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Hillary's Latest Bow to AIPAC


Hillary's Latest Bow to AIPAC

Ralph Nader

It is well known to Washington political observers that politicians invited to speak at the annual, giant AIPAC convention ask for suggested talking points from this powerful pro-Israeli government lobby. Hillary Clinton’s pandering speech must have registered close to 100% on AIPAC’s checklist.


Thanks to Ralph Nader for his tireless commitment to truth and justice at home and abroad. Writing about the Zionist/Israeli Occupation and illegal colonization of Palestine is one of the most important, IMO. The Zionist/Israeli subversion of our nation, politics and foreign policy either directly or thru their agents in the US, AIPAC, has reached such levels that all politicians must make obeisance to this lobby for a foreign power - an unforgivable act of cowardice, treason and moral complicity to Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity!

Hillary has sworn loyalty and duty to this foreign power again this year in the most craven terms, assuring America will be drawn into yet another war for Zionist racist exceptionalism, and hegemony in the ME and NA. How many more American and other lives will be lost for Zionist/Israeli contempt for all others? For their "religious" mythology, lies and propaganda pushed in the complicit US media?

The World Court ICJ has ruled the colonization of the Occupied Territories and the Apartheid Wall illegal that Israel and their lap-dogs in Congress and WH ignore - all along we pay Israel billions annually that funds and expands the contempt for law. ANY US politician that doesn't grovel before the Zionist lobby and tow the Israeli line is attacked, slandered, and denied support - THAT is the cancer allowed to metastasize in our country and others!

Vote Hillary for more of the same and probably worse. Any politician that holds first loyalty to a foreign power or its foreign agent lobbyists are treasonous and as contemptible as the Zionist war-monger killers themselves!



Nader performs a real service with this tightly- written piece. Hope it gets the play it deserves. Thanks, Mr. Nader!


I would never provide a link from such a fine publication as Common Dreams to a corporate rag like the Washington Post, but Nader has an opinion piece today about Sanders making the right decision, after all, to run as a Democrat. Here is the crux of Nader's argument:

"By running as a Democrat, Sanders declined to become a complete political masochist, and he avoided exposing his campaign to immediate annihilation by partisan hacks. Because if he had run as an independent, he would have faced only one question daily in the media, as I did: “Do you see yourself as a spoiler?” The implication being, of course, that he had no chance of winning. His popular agenda would have been totally ignored by a horse-race-obsessed mass media, which would have latched on instead to a narrative in which Sanders was unfairly hurting Hillary Clinton’s chances against whichever Republican wound up with the other major-party nomination, as if any Democrat is automatically entitled to the votes of progressives."


"With all her self-regarded experience in foreign affairs, Mrs. Clinton could pause to ponder why she is backing state terrorism against millions of Arab Palestinians trapped in two enclaves, surrounded by walls, military outposts, and suffering from deep poverty, including widespread diseases and severe anemia among Palestinian infants and children."

She could, but she won't.

This monsterette is an icon of the meanness and arrogance with which the USA treats nations that do not bow down to its dictates.


The real Hillary Clinton has finally stood up, exposing hear recent faux progressivism for the fraud it is. She has nothing to offer the world other than more bloodshed, war and violence. It speaks volumes about the decay of the Democratic party that she is the party establishment favorite.


"If you see violence, condemn it?" Sounds like HRC needs to condemn herself!


Can anybody be trusted who protects Israel's murderous genocide? The United States can never be trusted as long as its democratic hypocrisy soils itself as a supporter of Israel genocide.


Classic Nader: spare, direct, no-nonsense, true.


This is the reason Ralph Nader is a pariah in American media and political circles. He tells the truth. He has always told the truth. He may in fact be temperamentally incapable of doing otherwise. And we all know how revolutionary a word that is here in March, 2016: truth.

As for the loathsome gorgon Hillary? What can be said that hasn't already? Such a grasping, amoral, power-mad sociopath must not become president.


The Democratic Party knows Hillary will have a harder time than Bernie beating the GOP in November. Sanders' candidacy gives them cover to blame him if she loses, just like Nader gave them cover in 2000.
The Party is far more interested in sustaining corporate cash flow than winning in November. After all, Bernie is not likely to be the beneficiary of many $350,000 per plate Good Friday dinners in San Francisco.


What a sad comment on Imperial United States. I wish you were wrong but I fear that you are right.


Yep. Watch this from Nader '08 and ask yourself if he recognized the truth about Obama far, far earlier than most:


Ralph didn't mention Bernie's speech, but the contrast between Sanders and Clinton couldn't be more clear.

The Sanders' speech AIPAC refused to hear


Yep, Nader was way ahead of me. Thanks for the input nocubed.


"U.S. taxpayer spending [emphasis mine] for the latest military equipment and technology to over $4 billion a year. For the record, Israel is an economic, technological and military powerhouse that provides Israelis with universal health insurance and other social safety nets that are denied the American people.": Well could this be a clue why "Americans"--our more sophisticated and knowledgeable youth in particular-- are becoming increasingly anti-Israel? While we should all care for all the lives lost due to oppression, interference and war, the youth in the US in particular who see themselves increasingly in debt, few if any decent job prospects, and an increasingly devastated environment which threatens a livable future this anti-Israel sentiment is or should be understandable. All arms need to stop flowing--starting with the US-- to the Middle East and the US should get out of that entire area. And HRC facile comment on a two state solution should be seen for what it is: an excuse to defer any real solution to some imaginary future while Israel continues to seize more land. A one state--two people, same claim to one land-- should be the solution.


Hillary Rodham Clinton is a sociopath.


Additionally, his running as a Democrat drives home the truth that he is the only REAL Democrat still in the race ! Sanders was always on old FDR/LBJ policy. It's the Clintonites who left those policies while hijacking the name "democrat".


Awesome, thanks for the news!


A couple of my friends were actually among the celebrants dancing in the streets when Obama was first elected. They certainly didn't want to hear my "negativity."


Thanks Emphyrio- Excellent, just all out excellent!!!