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Hillary's Wall Street-Friendly Economic Plan Costs Her Michigan


Hillary's Wall Street-Friendly Economic Plan Costs Her Michigan

Les Leopold

Billed as a major populist economic address, Hillary Clinton put forth her jobs program in Michigan.

Wall Street is smiling. Team Hillary is crying.


"Team Hillary wants to sound tough on corporate bad actors, while providing tax breaks to most of the private sector. She wants to rein in Wall Street's risky behavior, without damaging its financial strip-mining operation. And she wants to let the market miraculously create better paying jobs for people of color, while remaining silent on the public sector and 20-year-old trade deals."


"And Michigan voters saw it for what it is -- Wall Street economics."

When will voters from the Deep South see IT for what it is?


Black support for Clinton appears to be driven to some extent by Clinton's first term expected to be Obama's third term by all of her supporters, black, white, and others...she will carry on Obama's agenda without anything slowing down or changing. Many blacks believe that a vote against Clinton is a vote against Obama.

While he is correct that the GM bailout was tailored to benefit stockholders at the expense of US workers and US communities, Leopold does not mention that in addition to spending taxpayers' money buying back stock, GM spent bundles reducing domestic manufacturing capacity and expanding manufacturing capacity abroad to the extent that GM now manufactures more vehicles abroad than in the US.


She has several Ritz (y) fundraising events on the calendar like this:

"On Wednesday, Clinton will appear at a $575-a-head fundraising lunch at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel on the Northern California coast hosted by Alisa Wood, a partner at the international private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR)."


Well, with any luck it will cost Hillary more than Michigan.


i just can't get enough of these articles today. today: $27. tomorrow: to the phone banks!


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so we have to get the word out that it is Bernie that "trumps" all the Republicans, and by a wider margin.


Today NPR reported that on March 22 Clinton will be attending fundraisers at undisclosed locations in Medina WA ( Seattle suburb that is home to billionaires including Gates) just prior to WA caucus. Obama always returns from his annual junkets to the west coast tech centers with a bundle. Looks like he gave Hillary his itinerary.


When Bernie brought up fracking Hillary's face would have soured milk! She was pissed and true to form, she dodged the issue and had nothing to say.


The media jumped on Bernie after he was bushwhacked early on. It looked like a set up or at best rank opportunism since Bernie had a well known civil rights background and the Dems knew Hillary would need to counter that.

It has carried Hillary with the media's help by their playing it up for all they were worth that Bernie supposedly had a race problem. Hillary suddenly was all about being close to Obama and so on. But now it is obvious that the young people are asking why are the older generation siding with Hillary since Bernie's programs are what young people want and need. Poor people need a $15 wage not $12... Why is Hillary doing that? First Hillary says even the poor should pay something for college and then later she changes to what Bernie's been saying and starts saying community colleges should be free. She didn't say that originally and the young know it. They don't believe her when she says she will do it either.

The young ask their elders why Hillary and in response the young hear only excuses and don't make waves talk. The media is seeing that Hillary is fast losing the young and poor minorities, working class as well as the middle class too.

The status quo (whether minority or not) establishment is not able to hold the fort for Hillary anymore and cracks are appearing in her defensive shell. All she does is make promises and never says how she will accomplish any of them. It is hard to defend her when the only thing you have to use for ammo is that she promised to do something. That gets tired fast. The young are sick of more dem promises after Obama's bait and switch. Hillary talks Obama all the time but the young have felt betrayed by Obama. That reality is what is changing things... it is the young who do not trust Hillary the most.


Unfortunately like so many progressives Les Leopold has blinders on when it comes to Auto Addiction. Talk about privatization! The demolishing of public transit by the Auto Addiction lobby forcing every American to buy a car and drive if they want to get anywhere was the biggest privatization in history. It is not all about private cars which are enormously subsidized with not only free roads and parking, with an extra $70 billion from our taxes for endless repaving but also subsidized with public traffic cops, traffic courts, ambulances and the huge expense of Emergency Room visits for the carnage on our highways killing 30,000 per year. The US is blessed with 233,000 miles of Rail which is largely doing nothing to provide passenger service for Green Transit.
According to the AAA, Auto lobbyist organization, it costs $9300 a year to own a car. Yet by not providing Green Transit Rail, buses, bicycle paths or even sidewalks all Americans are forced to own a car or they can't get anywhere. Or the 30% who cannot drive are forced to beg for rides or suffer through grueling time-consuming commutes on our anemic public transit.
We can provide an alternative to Auto Addiction by actually running Green Transit, centered around Rail which uses 10x less land than cars, with buses, shuttles, bicycle paths for connecting to the last mile. In 2011 Brookings did a study with the astounding finding that ALREADY without building any more Rail that 70% of Americans in the top 100 US Metro areas live only 3/4th mile from a transit stop! Brookings Transit study
Yet due to the lack of frequency, connections or ability to go the last mile it would take 30% 90 minutes to reach a job!
The role of GM, Elon Musk and transportation companies should be to support sustainable public transit. Electric buses and shuttles actually make a lot more sense than electric cars - they already travel a fixed route so you only need charging stations at the endpoints not a million places. Yet GM is right back to pushing SUV's and pickup trucks to make short term profits while destroying the planet.
Once again Obama failed us - WE owned the Auto companies and they should have been told as in WW II that they are no longer just private car companies but TRANSPORTATION companies which should be making LightRail cars, train cars, locomotives


"Clinton Proves Best PR in the World Can’t Sell a Terrible Product"
"At a Democratic debate on February 4th, Hillary Clinton was asked about the three speeches for which Goldman Sachs infamously paid her $675,000 as recently as 2013. (Would she release the text of those talks, so the public could judge whether she had promised special favors to the corrupt Wall Street firm? “I’ll look into it,” she promised.

By the next morning, The New York Times reported, it was clear that the Clinton campaign planned to stonewall the people’s right to know: “it did not appear that much looking was underway.”
"Bill and Hill have raked in $153 million in speaking fees since 2001. Which is more than the GDP of three countries. But how many Democratic primary voters know that she is one of the most personally corrupt leaders ever, or that the Clintons have probably sold more political access to corporations than every other American politician in history combined?"

ENOUGH corrupt DLC/DNC/DINO politics! ENOUGH self-interested deceit and outright lies! ENOUGH of the Clinton's and their DNC stooges!

"It's Time to Rid the DNC of DINOs, Starting With the Chair" by Thom Hartmann


Hillary thought she would swoop in and get nominated ....But then came Bernie.....Now the old hag has resorted to GOP tactics of lies un truths false promises ......Desperation....Wall streeet wants her we dont....VOTE for Bernie or settle for the old lying hag.


You can put Obama on that list to....He has sold us out to the TPP gangs.