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Hillary's Dance: The Two-Faced Hypocritical 12-Step


Hillary's Dance: The Two-Faced Hypocritical 12-Step

Paul Buchheit

If, sad to ponder, the presidential election comes down to Hillary Clinton vs. a Republican, we'll be left either way with a business-friendly neocon White House. Given Hillary's past deceits and reversals, it's easy to see why she doesn't inspire trust among the American people.

1. Environment


HRC is a weapon that the global elites desperately want to deploy--the inevitable evil, one might say.


Hillary keeps dancing around reality.

As do her supporters. Wake up Hilbots or this just might be, as Donna Summer would say, the last dance.


Nor can I. She is the disease, not the cure. The world doesn't need another war criminal in the White House.


Thank you, Mr. Buchheit for this excellent accounting. If the U.S. mass media were doing its job, this kind of data would be front and center. Then, voters would know the true score and hopefully, vote accordingly.


Hillary will not be good for Americans...She like Obama say one thing and do another...


Who are you going to believe, your lying eyes or Nate Silver?

Photo comparison: Sanders' rally vs. Clinton's

Nate Silver: "According to our latest polls-plus forecast, Hillary Clinton has a 99% chance of winning the New York primary."

One has to wonder if Silver isn't trying to top his incredible mis-prediction about Clinton winning Michigan.

"If Sanders winds up winning in Michigan, in fact, it will count as among the greatest polling errors in primary history." Nate Silver

Sanders won Michigan.


Frackwoman sez: "What's my position? What do you want it to be?"


wikilund: I agree with you 100%..also, yesterday, I read some people's comments on blogs and two stood out as examples of some of the hysterical, blind devotion fanatic Hillary Cultists have to their leader.
One woman exclaimed that HRC singlehandedly had Congress change the laws regarding child protection while she was still in law school!
Being a person with a master's degree in Social Work, I have NEVER heard how some young woman back in the 70's crusaded for changing Child Protection Laws. I'm sure HRC, if she did, would have become famous and on all the news shows back then, if she did so. There would have been a Congressional Hearing where HRC would have been asked to testify about what she witnessed, as this woman said HRC took meticulous notes of what HRC saw at a hospital she volunteered at. It would have been mentioned in my classes how this young crusader changed the laws for children. Never heard it.
I have heard, long before these elections, that indeed the welfare reform of Bill Clinton devasted people who had been receiving needed support.& HRC supported it....
But....why reason with people with the facts?


I was listening to a story about the people in the Clinton's "adopted" hometown of Chappaqua, NY, being "Hillary Country", and they asked a local deli owner what would be in a "Hillary sandwich". He said, "lots of meat". I think it would be lots of Baloney, with a side of bullshit. Carpetbagging, soul-crushing succubus. #NeverHillary.


Nate Silver has reduced his vaunted ability with statistics to just another pro-Hillary shill job. It's sad, but typical of those people that are or were part of the NY Times establishment ...


..."it was Hillary who encouraged the president to bomb Kosovo. "

No. She encouraged the president to bomb SERBIA in order to steal Kosovo, which is, to the Serbs, the equivalent of Jerusalem to the Jews. Far, far, far worse.

I will NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton. She was a moving force behind the destruction of my country.


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" I told my wife that Obama needs to be on Dancing with the Stars the way he dances around questions." Reverend Wright.

True, and Hillary would make a great partner for Obama!


Good Hillary tutorial via Abby Martin:




Hillary Clinton is the gold standard of illegitimacy for a Presidential candidate. If she gets to have a campaign, why should we stop at her, and not have someone like Trump running as well? Heck, given the chance, even Trump had enough sense to argue against the monstrous false "successful intervention" concept that Clinton created in Kosovo.

The lie of humanitarian intervention draws us into disastrous, bloody, never-ending wars, but it doesn't stop there. It also branches, as it tries to justify an environment of oppression, invasion of privacy, insensitivity, stupidity, dishonesty, waste, political polarization, and double-standards at home. It simply isn't healthy for the nation.


The latest meme I heard on TV today is that Clinton is wiser than Sanders because he wastes time with big rallies but she does the more effective "retail politics" by buying ice cream cones and talking one on one with voters which they said is what works in NY.

Wow, they'll do whatever it takes to promote Clinton. Heavens forbid that they might wonder why she can't draw large crowds.


I hope everybody who votes tomorrow for Bernie can participate in an exit poll. Since we can't trust the computers that count and report the various kinds of ballots used in the state and they probably don't perform randomized spot checks it will be the only way we have of spotting any cheating.


Thank you for your passion. I want to add a very very loud, "AMEN"!


Yes, very well said. I could no more vote for her than I would cut off my good right hand. A world-class LIAR, a WARMONGER, a heartless, conniving b==== who will
do anything, say anything to get $$$$ and power.