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Hillary's Real Problem: The Emails Are a Symptom, Not the Issue


Hillary's Real Problem: The Emails Are a Symptom, Not the Issue

John Atcheson

There’s been a lot of talk about Hillary’s private email system. Most of it has centered on whether she used it to send classified information. A few have noted that it exposes an hubris that is toxic politically. And even fewer have noted that—whether or not there was classified material sent over it--it gave foreign intelligence easy access to the intimate details of how decisions are made at the highest level of the Obama Administration.


Saw Ms. C in a brief interview this past weekend where she was responding to a question about the possibility of debates among the D candidates. She said she was looking forward to such debates and then debating "her" R opposition. The presumptuousness of this person is enough to make you retch. She couldn't keep the smiling smugness from her face. Wish I could've captured a screenshot of that look - for future reference.


Tepid stuff from John Atcheson--not one of his best. He characterizes Hilary Clinton as an ambitious, entitled paranoid, who has an inordinate desire for power. He sees this as the stuff of Shakespearean tragedy. If only!! Hilary Clinton is distinguished by the fact that she is hardly distinguishable from all the other miscreants, rogues and opportunists who have labored to take up residence in the White House. It matters not that she is a woman: we see the same ruthlessness, narrow-mindedness, obtuseness and crassness that has characterized all the presidents of recent historical memory, including her own depraved husband, In other words, the job requirements for the US Presidency will invariably attract loathsome, vicious types. Mr Atcheson sees nobility in Hilary Clinton: he must have on a strange pair of glasses that produce distortion and illusion. Hilary Clinton was not noble when she joked of Ghadaffi's brutal murder; she was not noble when she voted for war against Iraq, and she was not noble when she race-baited Obama in her failed attempt to win the Democratic nomination. Clinton has been around power for quite some time: she knows how things work; she is not stupid. She is the familiar Washington type, proud, determined, venal, cunning. But I wouldn't call her noble. I don't think there are too many noble people in that dismal swamp that is the US capital. One last thing. The press bays on about how Hilary Clinton endangered "national security" by using a private email account. We should be highly suspicious of this narrative, which only bolsters the secretive and unaccountable policies of the national security state. The underlying assumption is that the public does not need to know what is done in its name. But, as revealed by Wikileaks, the US government spends much of its time doing criminal and immoral things. I see no reason at all why these actions should be hidden from view in "classified information." People should be demanding more access to government information; the whole mystique of secrecy should be questioned. Atcheson says we don't want foreign governments to know what the US government is up to. But I'm not so sure. If foreigners knew more it would make the empire more difficult to run, and that, in my view, would be a benefit for all of humanity. The lunatics in Washington crave war precisely because they think they can control everything. If they had to be more circumspect perhaps they would be more reluctant to use violence. Vampires die in the light of day; the same might be true of empires.


So we the people just give up? Third party does not work! proven fact. Take over the democratic party, we the people vote the sycophants out of the party and out of government. Bernie is the start of the take down of the party as it is now and a restart. But then what does it matter, but you have to start somewhere without a defeatist attitude which is hard not to have after Obama. Did the sycophants put a gun to his head? Maybe they gave him a choice unlike the Kennedy's. During Clinton years it was not in your face betrayal like now.


Mrs. Clinton is not among us. Enough said. Next...


Sad but true.


Claims that Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton's personal email server was insecure are not true and most likely politically motivated fraud.

A personal email server in the Clinton compound, guarded 24/7 by the secret service, is about a physically secure as you can get. Encrypted access to the email servers makes it so that only Secretary of State Clinton and her systems administrators had access to the email.

I use encrypted access to my email servers for my business. It is my understanding that with long randomized passwords that are typically used, this is very secure. The primary security weakness of modern encrypted access email servers is physical security. That was not a problem with Secretary of State Clinton's email server.


Hillary's real problem is this man whose message, after decades of shouting it to the wilderness, is finally being heard at great volume and resonating across the country. Listen to this. From 1992!


Whatever Mrs. Clinton's motives, using a private email server was a lapse in security but a more significant lapse was the State Dept communications system over which she presided. Clearly, this was an incredibly weak system that allowed a mere PFC like Bradley Manning to access all those embarrassing cables regarding foreign leaders. There was no justification or need for someone on his level to see embassy cables that the senders assumed were not for public consumption. Of course, he ends up tormented and jailed for decades - while those responsible for safeguarding their communications suffer no penalty and, in fact, runs for president.


