repeatedly that she probably won’t vote for her. Nor will my two sons, aged 30 and 25. Why is this significant? All four of us have been reliably Democratic voters, and each of us has watched the craven mockery of democracy that the party has become. With a single candidate and single campaign they have forever driven away a whole family of voters. But we should be thanking Hillary because this is what the D Party has been for some time, we just continued to hope that it wasn’t so. There is no hiding it now, they’re not even pretending anymore.

I don’t know what comes after the day of a Trump victory, and I don’t care. It can hardly be much worse than what I KNOW Clinton will do.


It is going to be a difficult decision. Jill Stein seems the best candidate to vote for. The Supreme Court over the years has never been beneficial to regular people. At this moment Jill Stein has my vote. She is honest, intelligent and speaks to the heart of good people everywhere. Trump is being demonized, Hillary is lacking credibility. In the past politicians have promised us the moon but it seems all we get is manure.