Strange synchronicity.

Now that You Tube allows me to watch back episodes of Law & Order, as it turns out, last night I viewed a "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" episode from season 9, I believe.

At the end of it, the detective who took over for Gorin (Jeff Goldblum) reads something from a Psychology Text that he takes to be the characterization of a Narcissist. But the female detective corrects him: she says it's the description of a Scorpio. The male detective responds that although his father (a shrink) would hate him for it, he figures that both explanations are EQUALLY valid.

Score one for Dick Wolf!

Hillary is a Scorpio and follows that sign's preference for secrecy. The planet that governs Scorpio is Pluto and it's about half-way through a long and arduous passage across Capricorn, the sign of government authoritarian overreach, and also the sign of J. Edgar Hoover, Karl Rove, Richard Nixon and other card-carrying absolute paranoids. That Hillary has "gotten with the program" is not surprising. It's the nature of the scorpion-beast.... although some rise above their lower natures to soar like eagles by placing aside naked self-interest in order to serve The Greater Good.

Today's seductions by Mammon in the form of multi-million dollar career packages must be very strong. What's the going rate these days for selling one's soul on the fraud-market that global trafficking in derivatives built?


Apparently you're assigned to the threads to regurgitate the same DAILY talking point. You push the idea of a voters' revolution but use it to tar and feather Mr. Sanders as if voters have anyone else on the "horizon of viability" who is speaking up about these issues. Voters are caught inside a paradigm that is controlled by elite forces. How do you suppose a voters' "revolution" could flush out all the existing political figures since in order to BE viable, large sums of money are required in order to obtain visibility across media? In other words all candidates end up controlled or tainted by money with rare exceptions.

You're pushing a "solution" that is impossible within the existing system. Therefore, in order to push the existing system away from the Right where it's been "geo-engineered" for decades, Mr. Sanders is the best solution for our times. Your plan has ZERO chance of occurring since the System that is in place precludes the very possibility. Another way of stating it is that voting and revolution are antithetical premises!


I see him as the best and perhaps last chance this country has to turn around.

I respect those of you who don't trust him and some who apparently even hate him, but I am sad that you won't join us in supporting him. He is not just the "lesser evil" to me, but rather someone who may, with all of our help, change the neoliberal, austerity, war-is-us direction the world is headed in.

I cannot ignore my heart, although it may be fooling me.


The photo is a disgusting display of pandering. Clinton the man claims to be vegan. Know any vegans who would grill flesh and serve it up to carnivores? I do not!


Hmm, wonder if the NSA got in to her server...yeah, probably.


SaintJimmy, The Secretary of State for the United States is special, as is the President. Using a personal physically secured email server was a good and realistic security decision by Hillary. It was certainly better security than using the general government secret system that has been leaking out to the world via Wikileaks.

Seems to me that Hillary made the right call. Nothing leaked from her personal server.


HRC's problem is that she still breathes. It's also, of course, our problem as well. But maybe that's just me.


Should be a lesson to all politicians. If they take corporate bribes, we will vote for those who don't.


Ms. Clinton is far too smart to believe mere convenience justifies the security and political risks a private email account entailed, even if her supporters are not.

I looked at the Wikipedia entry for Clinton's emails. I could not see whether or not her emails were sent encrypted or not. It makes all the difference. The remainder of my post assumes, like DavidJames (above) does, that the machine is secure and the encryption is secure.

Clinton was hiding things from a government organization and private contractors that would not have allowed here to hide things from her enemies.

Im no fan of Hillary. She is a warmonger and a servant of big money, not to mention of Rupert Murdoch and of Israel. My opinion of her lines up with the one expressed by drone1066 (above). But I dont see that this particular issue has teeth. It is a storm in a teapot.


I think the e-mail thing is a diversion -a set up- the media and right wing going after poor Hillary and she comes out fighting and in the end is vindicated. The real issue should be her vote on the Iraq war. Any one watching at the time new it made no sense-Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.And yet Hillary as a senator had an obligation to get this right. She chose her political future to look strong rather than the thousands of lives effected by her decision. And the wonderful media-in polls 50%of Americans believed Iraq had something to do with 9/11. Sen Hillary Clinton was in a position to know the full truth about Iraq and failed the American people. Go back and look at the debate in the senate and those who opposed the war.


Actually that's not what this author suggested. He suggests taking back the Democratic Party and using Bernie Sander's candidacy as a means of doing so. I have my problems with Sanders, but he isn't Obama. Not even close.